4 Ways | How to Achieve Samsung to iPhone Transfer

This guide explores four efficient methods for transferring data from Samsung to iPhone, providing seamless transitions for users looking to Samsung to iPhone transfer.

Demi by Demi Updated December 14, 2023
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In today's fast-paced digital world, switching smartphones has become increasingly common. Whether it's to experience the latest features, upgrade to a more advanced model, or simply change brands, the process of transferring Samsung to iPhone without losing anything may seem daunting at first. However, thanks to the advancements in technology, Samsung to iPhone transfer has never been easier.

Samsung to iPhone transfer

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore four reliable methods to facilitate the transfer of your important data, ensuring that nothing gets left behind in the transition. Whether you're transferring contacts, photos, videos, or any other files, these methods will simplify the process, allowing you to seamlessly switch from a Samsung device to an iPhone without losing any valuable data.

So, if you're ready to embark on your journey to the world of iOS, let's dive into the four ways you can transfer your data from Samsung to iPhone and ensure a smooth transition. Please be aware that these methods are also compatible with other brands of Android phones.

Part 1. Samsung to iPhone transfer during setup

Move to iOS is a convenient and user-friendly app developed by Apple that simplifies the process of transferring data from Samsung to iPhone. With Move to iOS, you can seamlessly migrate your contacts, messages, photos, videos, bookmarks, email accounts, and even your free apps to new iPhone.

Prior to initiating the transfer process, there are a few essential prerequisites to keep in mind:

> Ensure that your Samsung phone is running on Android 4.0 or a more recent version. Additionally, make sure to download the "Move to iOS" app from the App Store on your Android device.

> On your Android phone, verify that Wi-Fi is enabled and active.

> Connect both your new iPhone and your Android phone to a power source for uninterrupted power supply throughout the transfer.

> If you wish to transfer your Chrome bookmarks, it is advisable to update your Chrome browser to the latest version on your Android phone.

> In the event that you have already set up your new iPhone, please go to Settings General Transfer or Reset iPhone and choose Erase All Content and Settings to reset iPhone. Alternatively, you can proceed to the next section where we will introduce a tool specifically designed to facilitate Samsung to iPhone transfer.

Steps of transferring from Samsung to iPhone via Move to iOS
Step 1: Prepare Your Devices
Ensure that both your Samsung device and iPhone are fully charged. Connect both devices to a stable Wi-Fi network. Make sure you have enough free space on your iPhone to accommodate the transferred data.

Step 2: Set up Your iPhone
Power on your new iPhone and follow the on-screen instructions until you reach the "Apps & Data" screen. Tap on "Move Data from Android" option.

choose move data from android

Step 3: Install Move to iOS
On your Samsung device, open the Google Play Store and download the "Move to iOS" app. Launch the app after installation.

Step 4: Start the Transfer
> On your iPhone, tap "Continue" on the "Move from Android" screen.
> On your Samsung device, tap "Continue" in the Move to iOS app and agree to the terms and conditions.

Step 5: Establish Connection
On your Samsung device, tap "Next" and enter the unique 10-digit code displayed on your iPhone. The devices will establish a secure connection using Wi-Fi.

Step 6: Select Data to Transfer
Choose the types of data you want to transfer from your Samsung device to your iPhone. You can select from options such as Contacts, Messages, Photos, Videos, Calendar, and more.

transferring from Android

Step 7: Begin Transfer
Tap "Next" on your Samsung device to start the transfer process. Ensure that both devices remain connected to Wi-Fi throughout the transfer.

Step 8: Wait for Completion
Allow the transfer to complete. The time taken will depend on the amount of data you're transferring. Once done, your iPhone will display a "Transfer Complete" message.

Step 9: Complete iPhone Setup
Follow the on-screen instructions on your iPhone to complete the setup process. You can now proceed with personalizing your iPhone and enjoying your transferred data.

Congratulations! You've successfully transferred your data from your Samsung device to your new iPhone using the Move to iOS app. Take a moment to explore your new iPhone and make it truly yours.

Part 2. Transfer data from Samsung to iPhone after setup

If you have set up iPhone, you can also try the following methods know how to transfer data from Android to iPhone after setup selectively.

1# Transfer selective files via FoneTool app

FoneTool app offers a convenient solution for wireless file transfer from Android to iPhone, enabling you to wirelessly transfer various types of data, including photos, videos, music, contacts, and other files stored in the Files app, between your Samsung and iPhone devices. The best part is that there's no requirement to connect to a Wi-Fi network, and the transfer process won't consume your data allowance.

Step 1. Download FoneTool from App Store on both Samsung phone and iPhone.
               >> FoneTool for Android download link: www2.aomeisoftware.com/download/ftl/FoneTool_Android.apk
               >> FoneTool for iPhone download link: apps.apple.com/us/app/fonetool/id1504211320?platform=iphone

Step 2. Open FoneTool on Samsung phone and iPhone and allow the tool to use WLAN. (No need to connect to a Wi-Fi, just need to turn on the Wi-Fi option.)

Step 3. On Samsung phone, go to Connect Device > Tap Connect to iOS and scan the QR code to establish a connection.

connect to ios

Step 4. On your Samsung phone, Go to File Transfer > Choose the files you’d like to airdrop to iPhone > Click Send to make it.

tap send photos

Step 5. Finally, tap Confirm on your iPhone to receive files from Android phone.

Furthermore, FoneTool empowers you to seamlessly transfer files between iOS devices and your computer. This feature ensures efficient file organization and accessibility, allowing you to manage your iPhone files more effectively. Whether you need to selectively backup iPhone or effortlessly transfer files, FoneTool's desktop version serves as a reliable and comprehensive assistant for your iPhone management needs in the future.

go to transfer

2# Transfer contacts via mail

Suppose you have been storing your contacts and calendars using email services such as Google Gmail, Yahoo, Exchange, and others. In that case, you can easily access them on your new iPhone by logging in with the same email account. To illustrate, let's walk you through the process of syncing contacts from Samsung to iPhone using Gmail as an example.

On your Samsung phone: Go to Settings > Tap Account & Sync > Choose your Gmail account > Tap Sync Contacts/Mail/Calendars > Tap Sync Now.

On your new iPhone:
1. Go to Settings Accounts & Passwords Add Accounts > Choose Google.
2. Enter the required information to add your Gmail account and tap Next Save > Turn on MailContacts, and Calendars to let them sync to your new iPhone.

gmail calendar

With the introduction of the iPhone 14 version in the US, Apple has done away with the physical SIM card slot, opting for an eSIM instead. If you've recently acquired an iPhone 14 and are unsure about how to activate the eSIM, this guide will provide you with the necessary steps to get started. By following these instructions, you'll be able to successfully activate the eSIM on your iPhone 14.

3# Transfer photos/music/videos via iTunes

iTunes, Apple's official tool for iOS device management, offers the capability to transfer photos, videos, and songs to your iPhone. However, it's important to note that the process can be complex and time-consuming.

Additionally, it's worth mentioning that using iTunes for transfer will result in the deletion of any existing content on your iPhone. If you're willing to proceed and give it a try, follow the steps provided below.

Step 1. Connect your Android phone to computer > Copy the songs, photos, videos you want to transfer to a new folder on computer.

Step 2. Download and install the latest version of iTunes on your computer > Launch it.

Step 3. Connect your iPhone to computer via the USB cable.

>> Sync music: Click File > Choose Add Folder to Library > Browse your computer and select the music folder to transfer it to iTunes library > Click the Device tab > Choose Music > Click Sync Music > Choose the entire library or specific songs > Click Apply.

>> Sync photos and videos: Click Device tab > Choose Photos > Select Sync Photos > Select the folder you created before > Choose all folders and select include videos > Click Apply.

sync photos


In conclusion, there are four ways to achieve Samsung to iPhone transfer, each offering a smooth and efficient transition. Whether you opt for the Move to iOS app, FoneTool for iOS, or other methods, the goal remains the same: to transfer your data seamlessly. By the way, if you are interested in learning how to Airdrop from iPhone to Samsung, you can go to the link and follow the guide.

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