[Why & How to Fix] iOS 17 Personal Voice Not Showing (2023)

Are you looking for the easiest ways to solve the “iOS 17 personal voice not showing” problem? Read this post to learn the reasons and corresponding methods to fix this issue.

May by May Updated October 11, 2023
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iOS 17 Personal Voice not showing up in Settings

I tried turning on Live Speech and force restarting my iPhone, but it doesn’t show. I am updated to the official version of iOS 17 which doesn’t need a beta profile, and I don’t know what to do.

- Question from Apple Community

Why Is My iOS 17 Personal Voice Not Showing Up?

Before discovering the solutions to the “iOS 17 personal voice not showing” issue, it’s essential to check several possible reasons below:

Buggy Software Updates: Early iOS versions might have bugs affecting features like Personal Voice. Waiting for Apple to release fixes can help.
Outdated iPhone Model: Personal Voice requires an A12 Bionic chip or newer. Older iPhone models lacking this support won't display the feature.
Corrupted Voice Data: Corrupted voice data can prevent Personal Voice from showing up. You may need to re-record your voice sample.
Limited Language Support: Personal Voice is available in specific languages. If your iPhone isn’t set to an eligible language, the option won’t appear.
Regional Restrictions: Personal Voice has regional limitations, so it may not be accessible worldwide. If your region isn’t supported, the feature won’t show up.

iOS 17 Personal Voice Not Showing

[Before Fix] Make Sure You’ve Backed Up Your iPhone (iOS 17/16)

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Best 5 Free Ways to Fix iOS 17 Personal Voice Not Showing

This section offers you 5 free and efficient ways for resolving the “iOS 17 personal voice not available” problem without the need to reinstall the update. Let’s check it!

Way 1. Re-enable Personal Voice

To fix the “iOS 17 personal voice not personal voice not showing up” issue, the first thing that you should do is to re-enable personal voice to see if it works. Here’s how to re-enable and adjust settings for personal voice:

Step 1: Launch the Settings app and access the Accessibility option > Scroll down and choose Personal Voice > Select Create a Personal Voice to set up a new one.

Create a Personal Voice

Step 2: If you had a previous personal voice, disable and then re-enable it > Next, turn on Share Across Devices and Allow Apps to Request Use for improved usability.

Set Personal Voice

Way 2. Disable Live Speech and Enable It Again

If your iOS 17 personal voice isn’t available in live speech, try turning the Live Speech feature off and then back on. Here’s a straightforward set of steps for your iPhone:

Step 1: Open your device’s Settings and navigate to Accessibility > Scroll down and tap Live Speech > Turn off the toggle to disable Live Speech.

Step 2: Exit the Settings app and then reopen it > Return to Live Speech and toggle the switch back on to re-enable it.

Disable Live Speech and Enable It Again

This process of turning Live Speech off and on again can often resolve any bugs that might be causing Personal Voice to remain hidden. After re-enabling the feature, check if the “iOS 17 personal voice not working” issue is fixed.

Way 3. Verify Microphone Settings

When attempting to create a personal voice on your iPhone, if it’s not recording anything, the issue may stem from incorrect microphone settings. Here’s how to check and rectify it:

Step 1: Launch the Setting app and proceed to Privacy and then Microphone.

Step 2: Ensure that Personal Voice has permission to access the microphone.

Verify Microphone Settings

If it’s not enabled, grant permission for microphone access. If you cannot find the Personal Voice option, consider reaching out to Apple support for further assistance.

Way 4. Reset Siri Settings

Resetting Siri can be a helpful step to address the "iOS 17 personal voice not showing up” issue. Here’s a quick guide on how to do it:

Step 1: Go to the Settings app and scroll down to find and tap Siri & Search > Turn off Listen for “Hey Siri” and wait for a few seconds > Then, turn the toggle back on.

Turn off Listen for “Hey Siri”

Step 2: Re-train Siri, and once you’ve completed the process, you’ll return to the Siri & Search settings page.

Way 5. Reset All Settings (Data Loss)

An alternative approach to resolving the personal voice issue is to reset all settings to their factory defaults. Be cautious, as this method will erase all data on your device, so consider to transfer iPhone to iPhone without iCloud to protect your iPhone data.

Step 1: Open your iOS device’s Settings and go to General > Transfer or Reset iPhone > Erase All Content and Settings.

Reset All Settings

Step 2: Enter your passcode when asked > Tap Reset again to confirm your operation 

The Bottom Line

This post has covered various methods to fix the “iOS 17 personal voice not showing” issue. Before trying to solve this problem, it’s important to make a full backup of your iPhone, because you may lose your important data during the process. FoneTool that is mentioned above is the top choice for you. With this iPhone backup tool, you can choose to make a full or selective iPhone backup and restore backup with one click. In addition, you can make use of FoneTool to transfer data from iPhone to new iPad.

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