2024 Full Guide to Add iCloud Calendar to Outlook

Try to add iCloud calendar to Outlook on Mac or Windows PC? This article can give you detailed instructions to finish the process. And you can use the best software to protect your iPhone data.

Kathy by Kathy Updated December 28, 2023
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Why need to add iCloud calendar to Outlook?

iCloud Calendar is renowned for its ability to seamlessly synchronize calendars across iOS devices and Mac computers. While iCloud Calendar is commonly used, there are occasions when you may consider exploring alternative calendar services, such as Outlook Calendar.

Adding your iCloud calendar to Outlook can be beneficial for a few reasons.

enlightenedIf you use both iCloud and Outlook for different purposes, syncing your calendars allows you to access all your appointments, events, and schedules in one place.
enlightenedIt allows you to use your iCloud calendar on Windows devices where the native Apple Calendar app may not be available.
enlightenedIf you need to share your calendar with colleagues who primarily use Outlook, syncing your iCloud calendar makes it easier.
enlightenedIt serves as a backup in case you lose access to your iCloud account or device.
enlightenedIf you're managing multiple calendars, consolidating them in Outlook can simplify the process.

How to add iCloud calendar to Outlook on Mac/Windows

Now you can follow the detailed steps to accomplish the action on Mac or Windows PC.

Add your iCloud calendar to Outlook on Mac

Outlook for Mac doesn't natively support CalDAV or CardDAV, making it unable to sync your iCloud Calendar and contacts directly. However, you can still sync your iCloud calendar with Outlook for Mac by subscribing to your iCloud calendar to Outlook on the web.

Step 1. Open a web browser and log in to your iCloud account > In iCloud, go to the Calendar section > Click on the Share Calendar icon next to the calendar you want to configure in Outlook. Ensure that the Public Calendar option is enabled.

calendar sharing

Step 2. Click on Copy Link > Open another browser window and sign in to Outlook on the web, then select Calendar at the bottom of the navigation pane.

Step 3. On the toolbar, choose Add calendar and then From internet. In the Calendar subscription dialog box, paste the link you copied in step 2. Also, provide a unique name for the calendar, and click Save.

You can now see the iCloud calendar listed under Other calendars in Outlook on the web.

view icloud calendar in outlook

Note: When you have the same account added to Outlook for Mac, this subscribed calendar will also appear in your Outlook for Mac calendar.

Add iCloud calendar to Outlook on Windows 11/10/8/7

You should first download and install iCloud for Windows, then sign in to your iCloud account.

Step 1. In the iCloud window, check the boxes for Mail, Contacts, Calendars, and Tasks. Uncheck any other boxes, then click Apply.

Step 2. You have two options for adding calendars, contacts, and tasks to Outlook.

enlightenedIf you want to add all of them, select "All calendars, contacts, and tasks." This will import all your iCloud data into Outlook.

enlightenedIf you only want to add specific items, select "Some calendars, contacts, and tasks." Then, choose the individual items you want to import into Outlook.

add calendar to outlook

Further reading: The best software to protect iPhone data on Windows

Many iPhone users are concerned about the security of their mobile data due to various potential risks such as iPhone malfunctions, loss of the device, system updates, or accidental data loss. Having a reliable iPhone backup is crucial in such scenarios.

Additionally, managing iPhone data on a Windows PC, whether for editing or playing files, can often be a challenging task. Moreover, as you use your iPhone over time, data accumulates, and the limited storage space becomes full.

In these situations, having an all-in-one iPhone data management tool becomes essential. This is where FoneTool comes into play as the ideal solution.

What can you achieve when you manage your iPhone data with FoneTool?

blushFull or Selective Backup: FoneTool allows you to perform both full backups of your iPhone data or selectively back up specific items like photos, videos, music, contacts, and messages.
blushNo Backup Size Limit: FoneTool does not impose restrictions on the size of backups. The amount of data you can back up only depends on the storage capacity of the target device. So it can help you a lot when iCloud is full.
blushSuper-Fast Transfer Speed: Experience lightning-fast transfer speeds during the process, surpassing the performance of similar apps in the industry.
blushUniversal Data Transfer: You can restore your iPhone backup or transfer your iPhone data to another iOS device even with different Apple IDs. So transferring iPhone calendar to iPad without iCloud can be so easy.
blushWide Compatibility: FoneTool works well with a wide range of iOS devices, including iPhone models from iPhone 4 to iPhone 15, iPad and iPod Touch, as well as the iOS 17.

So why not download it now and experience a seamless data transfer process between iPhone and PC?

Download Freeware Win 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
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Step 1. Connect your iPhone to computer with USB > Launch FoneTool and go to Phone Transfer > iPhone to PC and click Get Started to continue. 

transfer from iPhone to PC

Step 2. Click + icon > Preview and choose the files you want to transfer to PC > Click OK to confirm.

choose files

Step 3. Choose a destination from Transfer Settings to save your targeted files > Click Start Transfer to begin.

start transfer files

enlightened More features of FoneTool: Manage iCloud data as you like

• You can use FoneTool to easily upload, download and delete iCloud / iCloud Drive data from PC. (My iCloud > Log in with your iCloud account > Manage iCloud)

• For people who need to switch to a new Apple ID, FoneTool also allows you to efficiently transfer iCloud data from one account to another. (My iCloud > iCloud Sync > Log in with your 2 iCloud accounts to begin the task.)

sync iCloud data


From this article, you can get how to add iCloud calendar to Outlook. You can realize the process, whether you are using a Windows PC or Mac. If necessary, you can also download the FoneTool to manage your iPhone/iPad data.

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