[2024] Top 3 iFunbox Alternatives to Manage Files on iDevices

Looking for iFunbox alternatives to manage your iOS data on Windows PC? This guide will offer you 3 iFunbox alternatives, together with their advantages and disadvantages, and you can choose one to do you a favor.

Demi by Demi Updated December 28, 2023
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Looking for iFunbox alternative

I wanted to transfer some photos uing iFunbox, but it wasn't working on iOS 17. Are there any good software like iFunbox?" "iFunbox is annoying me a lot. Is there an iFunbox alternative that has a more sleek and simple design?

- Question from Reddit

iFunbox crashing, issues with iOS 17 compatibility, iFunbox not functioning correctly, or applications not appearing in iFunbox— if you're fed up with tackling various iFunbox problems, why not explore alternative iFunbox options? There is a variety of user-friendly iOS file managers available, similar to iFunbox, for transferring and managing video, music, photos, books, and more. Here are some of your top iFunbox alternatives.

What is iFunbox?

iFunbox is a file management tool created for Apple devices, and it has gained popularity among iPhone and iPad users. If you use this software on your Windows PC, iFunbox enables you to handle your iPhone with iOS 14/13 media files in a manner similar to using Windows File Explorer. It essentially turns your connected iDevice into a portable hard drive, simplifying the process of transferring and managing your photos, music, videos, and more.


Here are some notable features and drawbacks of iFunbox:
✅ Manage media files on PC like Windows File Explorer but with much more convenience.
✅ Easily export music and videos from your iTunes library to your PC as a backup.
✅ View all installed apps on your connected iDevice.
✅ Its batch install/uninstall feature makes it easier for you to manage your iOS apps.
❌ Sometimes iFunbox cannot connect to iTunes library for some unknown reasons.
❌ iFunbox is not a wise choice for users who simply want to transfer music between their iDevice and computer because of its multiple, complex features and interface.
❌ The software might not receive regular updates.
❌ Some features may not work if your device is not jailbroken.

Best 3 iFunbox alternatives to manage files on iPhone/iPad/iPod

Following are three alternatives to iFunbox for Windows. You can look through them one after another, and choose one as per you prefer.

Best iFunbox alternative - FoneTool

FoneTool is one of the best iFunbox alternatives, providing similar functionality with added features. It enables seamless file transfer between your iDevice and computer, allowing you to preview files before selecting them for transfer.

FoneTool boasts impressive file transfer speed, outpacing many other file management tools. It eliminates permission errors and is compatible with all iDevices, whether jailbroken or not. Many iDevice users prefer FoneTool as their primary iPhone file management tool.

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Followings are key features and pros of FoneTool:
• Full & Selective Backup: 1-Click backup and restore solutions to keep all or selective files on iOS devices.
• Transfer files between iPhone and PC: Unlimited data transfer without file size limitation with fast transfer speed and 100% success.
• Transfer everything from iPhone to iPhone: The most comprehensive trick and easy method to transfer old iPhone to new iPhone.
• Manage WhatsApp data. Easily backup/transfer/export WhatsApp chats, stickers, photos, videos.
• Erase all or private data on iPhone. Securely erase everything or private data permanently and completely. More info: [2024 Updated] How to Erase Contacts on iPhone
More functions are waiting for you to explore.


As another iFunbox alternative, 3uTools is a Windows-based iOS management tool that provides a range of features for iOS device users. It offers features for jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices, making it versatile for various users.


Advantages and disadvantages of 3uTools:
✅ 3uTools offers features for jailbroken devices, including the ability to install custom firmware and access advanced features.
✅ You can easily manage and transfer files, photos, and music between your computer and iOS device.
✅ 3uTools simplifies the backup and restore process in one-click.
✅ Device Information: Provides detailed information about your iOS device.
❌ Windows Only: 3uTools is available for Windows, which may not be suitable for macOS users.
❌ Advanced Features: Some advanced features are tailored for jailbroken devices, limiting the utility for non-jailbroken iOS users.


iPhoneBrowser is a reliable alternative to iFunbox, particularly suitable for jailbroken iPhones. This software enables users to organize and control their iPhone media files effortlessly. It functions as a Windows file manager, granting access to iPhone media files for effective management. The process is straightforward: connect your iDevice, open iPhoneBrowser, and easily drag and drop media files between your computer and the software interface.


Followings are some pros and cons of iPhoneBrowser:
✅ Easily browser, drag and drop media files, as well as make backups of all your iPhone media files on Windows PC.
✅ You can preview image and text files in iPhoneBrowser.
✅ It can be instantly launched after you plug your iPhone into computer.
✅ Dual pane interface of iPhoneBrowser allows you to quickly manage all your iPhone media files.
❌ Non-intuitive user interface.
❌ Sometimes iPhoneBrowser does not automatically launch when an iPhone is plugged into PC.
❌ Performs best if you have a jailbroken iDevice. Not recommended for other iDevice users.


That’s all for iFunbox alternatives. When choosing among FoneTool, 3uTools, and iPhoneBrowsers, consider your specific needs and whether you require features like jailbreaking support. FoneTool is a more comprehensive and user-friendly option compared with the others. Hope this guide can do you a favor. For more queries or feedback, feel free to contact us.

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