4 Ways to Backup Samsung Phone to PC with Broken Screen

You may want to backup Samsung phone to PC with broken screen to avoid data lose, but how can you make it? You may need this guide to get 4 methods to save your data from Samsung phone with broken screen.

Demi by Demi Updated July 11, 2023
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Can you backup a Samsung phone to PC with a broken screen?

Experiencing a broken screen on your Samsung phone can be frustrating, especially if you have important data stored on the device. Luckily, although the broken screen may make it challenging to interact with the device, there are alternative methods and tools that can help you backup your Samsung phone to PC even with a broken screen.

backup samsung to pc with broken screen

By following the steps outlined in this article, you can backup Samsung phone to PC with broken screen to ensure the safety of your important files, contacts, messages, and media.

1# Backup Samsung phone to PC with broken screen - Find My Mobile

Samsung's Find My Mobile feature provides a convenient way to backup your phone's data to a PC, even with a broken screen. Here’s how to backup Samsung phone to PC with broken screen via Find My Mobile.

Step 1. On your PC, go to the website of Find My Mobile.

Step 2. Click Sign in to sign in to your Samsung account > From the menu that popup, select Back up.

Step 3. From the next window, choose all the data types you want to backup.

Step 4. Finally, click Back up again, and wait for the backup process to be finished.

samsung find my mobile backup

2# Backup Samsung phone to PC with broken screen - External mouse

If your Samsung phone still responds to touch inputs despite having a broken screen, you can connect an external mouse to navigate and backup your data. This method can also be workable with other brands of Android phone. Here’s how you can backup Android phone to PC with broken screen using an external mouse.

Step 1. Connect the mouse to the OTG adapter, and connect the adapter to your Samsung phone’s charging port. You may now use the mouse to operate your phone.

connect mouse and samsung

Step 2. Unlock your Samsung phone and enable USB debugging.

Step 3. Connect your phone to the computer and copy the data to your PC.

3# Backup Samsung phone to PC with broken screen - SD card

In situations where your Samsung phone has a broken screen, transferring files to an SD card can be helpful if you had previously stored data on the card. By moving your crucial files to the SD card, you can still access them by connecting the SD card to a computer using a card reader. This method allows you to retrieve your important files even if the phone's screen is damaged.

insert sd card into pc

Once the SD card is connected to your computer via a card reader, you can copy and paste all the crucial files from the SD card to your preferred location on your PC. This process allows you to back up your important files from the SD card and ensure their safety, even if your phone's screen is broken.

Besides, you will get two backups for your previous phone in this way. And you can keep the data in your SD card until you repair your phone or buy a new one.

4# Backup Samsung phone to PC with broken screen - Smart Switch

Samsung Smart Switch is indeed the official tool developed by Samsung to facilitate data transfer, backup, and restoration for Samsung users. It provides a convenient way to back up and restore data, including contacts, messages, photos, videos, and more. To back up a Samsung phone with a broken screen to a PC using Samsung Smart Switch, you can follow these steps:

Step 1. Download and launch Samsung Smart Switch on your computer > Connect your Samsung phone to the computer with USB.

Step 2. Once your Samsung phone be detected, click the Backup button.

smart switch software

Step 3. Your PC will automatically start backing up your Samsung phone’s data, which may take a few minutes.

When it’s done, your display will appear informing you it’s complete. Then click OK.

smart switch backup complete


Having a broken screen on your Samsung phone doesn't mean you have to lose your valuable data. By utilizing methods outlined in this guide, you can successfully backup Samsung phone to PC with broken screen.

It is crucial to safeguard your data and ensure that it remains accessible. Choose the method that best suits your situation and follow the step-by-step instructions provided to secure your data and maintain peace of mind.

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