[ Top Ways ] Wireless File Transfer from Android to Android

If you don’t know how to finish Wireless file transfer from Android to Android, 6 answers are here. Read this article you learn how to transfer data wirelessly from Android to Android.

Clara by Clara Updated December 12, 2023
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Can I Transfer Files Between Androids Without USB

Why do you want to achieve wireless file transfer from Android to Android? We use our phones to take photos, record videos, and save important files. Sometimes, you may need to transfer these files from one Android device to another. For example: You want to share wonderful moments with your friends, or you want to replace your old Android phone with a new one.

wireless file transfer android to android

However, if there is no USB data cable to connect the two phones, can you switch data from Android to Android wirelessly? The answer is yes. In this article, we summarize the 6 top ways to help you transfer Android files wirelessly. If you're looking for an easier and faster way to transfer data than using USB, see below.

How to Transfer Data from Android to Android Wirelessly

Without a USB cable, you can wirelessly switch your Android data to Android by FoneTool, Google Drive, NFC, Bluetooth, Smart Switch, or Nearby Share. Now, let’s take a look to learn how to do it!

Way 1. Wirelessly Share Files from Android to Android with FoneTool

If you want to transfer data from Android to Android with out a USB cable, you can use the professional file transfer app - FoneTool. It gives a clear interface and fast transfer speed, even without consuming your cellular data or requiring a network, you can send videos, photos, contacts, music, and other files to your different android devices.

Download and the FoneTool mobile app on both your Android devices, and then follow the guide to send data from Android to Android via FoneTool:

Step 1. Open the FoneTool app on the two Android phone > Ensure the necessary permissions for WLAN usage (You don't need to connect a Wi-Fi network connection, just open the Wi-Fi option).

Step 2. Within the FoneTool app on either device, tap Connect Device > Select Connect to Android > Look for and tap the name of the desired device to establish a connection between the two Android.

wireless file transfer android to android

Step 3. On the source Android phone, go to the File Transfer > Select the files you want to transfer wirelessly > Tap Send to begin.

wireless file transfer android to android

Step 4. On the target Android phone, you will see a prompt and tap Confirm to receive the files.

As a powerful data transfer tool, FoneTool provides more features, like share files from Android to iPhone, from iPhone to Android, or iPhone to iPhone. Try the easiest way to switch your android and iOS data smoothly!

Way 2. Sync Android Data to Android via Google Drive

One way to transfer files from one Android device to another is by uploading them to Google Drive, a cloud-based storage service that allows for data backup and sharing among different devices. By logging into the same Google account on both devices, or sharing the links to other accounts, you can easily access your backed up files, such as videos, photos, and documents, on the new device. Additionally, backing up your phone data to Google Drive can prevent data loss in case of unexpected situations.

Here are steps about how to wirelessly transfer files from Android to Android:

Step 1. On your Android, install and open the Google Drive app > Click Add > Tap Upload.

wireless file transfer android to android

Step 2. Select the files you want to transfer to your phone > Tap Upload again. The files will be saved in your cloud storage.

Step 3. If you want to transfer files to other people, after the above steps, open My Drive > Click the three dots on a file > Choose Share.

Step 4. Add the recipient's Google account > Enter a message, and tap Send.

Step 5. On the other Android device, open Google Drive > Tap the link to view the file.

Way 3. Transfer Data from Android to Android by NFC

NFC stands for Near Field Communication, a technology that allows two devices to communicate with each other when placed in nearby. If your Android device and the Android device accepting the file both support NFC, you can share data between them with the help of NFC technology. Follow the steps to transfer data from Android to Android wireless.

Step 1. Before doing this, enable NFC and Android Beam on your phone are turn on:

  • Go to Settings > Locate Connected Devices > Tap on Connection Preferences > Turn both NFC and Android Beam on.

wireless file transfer android to android

Step 2. To transfer data to another Android phone:

  • Open the files you need to share, like photos, music, contacts, and so on.
  • Bring two Android devices close to each other > Touch the back of them together.
  • After you hear the sound and see the message that says Touch to beam on the screen > Tap the screen to confirm the transfer.
  • When the transfer process is finished, a message says Sent will show up.

Way 4. Share Android to Android with Bluetooth

Another way to achieve wireless file transfer from Android to Android is by using Bluetooth. This method involves turning on Bluetooth on both devices, pairing them, and selecting the files you want to transfer. However, this method may not be as fast as NFC and may also have limitations in terms of file size and type. In addition, transmission speed may also be affected by the distance between devices and any interference.

Step 1. Turn on Bluetooth on both Androids:

  • Go to Settings > Find Connections > Turn on Bluetooth.

Step 2. Select the files on one Android phone:

  • On the device, tap the other Android device's name and OK > Open the file you want to transfer > Click the Share icon.
  • And then, tap the Bluetooth icon in the pop-up window > Choose the paired Android.

wireless file transfer android to android

Step 3. Receive files on another device:

  • On the other Android device, when the Bluetooth File Transfer pops up > Tap Accept to agree to receive the file.

Way 5. Transfer Files from Android to Android by Smart Switch

For users of Samsung phones, Samsung Smart Switch is a good choice when you want to move your data between Android devices. Samsung Smart Switch is a built-in tool unique to Samsung devices that allows you to transfer data from one Samsung device to another. If Smart Switch is not available on your device, you can download it for free from the Google Play Store.

Before you use Smart Switch to move data, ensure both Android devices have this feature and are connected to the same Wi-Fi. It’s worth noting that this method only works on Samsung devices and may not work on other Android devices. Then you can follow the prompts:

Step 1. On both the devices:

  • Open the Smart Switch application > Choose a mode of transfer to connect them.
Smart Switch supports both wireless and wired data transfer between Android phones. Choose to the way depends on your preference. You can use a USB adapter for wired transfer, also can connect the Wi-Fi for a wireless transfer.

Step 2. Before starting the transfer proceed:

  • Select the source device as either Android.
  • Set which device is the sending device and which one is the receiving device.

wireless file transfer android to android

  • There will be displayed a one-time generated code > Enter on the Samsung to connect both devices.

Step 3. After that, select the type of files that you need to transfer and receive them on your Samsung.

Way 6. Use Nearby Share to Switch Android Data to Android

Nearby Sharing is a feature on Android devices that allows you to quickly transfer data between two Android devices that are in close proximity. To use it to switch data wireless transfer from Android to Android, simply turn on Nearby Sharing on both devices select the data you want to transfer, and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the transfer.

Here is the guide to send data between Androids by Nearby Share:

Step 1. Turn on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on both Android phones.

  • Go to Settings > Connected Devices > Connection Preferences > Use Nearby Share.
  • After turning on the Nearby Share, enable your devices to be accessed by Everyone.

wireless file transfer android to android

Step 6. On the resource Android device:

  • Open a file you want to transfer and tap the Share button.
  • Then click the Nearby Share icon > Tap the discovered target Android to send the file.

Step3. On the target Android device: 

  • Choose Accept on the receiving Android device.

If there is no Nearby Share option, the selected file type may not support the Nearby Share feature. So, you can try other methods. You can also learn how to Nearby Share Android to iPhone.


After reading the above content, you already know how to finish wireless file transfer from Android to Android. Through third-party applications, cloud storage services, NFC, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi, you can easily share files between Android devices even if USB is not around. The flexibility and convenience of these methods provide us with more choices, choose the appropriate method to transfer your Android files.

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