2024 Ultimate Guide to Announce Caller Name iPhone

If you don’t know how to announce caller name on iPhone. Read this article to male it. You can also learn how to selectively back up contacts and messages on iPhone to avoid data loss.

Kathy by Kathy Updated December 28, 2023
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iPhone 15 how to announce caller name.

I need to make my iPhone announce incoming calls. What should I do to achieve it?

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Why need to announce caller name iPhone?

Announcing caller names on an iPhone can be a useful accessibility feature. What benefits can you get when you enabling it on your iPhone?

iphoen call announcer

enlightenedFor individuals with visual impairments, announcing caller names can provide valuable information about who is calling.
enlightenedWhen driving or in situations where using hands to check the caller's identity is not practical or safe, the feature can help users decide whether to answer or ignore a call.
enlightenedAnnouncing caller names can allow users to continue performing tasks without interruption, as they can decide to take or decline the call based on the caller's name.

How to announce caller name iPhone

To enable Siri to announce incoming calls on your iPhone by speaking the caller's name or number, follow these steps:

Step 1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone > Scroll down and tap on Siri & Search > Find and tap on the Announce Calls option.

Step 2. You'll have several options to choose from: AlwaysHeadphones & Car or Headphones Only, you can select the option that best suits your preferences.

enlightenedAlways: Your iPhone will announce the caller's name or number at all times, irrespective of whether headphones are connected or not.
enlightenedHeadphone & Car: Your iPhone will announce calls when you have headphones connected or when you are inside your car.
enlightenedHeadphones Only: Your iPhone will announce calls exclusively when you have headphones connected.

change announce call settings

Once you've made your selection, Siri will announce incoming calls, identify the caller, and you can say “yes” or “no” to accept or decline the call using voice commands and you can get caller name announcer for iPhone free.

You can also change Phone settings to accomplish the action. (Go to Settings > Phone > Tap on Announce Calls to make the choice.)

That’s all about how to activate caller name announcer in iPhone.

Bonus: How to selectively backup contacts on iPhone

For most Windows users who are accustomed to backing up iPhone data with iTunes/iCloud, selectively backing up contacts can be an incredible feature. This is one of the key reasons why FoneTool has gained popularity among a large number of iPhone users.

With this useful tool, you can get a totally different experience.

blushFull or Selective Backup: You can fully back up iPhone data like iTunes/iCloud, or selectively back up contacts, text messages, photos, videos and music.
blushSuper-Fast Transfer Speed: Experience lightning-fast transfer speeds during the process, surpassing the performance of similar apps in the industry. For example, you can back up thousands of contacts in seconds.
blushUniversal Data Transfer: You can restore your iPhone backup or transfer your iPhone data to another iOS device even with different Apple IDs.
blushNo Backup Size Limit: FoneTool does not impose restrictions on the size of backups. The amount of data you can back up only depends on the storage capacity of the target device. Unlike iCloud, it only offers 5 GB of storage for free users.
blushWide Compatibility: FoneTool works well with iPhone 4 to iPhone 15, as well as the iOS 17. So So it can run stably on different iPhones, unlike iTunes, which often encounters errors like iTunes error code 37.

Now you can download it to selectively back up your contacts on iPhone.

Download Freeware Win 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

Step 1. Connect the iPhone to your computer via USB > You may need to tap Trust to let your computer access the iPhone data.

Step 2. Open FoneTool, and click Phone Backup > Selective Backup > Tap on Get Started.

selective backup

Step 3. Check the Contacts icon and uncheck the others > Preview and select the contacts you’d like to back up to computer > Click OK to confirm.

select contacts

Step 4. Then select a backup destination by clicking Backup Storage Path, and tap on Start Backup option to begin the task.

start to back up contacts

Now you can know how to selectively back up your contacts to avoid iPhone contacts missing after update or in other scenarios.


That's all about how to announce caller name iPhone. Once you enable this feature, Siri will announce the caller's name or number for you in the scenarios you've set. If necessary, you can also use FoneTool to selectively back up your contacts to prevent data loss. With its rich feature, you can also delete read-only contacts on your iPhone.


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