[2024 Updated] Top 15 iPhone Battery Life Saving Tips

It's no surprise that your iPhone battery life can be a challenge with the multiple tasks your iPhone handle. Thus, saving battery life is a must. Just try the 15 useful iPhone battery life saving tips to make it.

Demi by Demi Updated December 28, 2023
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In the fast-paced digital world, our smartphones, particularly iPhones, have become indispensable tools for communication, entertainment, and productivity. However, the battery life of these devices remains a common concern for users. The good news is that there are several strategies you can implement to extend your iPhone's battery life.

save iPhone battery life

In this article, we'll provide you with a range of effective iPhone battery lifesaving tips to help you maximize the usage of your device.

Part 1. Wonder how to save battery life on iPhone?

With the multitude of tasks our iPhones handle, from texting and calling to browsing the internet and running apps, it's no surprise that battery life can be a challenge. For many reasons, it is necessary to know how to save battery life on iPhone.

📌 Longer Usability
Saving battery life enables you to use your iPhone for an extended period, especially when you're away from charging sources. This is crucial during travel, work, or any situation where charging might not be immediately available.

📌 Device Longevity
Conserving battery life can also contribute to the longevity of your device's battery. Over time, repeated deep discharges and charges can affect the overall health of the battery.

📌 Environmental Impact
Using your iPhone more efficiently means consuming fewer resources and contributing to reduced electronic waste. Extending the lifespan of your device also has a positive environmental impact.

Part 2. iPhone battery life saving tips

Now, follow our tips and tricks to bring your battery life back up to where you can get several days of standby, or at least get through a whole day without recharging.

1. Check what drains your iPhone’s battery
When aiming to enhance or optimize battery performance on your iPhone, the initial step involves identifying the apps that consume the most battery. You can proceed by following the steps outlined below:

Go to the iPhone Settings app > Scroll down and choose Battery > Scroll down to see which of your apps were the biggest battery drainers in the past 24 hours, or the last 7 days.

battery usage for apps

Have a clear idea of these battery-draining apps on your iPhone. Consider adjustments like disabling certain apps’ Background Refresh or notifications if it's a major drain.

2. Optimize Background Refresh for Apps
Enabling Background App Refresh can potentially slow down your iPhone and lead to accelerated battery drainage on iPhone. To extend your device's battery life, consider disabling this feature.

Head to the Settings app > General > Background App Refresh > Tap on the option to disallow all the Apps to refresh their contents when on Wi-Fi or Cellular. Optionally, you also can keep it on, but close the Apps you don’t use frequently.

whatsapp background app refresh

3. Adjust brightness
This feature automatically adjusts your display's brightness based on your surroundings, preventing the display from remaining consistently at its brightest. However, to enhance your iPhone battery life, you might opt not to enable this feature, as it can occasionally make unfavorable decisions.

Run Settings app > Scroll down to tap Display & Brightness > Turn off Auto-Brightness and adjust the brightness manually.

auto brightness

4. Auto lock your iPhone
It's worth noting that your iPhone consumes power when the screen is active. To conserve energy, ensure your device's screen is off when not in use. For optimal battery life, you have the option to set the Auto Lock to just 1 minute.

To set up Auto Lock on iPhone, Settings > General > Auto-Lock to set your iPhone to sleep after one minute of inactive.

auto lock

5. Update apps and iOS
Regularly updating both your apps and iOS ensures that you gain access to performance enhancements and battery optimizations.

To update apps: Go to the App Store > Tap your profile > Tap Update next to an app or Tap Update All.

To update iOS: Go to Settings on your iPhone > Tap General Software Update.

ios software update

6. Disable location service
The iPhone's Location Service enables features like precise navigation and app assistance based on your location. However, since it relies on network data transmission, it consumes battery power. If you're not actively using Location Services, or won't be needing it soon, consider disabling them to conserve battery.

Review which apps have access to your location and disable location services for apps that don't require it. Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services.

manage location services

7. Manage your iPhone notification
"Push notifications" refer to alerts sent directly to your phone by third-party apps using Apple's servers. Enabling numerous push notifications can lead to battery drain on your iPhone. To preserve battery life, consider turning off push notifications for apps you don't require constant updates from, like the Stocks app or a social network you rarely use.

Limit push notifications for apps that are not essential. Go to Settings > Notifications and customize the notification settings for each app.

turn off whatsapp notification

8. Clean up junks files
Cleaning up junk files on your iPhone can help improve overall device performance and potentially extend battery life. Delete unused apps, clear certain apps’ cache, delete old messages and attachments, etc. are all helpful.

9. Limited widgets and dynamic wallpapers
Decreasing the number of widgets displayed on your home screen is also one of the ways to save iPhone battery life. Additionally, refraining from using dynamic wallpapers can also contribute to conserving battery life. By implementing these practices, you can optimize the energy efficiency of your device.

10. Always keep background clean
Closing unused apps or reducing their number can help conserve power on your device. While iPhones and iPads manage open apps, having more than 10 open, especially those needing network connections, can still drain battery. Simply swipe upwards on the iPhone’s home screen to close unused apps.

quit all apps

11. Turn off Wi-Fi when you are not using it
Often, we neglect to disable Wi-Fi when not connected to a network. This leaves your iPhone or iPad's Wi-Fi active, causing it to continuously search for available networks. This, in turn, contributes to battery consumption. To preserve battery life, remember to turn off Wi-Fi when it's not in use on your iPhone.

12. Reduce Email Fetch frequency
To conserve battery life, consider adjusting your phone's email fetching frequency. By opting for less frequent checks, such as every hour or manually, you decrease the number of times your phone accesses the network. This practice effectively reduces energy consumption and helps extend the overall battery performance of your device.

Set your email accounts to fetch data less frequently.  Go to Settings Mail Accounts Fetch New Data and choose a longer fetch interval.

turn on fetch new data

13. Disable Bluetooth when not use
While Bluetooth serves multiple purposes, including wireless audio devices and data sharing, it also consumes your device's battery. To conserve battery life, it's advisable to disable Bluetooth when not in active use, reserving its activation only for when you require its functionality.

14. Disable vibrations
Surprisingly, vibration alerts can be a significant drain on battery life, especially with frequent push notifications. While they're convenient, you might consider disabling them if possible, as doing so could result in noticeable enhancements to your device's battery performance.

turn off push notification

15. Avoid extreme temperatures
Ensure your iPhone remains shielded from both very hot and very cold temperatures. Such extreme conditions have the potential to significantly influence battery performance, potentially leading to diminished efficiency and overall battery lifespan.

By avoiding exposure to these temperature extremes, you can help maintain optimal battery functionality and prolong the lifespan of your iPhone.


Saving battery life on your iPhone isn't just about convenience; it's about making the most of your device while being mindful of its resources and environmental impact.

Implementing the tips mentioned in this article can significantly extend your iPhone's battery life, allowing you to enjoy uninterrupted usage throughout the day and maximizing the longevity of your device.

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