How to Delete Bookmarks on iPhone 14/13/12 (iOS 16/15/14)

This guide will tell you how to delete bookmarks on iPhone, including the methods to delete all bookmarks & delete bookmarks on iPhone Home screen.

Lena by Lena Updated July 5, 2023
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Want to delete bookmarks on iPhone?

Bookmarks serve to speed up your search process by syncing seamlessly across various Apple devices linked to the same Apple ID, including iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Whenever the need arises to revisit a particular webpage, a mere tap on the Safari bookmarks allows for instant access.

Delete bookmarks on iPhone

Nevertheless, there are instances where the necessity arises to delete bookmarks on iPhone, creating a cleaner and more organized browsing experience.

How to delete bookmarks on iPhone (Safari)

Let’s see how to delete bookmarks on iPhone. Removing bookmarks directly from within the Safari browser is the simplest approach. Launch Safari on your device and locate the bookmark icon positioned at the bottom of the screen. Tap on it to access your bookmarks and any folders you have created.

Unfortunately, there is no built-in option to select and delete multiple bookmarks. Therefore, you will need to remove each bookmark individually. If you want to know how to delete all bookmarks on iPhone, please refer to the next method.

1. Open Safari > Tap the bookmark button.

2. Tap the "Edit" button located in the lower right corner. This will enable the editing mode for your bookmarks.

3. Upon entering the editing mode, you will notice a red minus button next to each bookmark. Tap the red minus button associated with the bookmark you wish to remove.

4. Tap "Delete" to confirm the deletion of the bookmark. Alternatively, you can left-swipe the specific bookmark you want to remove. Once the swipe is complete, a "Delete" option will appear. Tap on it to delete the bookmark.

Delete Safari bookmarks

By following these steps, you can efficiently delete Safari bookmarks on your iPhone.

How to delete all bookmarks on iPhone safely

In Safari, you can only delete bookmarks one by one. Here in this part, I’ll show you how to delete all bookmarks on iPhone safely and ensure they are not recovered.

You have the power to effortlessly eliminate any undesired bookmarks from your device with just a single click. Moreover, since this data deletion is permanent, you can confidently hand over your device to someone else without any concerns. FoneTool can give you this valuable ability.

With FoneTool, one professional iPhone data management tool can help you delete all bookmarks on iPhone at once. Its Privacy Erasure feature allows you to deeply erase the bookmarks to ensure they are not recovered. You can click the download button and follow the steps below to delete bookmarks and other unwanted files.

1. Launch FoneTool > Connect your iPhone to computer via the USB cable.

2. Choose Toolbox > Select Data Eraser.

3. Go to Erase private data and click Get Started.

Erase private data

4. Select Bookmarks or other files you want to delete.

5. You can enable Deep Erase Technology and click Start Erase to safely remove the selected files.

Start Erase

For users who place significant importance on the permanent deletion of bookmarks, opting for third-party software can be a viable solution. By utilizing such software, you can ensure that your bookmarks are eradicated completely and cannot be recovered.

A common worry among users, particularly when selling their devices, is the potential exposure of their private data to others. Fortunately, with FoneTool, this worry becomes a thing of the past. It will deeply erase all content and settings on your iPhone.

How to delete bookmarks on iPhone Home screen

If you have added bookmarks using the "Add to home screen” feature, then you may want to know how to delete bookmarks on iPhone Home screen. Follow these steps:

1. Locate the bookmark icon on your Home screen and press and hold it. After a moment, a small menu will appear.

2. In the menu, you should see an option labeled "Delete Bookmark". Tap on this option to initiate the deletion process. The bookmark will be removed from your Home screen.

Delete bookmark

Alternatively, you can enter the edit mode of your Home screen to delete the bookmark. Here's how:

1. Tap and hold on an empty space on your Home screen until all the app icons start to jiggle. This indicates that you are in edit mode.

2. Look for the bookmark icon you wish to delete. You will notice a '-' (minus) sign at the corner of the icon.

3. Tap on the '-' sign associated with the bookmark icon you want to remove. The bookmark will be instantly deleted from your Home Screen.

Can’t delete bookmarks on iPhone Home screen?

In this case, you can adjust the settings related to app deletion. Go to Screen Time Restrictions to enable the ability to delete bookmarks from iPhone Home Screen. Follow these steps:

  • Open the "Settings" app on your iPhone.
  • Scroll down and tap on "Screen Time".
  • Within the Screen Time settings, tap on "Content & Privacy Restrictions".
  • Next, select "iTunes & App Store Purchases".
  • Look for the "Deleting Apps" option. Ensure that it is set to "Allow".

Deleting Apps Allow

Once you have adjusted the "Deleting Apps" setting to "Allow", you can proceed to delete bookmarks from iPhone Home Screen using the methods mentioned earlier. This setting enables the necessary permissions for app deletion.

How to delete Google bookmarks on iPhone

Most people want to know how to delete Safari bookmarks on iPhone. However, if you are using Google Chrome as your preferred web browser, then you definitely want to know how to delete Google bookmarks on iPhone. Here's a step-by-step guide:

1. Launch the Google Chrome browser on your iPhone

2. Tap the three-dots icon and choose Bookmarks.

3. Go to the folder that contacts the unwanted bookmarks.

4. Tap the three-dots icon next to the bookmark and choose Delete option. Or you can tap Select to select all the bookmarks and delete them at once.

Delete Google bookmarks

Further reading: it’s necessary to delete bookmarks

There are several compelling reasons to consider deleting bookmarks on your iPhone. Let's explore them:

🔸 Enhance Browsing Efficiency: By eliminating outdated and unused bookmarks that no longer serve a purpose, you can streamline your web browsing experience. This ensures that you can locate the information you need quickly and efficiently, without being weighed down by unnecessary bookmarks.

🔸 Free Up Storage Space: Although individual bookmarks may not occupy a significant amount of space, over time, they can accumulate and contribute to the bloating of Safari. By removing these excess bookmarks, you can free up valuable storage space, allowing Safari to operate more smoothly and efficiently.

🔸 Minimize Malware Risks: While bookmarks themselves cannot harbor malicious files, they can potentially lead you to websites that distribute malware. Visiting these seemingly legitimate websites can result in the automatic downloading of malware onto your iPhone. By deleting bookmarks, particularly those associated with unsecured web pages, you can minimize the risk of encountering such malicious threats. It serves as a precautionary measure to safeguard the security of your device.

Final words

That’s all about how to delete bookmarks on iPhone. Usually, you can go to Safari to delete unwanted bookmarks one by one. If you want to delete all bookmarks at once, then you can use FoneTool. It’s also a good choice for those who wish to delete bookmarks completely.

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