4 Ways | How to Send Large Video Files from Samsung to Samsung

Looking for an easy and quick way to send large video files from Samsung to Samsung? Here in this guide, we’ll introduce four tools, and detailed instructions on how to send large video files from Samsung to Samsung.

Demi by Demi Updated November 30, 2023
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As high-quality video content captured on Samsung smartphones gains popularity, the demand for efficient sharing of large video files between Samsung devices has risen. This article delves into four effective methods for how to send large video files from Samsung to Samsung seamlessly. Whether you favor direct transfers, link sharing, email attachments, or cloud services, there's a tailored solution to meet your needs.

send large video samsung

1# One-click send large video files from Samsung to Samsung - FoneTool

When it comes to data transfer among mobile phones, you can’t miss FoneTool, a powerful data transfer app. It's your go-to solution for quickly transferring big video files between Samsung devices with just one click. FoneTool makes handling your data a breeze!

You can get the tool from Google Play Store to the two Samsung devices. And now, follow the steps below to learn how to send large video files from Samsung to Samsung via FoneTool.

Step 1. Open FoneTool on two devices, and allow FoneTool to use WLAN. Enable Wi-Fi option without connecting any Wi-Fi.

Step 2. On either Samsung phone, go to Connect Device > Tap Connect to Android and tap the name of the other Samsung phone to connect the two devices.

connect to android

Step 3. On the source Samsung phone, Go to File Transfer > Click Videos and choose the wanted videos > Click Send to make it.

tap send video

Step 4. On the target Samsung phone, tap Confirm to receive the video files.

tap confirm video

How to check transferred videos
You can directly head to the Photos app on the Samsung phone to check the transferred videos. Besides, FoneTool also saves your transfer & receive records. You can also check them by tapping the transfer icon on the File Transfer page.

view the transfer records

2# How to send large video files from Samsung to Samsung - Link Sharing

Link Sharing, a pre-installed file-sharing app in Samsung devices, lets you quickly upload large files, pictures, videos, and documents from your Samsung Galaxy device or PC to Samsung Cloud. It creates shareable links for easy sharing. You can transfer files up to 2 GB at once, stored in Samsung Cloud for 3 days before automatic deletion.

This offers a convenient and temporary sharing solution when you wonder how to send large video files between Samsung devices.

Step 1. Share videos from source Samsung phone
• Head into the My Files app > Go to the destination folder where the video files you wish to share are stored.

• Long-press the video you’d like to send > Tap the share button > Choose Link Sharing.

choose link sharing

• Tap Create code to get a unique Link Sharing code.

copy link sharing code

Step 2. Receive videos on target Samsung phone
• On the target Samsung phone, open the Link Sharing app > Enter the Link Sharing code into the prescribed field to view the downloadable videos.

enter link sharing code

• Tap the DOWNLOAD button to begin the process. The downloaded video files will be placed into your Downloads folder in your Internal Storage of your device.

download video from link sharing

3# How to send large video files from Samsung phone - Gmail

Email attachments are also nice choices when you wonder how to send a video from Samsung to Samsung. Gmail, a widely used email app, goes beyond simple text communication, seamlessly handling media file attachments.

Please be noted that Gmail has a file size limit on attachments. If your video size is so large that surpasses this limit, this method may be not suitable for you.

To achieve the transfer of large videos from Samsung to Samsung using Gmail, let's explore the step-by-step process for a smooth transition.

Step 1. Send videos from the source Samsung phone via email
• On your source Samsung phone, open the Gmail app > Tap the Compose button to start a new email.

start a new email

• Enter the email address you have on the target Samsung phone > Tap the paperclip icon to add the long video you’d like to transfer > Tap on the send button to send the email.

add files to email on android

Step 2. Save videos to the target Samsung phone from email
Open the Gmail app on the target Samsung phone > Sign in with your Gmail account > Find the email and open the attachment > Tap on the video file to download it.

android download from gmail

4# How to send large videos from Samsung to Samsung - Google Drive

Google Drive, a cloud storage service, offers a secure and reliable way to share large video files by providing a link for the recipient to download. If you don’t in a rush, upload the large videos to Google Drive, and access them on the target Samsung phone.

Follow the steps below to learn how to send large video files from Samsung to Samsung using Google Drive.

Step 1. Upload Samsung videos to Google Drive
• Go to the Google Drive app, and sign in to your Google account > Tap the plus icon from the bottom right.

• Select Upload, and navigate to the videos you’d like to upload, and wait for the process to complete.

android upload video

Step 2. Download videos to target Samsung phone
Open the Google Drive app > Locate the view you’d like to download > Tap the three-dot icon > Select Download from the list.

download videos from google drive


That’s all for how to send large video files from Samsung to Samsung with the right tools and methods. Whether you prefer the one-click simplicity of FoneTool, the built-in convenience of Link Sharing, the email attachment approach with Gmail, or the cloud storage flexibility of Google Drive, there's a solution that fits your preferences.

Explore these methods, choose the one that aligns with your needs, and enjoy sharing your memorable videos effortlessly between Samsung devices. Embrace the variety of options available and share your cherished moments without any hindrance.

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