How to Remove Jailbreak from iPhone

Do you own an iPhone which is jailbroken? If jailbroken has given you a lot of problems with your device, then you must need this guide to know how to remove jailbreak from iPhone.

Demi by Demi Updated July 17, 2023
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While the iPhone boasts a dependable and robust operating system, users may encounter significant issues, particularly when they opt to jailbreak their devices. Consequently, individuals often seek ways to remove the jailbreak from their iPhones.

Jailbreaking grants users elevated access to the iOS file system, thereby facilitating the installation of third-party applications and updates that are typically unavailable through the App Store. This process essentially expands the possibilities of what your iPhone can accomplish, opening up new avenues for customization and functionality.

remove jailbreak from iphone

Jailbreaking can cause device instability, hindering iOS updates with valuable features, security enhancements, and bug fixes. Removing the jailbreak is crucial to restore your device. Let's now clarify some basics before exploring ways to remove jailbreak from iPhone.

Will factory reset remove jailbreak?

If you have determined that jailbreaking is causing more harm than benefit to your iPhone, resetting iPhone to factory settings is an effective way to revert it to its original state. However, it's important to note that this process will result in the deletion of all jailbreak-related features as well as any stored images, audios, documents, files, and other data on the device.

Before proceeding with an iPhone reset to remove the jailbreak, it is crucial to carefully review and preserve any downloaded jailbreak apps and their associated data. If you wish to retain this data, it is highly recommended to back up your iPhone beforehand. It's important to note that iTunes or Apple iCloud will not back up jailbreak apps. Therefore, resetting your iPhone to remove the jailbreak is advisable for the following reasons:
• To continue updating your iOS device normally
• To enhance its security
• To avoid someone has unknowingly jailbroken your iPhone to hack it
• It ensures that your iPhone’s warranty doesn’t lapse

Now, let’s discuss some ways of how to remove jailbreak from iPhone.

How to remove jailbreak from iPhone by iTunes

There is no denying that jailbreaking your iPhone can lead to significant problems. By circumventing the device's security measures, it becomes susceptible to viruses and hackers. Additionally, jailbreaking also voids your iPhone's warranty. However, the good news is that you can conveniently remove the jailbreak from your iPhone by utilizing iTunes. Follow the instructions below to accomplish this:

Step 1. Make sure you have installed the updated version of iTunes on your computer.

Step 2. Connect your iPhone to PC and tap the phone icon when it appears in iTunes.

click iphone icon

Step 3. Select the Summary tab > Tap on the Restore iPhone... option.

restore iphone from itunes

Step 4. From the popup window, click the Restore and update option.

Once the reset process is finished, your iPhone will restart automatically. It becomes crucial to highlight that restoring your iPhone will erase all the data, so make sure to take a complete backup first.

How to remove jailbreak from iPhone by iCloud

If you wonder how to remove jailbreak from iPhone without computer or restore, then you can easily remove jailbreak from iPhone using iCloud. However, for added precaution, it is highly recommended to full backup iPhone before proceeding with the following steps. This will help ensure that your data is safely preserved in case any unforeseen issues arise during the process.

Step 1. Reboot your iPhone, enable Find My iPhone from the Settings app, and ensure that Wi-Fi is turned on.

Step 2. Go to > Log in your iCloud ID > Click Find My iPhone.

Step 3. Click on the option All Devices > Find your jailbroken iPhone > Click it on.

Step 4. Click on Erase iPhone. Then your iPhone will be completely wiped.

erase iphoe from icloud

Summary & FAQs

That concludes our guide on how to completely remove jailbreak from iPhone with or without computer. It is important to remember that jailbreaking is not recommended for every iOS device, and you should proceed at your own risk. However, with the solutions provided above, you should have no trouble resolving the issue of removing jailbreak from your iPhone.


Q1: Will removing jailbreak affect my iPhone's warranty?
A1: Yes, removing jailbreak from your iPhone restores it to its original state, which reinstates the warranty. Apple does not provide support or warranty coverage for jailbroken devices.

Q2: Is removing jailbreak reversible?
A2: No, removing jailbreak is not reversible. Once you restore your iPhone to its original factory settings, the jailbreak and its associated modifications cannot be undone.

Q3: Will removing jailbreak remove all unauthorized apps from my iPhone?
A3: Yes, removing jailbreak from your iPhone removes all unauthorized apps and modifications that were installed as a result of the jailbreak. The device will return to its stock state.

Q4: Will removing jailbreak improve my iPhone's performance?
A4: Removing jailbreak from your iPhone can potentially improve its performance and stability. Jailbreaking modifies the device's operating system, which can introduce bugs and compatibility issues.

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