How to Create Contact Poster iOS 17 [Full Guide]

Several new features in the upcoming iOS 17 include the introduction of Contact Posters, a customizable way to display your contact information. Do you know how to create contact poster iOS 17? Please read on!

May by May Updated August 18, 2023
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What Is a Contact Poster?

Apple announced several new features coming in the upcoming iOS 17 at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). These innovations include the introduction of Contact Posters, a customizable way to display your contact information. This novel feature allows you to personalize your appearance when initiating a call. Like adjusting your screen lock settings, you can now change the font color of your name and even the full-screen image that is displayed when you place an outgoing call.

Contact Posters

How to Create a Contact Poster on iOS 17?

In iOS 17, Apple introduced several enhancements to the iPhone, one of the standout features being Contact Posters, a novel way to create personalized digital business cards rich in images, tones, and text.

If you or a related contact on your iPhone is unable to display a contact poster, it’s important to enable the Name & Photo Sharing option in the Phone app and configure it to Contacts Only. Here is how to do that:

Step 1: Launch the Contacts app on your iPhone > Select the name situated at the upper section of the contacts list.

Step 2: Enable the Name & Photo Sharing option and set the contact to Contacts Only.

Enable Name & Photo Sharing

Tip: If the Name & Photo Sharing feature is still disabled on your iPhone, your contact poster will be hidden from others when you place a call to another person’s device. Conversely, if the above options remain inactive on your contact’s iPhone, their respective contact posters will not be recognized on your device.

Now, to create a new contact poster:

Step 1: Click Edit and then click the + (plus) symbol. Alternatively, if you swipe right, you will see the Create New option located to the far right of the existing contact poster.

Create New

Step 2: At the bottom of the screen, select Camera (for new photos), Photos (for existing photos), Memoji, or Monogram (text) to define the type of contact poster you want to create.

Select the Type of Contact Poster to Create

Way 1. Use Camera or Photos to Create a New Contact Poster

Step 1: Capture a fresh photo or choose an existing one from your image collection.

Choose a Photo

Step 2: Adjust the contact poster depending on your preferences such as:

  • Slide left or right, transitioning between image and font variations.
  • Adjust the zoom and cropping of the photo by pinching in or out.
  • Modify the color of any effect by tapping the color swatch located at the lower right.
  • Tap the text positioned at the top to tailor the font style, weight, and color to your preference.

Way 2. Use Memoji to Create a New Contact Poster

Step 1: Select a Memoji from the window that appears or click the + (plus) sign to create a new emoticon.

Step 2: After creating a new me-emoji or refining an existing version, click the camera icon to capture your own emoji and save it.

Step 3: Tap the color swab (lower left) to pick a background color or change the Memoji image (and retain the expression) by tapping the lower right icon.

Step 4: Tap the text at the top to change the font style, thickness, and color.

Way 3. Make a New Contact Poster Using Monogram

Step 1: Tap Monogram from the assortment situated at the lower section > Employ the keyboard to modify and append initials as required for the respective contact.

Step 2: Upon completing the text adjustments, tap Style > Select your preferred style from the choices available at the bottom of your screen.

Tap Style

Step 3: If you wish to revise the initials, tap the icon located in the bottom right corner > Finalize the process by tapping Done on your keyboard once you’re satisfied with the alterations.

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Click Start Transfer

The Bottom Line

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