How to Change WhatsApp Phone Number on iPhone

This article includes detailed steps on how to change your WhatsApp phone number on iPhone.

Dylan by Dylan Updated August 24, 2023
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What happens when you change WhatsApp phone number?

Due to some reasons like changing your work or migrating to another region, you want to change a new phone number. But as we know, WhatsApp is linked to your phone number. so you will also want to change your WhatsApp number. In this post, we will guide how to perform it in detail.

But before changing your WhatsApp number,  you will want to know if it is OK to do that. And you may have some questions - will it cause any changes to your WhatsApp accounts? Will it cause any data loss of your WhatsApp information?

Generally, when you change a new WhatsApp phone number,

the old WhatsApp information will be moved to the new WhatsApp Phone number, including settings, groups, profile, chat history. So you don't need to make any changes after changing. The new WhatsApp account will work just like the old WhatsApp number.
your old WhatsApp account will be removed. You can’t sign in with the previous phone number. Thus, your contacts can’t reach you with the old phone number.
a notice saying the number change will be sent to the groups that you are in. And your contacts will know your new number. 

How to change WhatsApp phone number on iPhone

Now you have known that changing WhatsApp doesn’t cause data loss. You can keep using WhatsApp with the new number and keep your chat history, contacts, and other information.

Now you can follow the steps to switch to new WhatsApp phone number without losing chats

Step 1. Launch WhatsApp on your iPhone.

Step 2. Tap “Settings” on the bottom of the screen. And choose “Account”. Tap “Change Number”.

change number whatsapp

Step 3. On the Change Number screen, choose “Next”.

Step 4. Enter the old phone number and the new phone number when it asks.

enter old and new phone number whatsapp

Step 5. Here you can toggle on Notify Contacts option to tell your contacts you changed your number. If you want to change your WhatsApp number without notifying contacts, make sure it is disabled. Tap “Done”.

toggle on notify contacts

Note: If you are using an Android phone, the way of changing WhatsApp phone number on Android phone is as follow.

1. Run WhatsApp and choose “Settings”.

2. Choose “Account” > “Change Number”

3. Enter your old and new phone number.

4. WhatsApp will send you an authentication code. Enter it.

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After changing the WhatsApp phone number, you will also keep all account information and chat history. But the old WhatsApp account will be deleted. 

But when you have a new iPhone with a new phone number, you can sign in with the new number on your WhatsApp. And you may wonder if it is possible to keep the old account with the old iPhone. So you can use the two different numbers to contact your friends and colleagues separately. 

Actually, it is easy. You can turn to the powerful WhatsApp transfer tool – FoneTool. It easily migrates your WhatsApp & WhatsApp business messages (including chat history, group information, and attachments) from iPhone to iPhone on a Windows computer. Then you can use the new number on the new iPhone and keep old number on the old device.

As a professional WhatsApp data transfer tool, FoneTool has some advantages,

►a fast transfer speed: You can complete data transfer in a very short time.

►ability to transfer to new Apple ID. When you have a new Apple account, FoneTool helps you to transfer WhatsApp from Apple ID to Apple ID.

Hit the download button to install FoneTool, we will guide you on how it works.

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Step 1. Connect both old and new iPhones on computer. On the FoneTool, click “WhatsApp Manager” on the left side.

Step 2. Check if the source and targeted iPhones on the right position. Click the "Start Transfer" button.

transfer now

Step 3. Read the prompt note, and click "Confirm".


If your iPhone is running with iOS16 or later, you may need to enter your passcode on your iPhone. After that, click "OK".

passcode required


This is how to change WhatsApp number on iPhone. After changing your phone, WhatsApp will move your account information, chat history, contacts, etc to the new account and remove the old number. You can continue using WhatsApp. 

If you want to keep new WhatsApp account on new iPhone and keep using old number on the old device, FoneTool can help you. Besides transferring WhatsApp, FoneTool also helps you transfer iPhone data between iPhones, and erase iPhone data, etc.

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