Full Guide: How to Transfer Line from Android to iOS

The passage explains how to transfer LINE chat history from Android to iOS, acknowledging that direct transfer isn't supported. It suggests moving account details manually and using FoneTool for wireless file transfer between devices. FoneTool also manages iOS backups effectively.

Kathy by Kathy Updated January 9, 2024
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LINE is a popular messaging app developed by a Japanese company, LINE Corporation. It offers various communication features beyond basic messaging, including voice and video calls, group chats, stickers, and a range of other multimedia sharing options.

For Android users who need to switch to a new iPhone, you can find ways in this passage to learn how to transfer LINE chat history from Android to iOS.

line android to ios

How to move LINE from Android to iOS

Moving LINE chat history from an Android device to an iOS device directly within the app isn't officially supported due to differences in operating systems. However, there's an option to transfer your LINE account, but it won't include chat history. To move your LINE account from Android to iOS:

On your Android device

Open LINE and go to "Settings." > Tap on "Account" > "User Information" > "Transfer to Another Device." > Enter your email and password for LINE, then tap "Link." > Follow the prompts and create a password for your LINE account.

On your iOS device

Download and install LINE from the App Store > Open LINE and tap "Log in." > Select "Log in with Email." > Enter your email and the password you created earlier > Follow the steps to complete the login process.

Unfortunately, LINE doesn't offer a direct method to transfer chat history from Android to iOS. You may need to manually make a LINE backup then restore it from Android to iOS.

How to move saved LINE files from Android to iOS

FoneTool for Android, a proficient wireless transfer application, facilitates effortless airdropping of photos, videos, music, contacts, and various files from an Android device to an iPhone.

This process operates independently of Wi-Fi connectivity and doesn't utilize any cellular data. Now, you can retain LINE files, such as photos and videos, in your Android's local storage and discover how to transfer them to your iPhone.

Step 1: Download FoneTool for Android on your Android and iOS device.

Step 2: Launch FoneTool on both your Android phone and iPhone. Enable WLAN access within the app. (No need for an active Wi-Fi connection; simply activate the Wi-Fi option.)

Step 3: Establish the Connection

On your Android device: Navigate to Connect Device > Choose Connect to iOS to obtain the connection code.

On your iPhone: Access Connect Device > Choose Connect to Android. Utilize your iPhone to scan the code displayed on your Android device. Tap Join on your iPhone to establish the connection.

connect to android

Step 4: On your Android phone, head to File Transfer. Select the desired files for airdrop to your iPhone. Click Send. Subsequently, tap Confirm on your iPhone to receive the LINE files.

send photos

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Bonus: How to backup LINE files on iPhone

Upon completing the LINE transfer process or using LINE extensively on your iPhone, it's common to accumulate substantial LINE data, potentially consuming your iPhone's storage. To prevent abrupt data loss and free up space on your iPhone, it's crucial to back up your LINE data.

For this purpose, FoneTool, an all-encompassing iPhone data management application, proves highly beneficial. It offers a range of features and advantages, ensuring optimal user experiences:

enlightened Selective and Comprehensive Backup: FoneTool facilitates complete iPhone data backup, encompassing LINE data to PC, or selective backup of various iPhone data like photos, videos, music, contacts, and messages.
enlightened Rapid Transfer Speed: The application boasts high-speed data transfer capabilities, enabling swift backup processes. For instance, transferring 100 photos merely takes 3 seconds.
enlightened WhatsApp Backup: FoneTool includes a WhatsApp backup feature, allowing users to back up WhatsApp data to PC, encompassing messages, documents, photos, stickers, etc. Moreover, users can directly view WhatsApp photos by exporting them from the backup to PC.
enlightened iPhone-to-iPhone Data Transfer: FoneTool enables selective media file transfers between iPhones or complete data migration from an old iPhone to a new one, encompassing LINE data.

To initiate the process of backing up all iPhone data, including LINE, simply download FoneTool and follow the instructions provided.

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to the PC with a USB cable > If asks, click Trust on your device.

Step 2. Launch FoneTool > Go to Phone Backup > Full Backup > Get Started.

full backup

Step 3. Check Enable Backup Encryption to encrypt your private data if you need > Choose a storage path > Click Start Backup to begin the task.

start backup


Now you can know how to transfer LINE from Android to iOS. In addition to the build-in feature, you can also send LINE photos/videos wirelessly with FoneTool. And the desktop app is a powerful tool to back up your iOS device data, you can manage your iPhone/iPad data after the LINE transfer.

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