iPhone AutoFill not Working Correctly? - Top Ways to Fix it

If you find your iPhone AutoFill not working correctly, solutions are here. This article will show you the causes and how to fix iPhone OPT AutoFill not working.

Clara by Clara Updated November 8, 2023
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My iPhone AutoFill not working. I'm using an iPhone 14 running iOS 16. Whenever I try to use AutoFill, it doesn't suggest or fill in my saved information. Any tips on fixing this annoying AutoFill issue? Thanks in advance!

- Question from Apple Community

Why Doesn't My iPhone AutoFill Anymore?

AutoFill is a convenient feature that automatically fills in information such as passwords, usernames, addresses, and credit card details in apps and websites. However, there are instances where the AutoFill feature may not work as expected. If your iPhone OPT AutoFill not working, there are a few potential reasons:

✎... Incorrect AutoFill Settings
✎... App glitches
✎... iCloud Keychain Issues
✎... Outdated iOS version

For these reasons, we will provide 9 effective methods to assist you in the following article. These methods are not only applicable to iPhone, but also to iPad.

How Do I Get AutoFill Back on iPhone - 9 Top Ways

Here, we list 9 top ways to solve iPhone AutoFill not working. You can try them all one by one, or just choose the method you like best. Let’s start!

Way 1. Turn OFF and Turn on AutoFill Passwords

Turning off and turning on the AutoFill passwords button can help you get rid of AutoFill issues caused by some app glitches. And the steps are simple: Go to Settings > Locate Passwords > Tap on Password Options > Turn off the toggle next to the AutoFill Passwords > Wait for a while, turn it on.

iphone autofill not working

Way 2. Enabled iCloud Keychain on the iPhone

If you want to use the Apple AutoFill feature, did you turn on the iCloud Keychain switch on your iPhone? Because AutoFill data, including passwords and credit card information, is stored in your iCloud Keychain. If there are any problems with your iCloud Keychain, it may affect AutoFill functionality. Enable the iCloud Keychain by the guide:

Step 1. Open Settings > Go to your profile > Tap iCloud.

Step 2. Click Passwords and Keychain > Turn on the toggle.

iphone autofill not working

After you finish the above steps, try to AutoFill the password on any app to check if you have overcome the problem.

Way 3. Allow Filling from iCloud Passwords and Keychain

In addition to making sure you have enabled iCloud Keychain on your iPhone, there is one more thing you should note: Allow your device to fill in from iCloud Passwords and Keychain. Here are the steps:

Step 1. Go to Settings > Locate Passwords > Select Password Options.

Step 2. Under the Allow Filling From, make sure the iCloud Passwords & Keychain is turned on.

Way 4. Force Quit the Problematic App

If the app is stuck or unresponsive and cannot AutoFill, all you need to do is force-close the app. Proceed as follows: Swipe up from the Home bar and hold along the middle of the screen > Then, swipe up on the app card to close the problematic app.

iphone autofill not working

After that, open it again to see whether the password can AutoFill correctly.

Way 5. Disable the Private Browsing Mode

Is the problem of Apple AutoFill not working still there? Don't worry, there are other methods you can try. If your iPhone is set to private browsing mode, AutoFill passwords will not work in this state. So if you want to use AutoFill passwords for this feature, make sure you have disabled the private browsing mode.

Follow the steps: Open Safari on the iPhone > In the bottom right corner, tap and hold the tabs icon > Choose a general tab or a tab group.

Way 6. Reset All Settings

Resetting all settings is also an effective and reliable way to deal with some iPhone issues, including iPhone SMS OPT AutoFill not working. This method does not erase any data on your iPhone and the steps are below: Open Settings > General > Transfer or Reset iPhone > Reset > Reset All Settings.

iphone autofill not working

Way 7. Open AutoFill Toggles for Contact Info and Credit Cards

If you find that you cannot use the AutoFill function when filling in contact information or credit card information, you can check whether you have turned on AutoFill toggles for Contact Info and Credit Cards. If not, please follow these steps:

Step 1. Open the Settings app > Look for Safari > Tap on AutoFill.

Step 2. Turn on the Use Contact Info and Credit Cards by moving the toggles.

iphone autofill not working

Way 8. Hard Reboot the Device

Have you tried force restarting your iPhone? This method can terminate some problematic programs and clear the cache. There are different methods of force restarting for different models, please see the following steps.

On iPhone 8/X or later:

Press and release the Volume up button quickly > Then, press and release the Volume down button quickly > Hold the Power button until the Apple logo shows up.

iPhone 7/7 Plus:

Hold down the Volume down button and the Home button at once > When you see the Apple logo, release them.

On iPhone 6s or earlier:

Hold and press the Home button and the Power button simultaneously > Release them until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

iphone autofill not working

Way 9. Update the iOS

If you haven't updated your iPhone's operating system for a long time, to fix the iOS SMS code AutoFill not working issue, the last way is to update the iOS to the latest version. It can fix some software bugs. But notice that this way has the risks of losing your data, you’d better prepare an iPhone backup before following the below steps:

Navigate to the Settings app on the iPhone > Click General > Tap on Software Update > Download and install the latest version of the software.

iphone autofill not working

Bonus Tip: How to Back up iPhone to Prevent Data Loss

If you want to fix iPhone AutoFill don’t working issues by updating the iOS, we strongly suggest you use a professional and powerful iOS management tool - FoneTool, to back up your iPhone data.

Compared with iCloud and iTunes, which are the official backup and transfer data provided by Apple, FoneTool provides simpler operation steps and faster backup speed. At the same time, it allows you to choose the backup path, you can backup iPhone to iPad/iPhone/PC or other external hardware. It means that your backup space is unlimited.

In addition, FoneTool provides full backup and selective backup functions. We will use full backup as an example. If you want to preview and selectively back up photos, videos, contacts, music, you can also let FoneTool help you!

Step 1. Download and open FoneTool > Connect your iPhone to PC via USB > Tap Trust on your iPhone to let computer scan the iPhone.

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Step 2. Choose Phone Backup > Full Backup > Click Get Started.

iphone autofill not working

Step 3. Enable Backup encryption to encrypt local backup > Set a backup storage path > Tap Start Backup to begin.

iphone autofill not working

When you need to restore a backup, you can go to Backup History and click Restore.


If you meet the problem of iPhone AutoFill not Working Correctly, hope you can find solutions in this article. It provides 9 top ways with the detailed guide, you can choose the suitable ways to fix 1 password iPhone AutoFill not working.

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