[7 Ways] Fix Photos Disappeared from iPhone

When you encounter iPhone photos disappeared from camera roll, what should you do to fix it? There are 7 solutions for you to make it. And the professional tools are available to recover lost photos and back up them.

Kathy by Kathy Updated March 6, 2024
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Why all photos disappeared from iPhone?

iPhone is known for its excellent camera capabilities and image quality. Many people rely on their iPhone cameras to capture and preserve precious moments, making it a popular choice for photography and memory preservation.

Sometimes, you may discover that photos are disappearing from your iPhone. To help you troubleshoot this issue, we have compiled a list of common causes.

⛔ An iOS system update caused photo disappearance.
⛔ A different iCloud account is logged on your device or you have logged out of the account.
⛔ The iCloud Photo Syncing function is disabled on your iPhone.
⛔ Some photos are hidden.
⛔ Accidental photo deletion.
⛔ Insufficient iPhone storage. Errors during photo syncing.

Fix photos disappeared from iPhone camera roll

There are 7 ways for you to solve the problem, you can try them one by one to check if they work. You can also skip to solution 7 to recover your lost photos directly.

Solution 1. Restart your iPhone

Restarting your iPhone is indeed a good initial troubleshooting step for addressing various minor software issues.

For iPhone X/11/12/13 or later: Press and hold either volume button and the side button simultaneously until the power-off slider appears > Drag the power-off slider to the right to turn off your device > After a while, press and hold the side button (on the right side of your iPhone) until you see the Apple logo appear on the screen.

restart iPhone

For iPhone 6/7/8 or SE(2nd or 3rd generation): Press and hold the side button until the power-off slider appears on the screen > Drag the slider to the right to power off your iPhone > After that, press and hold the side button again until the Apple logo appears.

For iPhone SE (1st generation), 5, or earlier: Press and hold the top button > When the power-off slider appears, drag the slider to turn off the device > 30 seconds later, press and hold the top button until you see the Apple logo to turn on the iPhone.

After restarting your device, you can go to the Photos app to see if your photos reappear.

Solution 2. Log in to iCloud again

Sometimes, you will find that all photos disappeared from iPhone after update. This could be due to your iCloud account getting logged out during the update process. To solve this, you can log back into your iCloud account: Open the Settings app > Tap on Sign in to your iPhone, and enter your Apple ID.

sign in iCloud

If you've logged in with different Apple IDs, you can follow the same path to log out and then log in with your Apple ID.

Solution 3. Check recently deleted photos

If you or someone else has accidentally deleted a photo or video on your iPhone, you can often recover them from the "Recently Deleted" album. This album will store photos and videos that you have recently deleted for a period of 30 days before they are permanently removed from your device.

recently deleted photos

Solution 4. Enable iCloud Photos

If you can't find your deleted photos in the "Recently Deleted" folder on your iPhone, it's a good idea to check whether iCloud Photos is enabled on your device: Go to Settings app > Click on your Apple ID > Choose iCloud > Photos.

check iCloud Photos option

1. If iCloud Photos is turned off, the photos you take with your device are only stored locally on your device's internal storage. So you need to restore the deleted photos from a backup or recover them with a professional tool.
2. If iCloud Photos is turned on, your photos are stored on Apple's servers in the iCloud Photos library and they are not included in your device's backup. You can try to restore them from Apple’s servers.

Solution 5. Check your iPhone storage

If there is not enough space on your iPhone, some errors may occur in the photo syncing process. So it’s better to check your iPhone storage: Go to Settings > General > Storage. If the iPhone storage is insufficient, try to remove some data from your device.

check iPhone storage

Solution 6. Unhide your hidden photos

If you've hidden some photos, you’ll also find that iPhone photos disappeared from camera roll. And they are placed in a separate Hidden album. You can unhide these photos to make them visible again.

Launch the Photos app > Choose Albums tab > Find Hidden under the Utilities section > Select the targeted photos > Tap the Share icon and click on Unhide to finish the process.

unhide hidden photos

Note: If you can't find the Hidden Album in your Photos app or if your hidden photos have disappeared, you might need to ensure that the Hidden Album feature is enabled: Open Settings app > Turn on the option next to Hidden Album.

Solution 7. Recover photos with a professional tool

When your photos or live photos disappeared from iPhone, you can choose the professional iPhone data recovery software - MyRecover for iOS to recover your lost photos.

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to the computer and click Trust on your iPhone.

Step 2. Click the Scan Now option on MyRecover for iOS to scan the iPhone.

Step 3. Choose what you want to restore and then click the Recover option on the computer to complete the process. 

recover deleted photos

Bonus: Backup iPhone photos to avoid data loss

After recovering your lost photos on your iPhone, it's advisable to back up your iPhone photos to prevent data loss in the future. We recommend using professional iPhone data management software like FoneTool to protect your data. And it will offer an excellent iPhone data transfer, backup, and restore experience for you.

enlightenedPreview and selective backup: Except for full backup, you can easily preview iPhone photos, videos, music, contacts, and messages on the PC, and select the files you want to back up.
enlightenedUniversal restore without Apple ID limitation: You can restore all your backups to another iOS device with different Apple IDs.
enlightenedSuper-fast backup speed: FoneTool offers a high-speed backup process. For instance, it can transfer hundreds of photos in seconds while preserving their original quality.
enlightenedWide compatibility: FoneTool supports all iPhone models including iPhone 4 to iPhone 15, as well as iPad and iPod Touch. So you can view iPhone photos on iPad easily.

Now you can download the FoneTool to get how to back up iPhone photos on a Windows PC efficiently.

Download Freeware Win 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
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Step 1. Connect your iPhone with a USB cable to the PC. Run FoneTool, and click Phone Transfer > Move the cursor to iPhone to PC and click Get Started.

transfer from iPhone to PC

Step 2. Check the Photos option to select the targeted photos and click OK.

select photos

Step 3. You can change the storage path from Transfer Settings. Then click the Start Transfer button to move the iPhone photos on your PC.

start transfer

In addition, FoneTool is an excellent photo backup tool that can guide you on how to backup live photos easily and quickly.


There are 7 ways for you to fix the photos disappeared from iPhone issue. You can choose the most suitable one to solve your problem. The recovery tool is also available to recover your deleted photos. Once your photos reappear on your iPhone, it's better to back them up on a Windows PC with FoneTool to prevent data loss in the future.

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