How to Remote Android to Android: Full Guide

This passage delves into the intricacies of remote connectivity between Android devices, encompassing setup procedures, troubleshooting tips, and the benefits of establishing these connections. And you can also use FoneTool to finish the Android-to-Android transfer.

Kathy by Kathy Updated January 17, 2024
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Why need to remote Android to Android?


For people who need to troubleshoot some Android issues from another device, proform some file transfer, seamless control or enhance overall user experience, make an Android to Android remote access is necessary.

remote android to android

Now you can keep on reading to get how to finish the process. If you need a quicker way to transfer data from Android to Android, you can also find answers in this passage.

How to remote Android to Android

Here, we will provide three methods to help you easily accomplish this process.

Method 1. Share screen using Google Meet or WhatsApp

If you wish to guide someone through a series of steps without taking control of their device, using a video chat app like Google Meet is a suitable option. Follow these simple steps to get started:

1. Ensure that both phones have the Google Meet app installed.

2. Initiate a call with the person you want to assist.

3. During an active call, tap the stars icon (bottom right) > Screen share > Start now. (On Pixel and Samsung phones, it’s stars icon > Live sharing > Share now > Start now.) This feature is gradually becoming available on more Android devices, working effectively on most modern phones.

remote android

While you can't control the other person's device, you can provide verbal instructions during the call. This approach ensures safety by not granting full control to either party.

Method 2. Fully control any Android devices

For full device control, the other person needs to install the AirDroid app from the Play Store and log in using the same account used for AirMirror sign-up.

Open the AirMirror app on your phone and tap "Add device" for detailed instructions. If both phones use the same AirDroid account, the second phone will be listed. Choose the phone name for three options – control, camera, and screen mirroring.

The "Control" option provides complete remote control, allowing you to navigate, open apps, and type on the other device. "Screen mirroring" resembles remote support, and the "Camera" option enables viewing through the other phone's front and rear cameras. Permission must be granted on the other phone for these features.

fully control android devices

To end device control, the person on phone 1 taps the exit button (left arrow icon) at the bottom left. If your device is being controlled, you can still use it (visible to the other person) and sign out or close the app to end the session. Restarting the phone is also an option for assurance.

Method 3. Remote support without complete control

Install an app like AirMirror from the Google Play Store and register with an email address, confirming it with a verification code. The person being assisted must install the AirDroid Remote Support app and receive a nine-digit code upon setup.

On your phone, access the Remote Support tab and input the nine-digit code. The person has ten seconds to grant remote control access and enable screen sharing. While they can't directly control your device, you can communicate via chat, audio messages, and calls. Once screen sharing is allowed, guide them through the troubleshooting process.

remote support

This is an effective option for remote assistance on your phone, providing visibility without direct control. Exercise caution during screen sharing for sensitive information.

Bonus: How to transfer from Android to Android

For an efficient wireless Android-to-Android data transfer without Wi-Fi or cellular data, the FoneTool for Android is a versatile tool. Compatible with a wide range of devices, including Huawei, Xiaomi, Samsung, Pixel, and iPhone models from 4 to 15, along with iPads and iPod Touch, it offers a hassle-free transfer experience.

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Follow these steps to initiate the transfer:

Step 1. Open FoneTool on both devices and enable WLAN usage without connecting to any network.

Step 2. Navigate to "Connect to Android" on one device and select the name of the other device to establish a connection.

connect to android

Step 3. On your source device, access "File Transfer," select the desired data, and tap "Send." On your target device, confirm the receipt of the files prompted on the screen.

send photos

enlightened With this powerful app, you can easily sync contacts, photos, videos, music or other files from Android to Android.
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This comprehensive guide explores the realm of remote Android to Android connectivity, unveiling various facets from app exploration to troubleshooting.

It elaborates on how remote connectivity functions, recommended apps, setup procedures, troubleshooting tips, security aspects, and the benefits of establishing these connections. You can according to the text to choose the best remote access app for Android to Android.

Additionally, it highlights the versatility of the free AirDroid alternative - FoneTool for efficient data transfer between diverse Android devices, enhancing the understanding and utilization of "remote android to android" connections for seamless device management.

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