[6 ways] Fix iOS 17 Update Install Failed

When you find you can’t update to iOS 17 on your iPhone, what could you do to fix the issue? Follow these 6 ways to check if they work and it’s better to back up your iPhone before the fixing to avoid losing data.

Kathy by Kathy Updated September 27, 2023
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Why iOS 17 update failed?

At the annual Worldwide Developers Conference on June 5, Apple introduced iOS 17, offering a preview of new features including StandBy, Live Voicemail, AirDrop updates, and more. Additionally, Apple has extended the testing phase of iOS 17 through its public beta program, which commenced last month.

ios 17

For Apple users who are curious, installing the iOS 17 beta can provide a way to preview its new features. But some people will encounter challenges with the iOS 17 installation error, there are a variety of potential causes to consider.

Device Compatibility: iOS 17 is compatible with iPhone models from iPhone XR to iPhone 14, including the iPhone SE (2nd generation or later). Therefore, if you are using an iPhone 8 or iPhone X, the update will not be successful.
⛔​​​​​​​Software compatibility: The beta versions are typically unstable. Some apps or services on your device might not be compatible with it.
⛔​​​​​​​Insufficient storage space: Having enough available storage space on your device is necessary.
⛔​​​​​​​Unstable network connection: A weak or inconsistent network connection can disrupt the process.
⛔​​​​​​​Server issues: If the server becomes overloaded, you might need to update after a while.
Beta Software Bugs: If this situation arises, you may need to wait for the release of a more stable beta iteration or the official public launch of iOS 17.

How to fix iOS 17 update install failed

When your iPhone can’t update to iOS 17, there are 6 ways to fix the issue, and some solutions may result in data loss. So it's recommended to back up your iPhone before attempting these solutions. If you don't need a backup, you can skip to solution 1 to directly address the problem.

Preparation: Better to backup iPhone before fixing the issue

When it comes to backing up your iPhone, iTunes and iCloud might be your initial options. However, as a professional iPhone data backup tool, FoneTool can offer more utility than iTunes or iCloud.

With its wide range of features and advantages, you can have a more enjoyable experience.

enlightenedSelective or full iPhone backup: When iTunes/iCloud only supports creating a full iPhone backup, FoneTool can assist you in selectively backing up photos, videos, music, contacts, and messages, or performing a complete iPhone backup.
enlightenedUniversal restore: When you need to change Apple ID, FoneTool can give you the option to restore old iPhone backup to a new iPhone with different Apple IDs.
enlightenedFast backup speed: With its super-fast transfer speed, you can back up all iPhone data in a very short time. For instance, hundreds of photos can be moved in seconds.
enlightenedWide compatibility: FoneTool operates smoothly on various iOS devices, ranging from iPhone 4 to iPhone 15, iPad and iPod Touch, as well as the latest iOS 17. But you might encounter errors in the backup/restoration while using iTunes/iCloud.

If you’re also interested in this handy tool, please click the download button to get FoneTool can learn how to back up your iPhone and restore from the backup.

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Step 1. Connect your iPhone to the PC with a USB cable > If asked, click Trust.

Step 2. Launch FoneTool > Go to Phone Backup > Full Back > Click Get Started to continue.

full backup

Step 3. Check Enable Backup Encryption to encrypt your private data as you like > Choose a storage path > Click Start Backup to begin the task.

start backup

Step 4. Once the fixing process is finished, you can go to Backup History > Click Restore dot to restore the backup.


Now you can try these ways below to fix the iOS 17 update install failed error without any worry.

Solution 1. Force restart the iPhone

Sometimes, the installation of the iOS 17 update on your iPhone might encounter impediments due to software glitches. In such cases, restarting your iPhone can be a useful method.

For iPhone 8 Plus/8/X or later: Press and release the Volume Up button > Press and release the Volume Down button > Press and hold the side button until the Apple logo appears.

restart iphone

For iPhone 7 Plus or 7: Press and hold the Sleep/Wake and Volume Down buttons simultaneously until the Apple logo appears.

For iPhone 6 or earlier: Press and hold the Home button and Sleep/Wake button at the same time until the Apple logo is displayed on your screen.

If you can’t force restart iPhone 11/12/13/14, you can try other ways to fix the issue.

Solution 2. Check network connection or reset network settings

You can also check your network connection to determine if a weak network signal is causing the error. If it is, try to reset the network settings: Go to Settings app >  General > Tap Reset and click Reset Network Settings to remove saved Wi-Fi passwords. After that, reconnect to a stable and reliable Wi-Fi network.

Solution 3. Check iPhone Storage

Then you can check your iPhone storage to make sure there is enough space on your device: Launch Settings app > Click General and then About > Find Available Space option on the screen to see the storage capacity.

available storage

If your iPhone storage is almost full, you can delete some large files on your device directly or remove duplicate photos on iPhone with FoneTool to free up the storage. (Go to Toolbox > Photo Deduplication)

Solution 4. Update iPhone via iTunes/Finder

For Windows users: Connect your iPhone to the PC > Open iTunes on computer > Tap on Summary and click Check for update > If there is any available iOS 17 update, click Download and Update to finish the process.


For Mac users: Connect your iPhone to the Mac > select your device in the left panel > Choose General and tap on Check for update > Click Download and Update, then follow the on-screen instructions to complete the updating.

Solution 5. Reset all settings

If you still can’t update to iOS with iTunes/Finder, then you can reset all your iPhone settings: Go to Settings app on iPhone > Click on General > Locate and tap on Transfer or Reset iPhone > Reset > Choose Reset All Settings and confirm your choice by clicking it again.

Solution 6. Reset iPhone to factory settings

If all methods above don’t work, then you need to reset your iPhone to factory settings.

You can finish the process on iPhone directly: Open Settings app > Choose General > Locate and click on Transfer or Reset iPhone > Select Reset and click on Erase All Contents and Settings. You may need to key in your Apple ID and password to confirm the choice.

Reset All Settings vs. Erase All Content and Settings
1. Reset All Settings means that all the system settings on iPhone will return to default.
2. Erase All Content and Settings means that everything on iPhone will be deleted including the settings and app data. Then the iPhone needs to be activated again.

Or you can use FoneTool to erase your iPhone: Go to Toolbox > Erase all data > Click on Get Started to begin the task.


Final words

When you encounter the iOS 17 update install failed issue, it’s better to back up your iPhone before solving the issue. And FoneTool gives you the option to fully or selectively back up your iPhone.

After the backup, try to restart the iPhone, check the network connection and iPhone storage. Or you can update the iPhone with iTunes/Finder on the computer. If all these ways cut no ice, then try to reset all settings or factory reset your iPhone to tackle the problem.

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