4 Ways: Transfer Photos from iPhone to Android Without Internet

Have no internet connection but want to share photos from iPhone to Android? Here in this guide, you will be given four methods to successfully transfer photos from iPhone to Android without internet.

Demi by Demi Updated December 28, 2023
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Sharing files and photos between the same platforms is ultra-easy thanks to some inbuilt data transfer tools like AirDrop on iOS devices and Huawei share, etc. But what about between platforms, especially without an internet connection? If you are searching for solutions to transfer photos from iPhone to Android without internet, you will get what you want in this guide.

transfer photos without internet

In this article, we will explore four effective ways to transfer photos from your iPhone to an Android device without relying on the internet. These methods cater to various preferences, ensuring a seamless transition of your precious memories.

1# Transfer photos from iPhone to Android without internet - Direct cable connection

One of the most straightforward methods for transferring photos between an iPhone and an Android device without internet is through a direct cable connection using a USB OTG (On-The-Go) cable. This method allows for a direct, secure, and rapid transfer of photos, making it suitable for users who prefer a physical and secure transfer.

Step 1. Acquire a USB OTG cable compatible with your iPhone's lightning connector and your Android device's USB-C or micro USB port.

usb c cable

Step 2. Connect your iPhone to the USB OTG cable using the lightning connector. Ensure the other end has a USB-A or USB-C connector.

Step 3. Connect the USB OTG cable to your Android device. Ensure that your Android device supports USB OTG.

Step 4. On your Android device, open the file manager app and navigate to the designated folder where you want to save the photos.

Step 5. Locate your connected iPhone in the file manager and navigate to the DCIM folder or the folder containing your photos. Copy the desired photos and paste them into the desired location on your Android device.

2# Transfer photos from iPhone to Android without internet - File Explorer

Utilizing the native file explorer on a computer serves as another effective method for transferring photos between an iPhone and an Android device without the need for the internet. This method provides a manual and controlled method for transferring photos, making it suitable for users who prefer a computer-based approach.

Here’s how to transfer photos from iPhone to Android without internet using Windows File Explorer.

Step 1. Connect your iPhone and Android device to the PC using their USB cable.

Step 2. Open File Explorer and locate and click Apple iPhone on the left-hand side of the page.

Step 3. Go to Internal Storage > DCIM to access the photos stored in your iPhone’s Camera Roll.

transfer photos with file explorer

Step 4. Finally, simply drag-n-drop or copy-n-paste wanted photos from iPhone to your Android phone.

Warm tip:
While File Explorer limits photo transfers from the DCIM folder based on date, it may become challenging if you can't download photos from your iPhone to computer. In such cases, FoneTool introduced in the next part proves to be a swift and efficient solution for easily moving your photos.

3# Transfer photos from iPhone to Android without internet - FoneTool

FoneTool is an all-in-one mobile manager that simplifies the process of transferring files, including photos, between iOS and Android devices. To meet your different needs, it offers both mobile app and desktop software.

Option 1. FoneTool app

FoneTool mobile app provides a convenient and wireless solution for transferring photos without the need for internet access, making it an ideal choice for users seeking simplicity and efficiency.

Once you download and install the app on your iPhone/Android phone, you will never have to transfer files over the internet again. To transfer files from iPhone to Android without internet using FoneTool app, follow these steps:

Step 1. Download FoneTool for Android and FoneTool for iPhone. Open FoneTool on Android phone and iPhone and allow the tool to use WLAN. (No need to connect to Wi-Fi, just need to turn on the Wi-Fi option.)

Step 2. On two devices, go to Connect Device > Tap Connect to Android on iPhone, and Connect to iOS on Android > Scan the QR code on Android using your iPhone to establish a connection.

scan code to connect android

Step 3. On your iPhone, Go to File Transfer > Photos to choose the photos you’d like to send to Android > Click Send to make it.

choose photos

Step 4. To receive these photos, tap Confirm on your Android phone. When the transfer is completed, you can go to the Photos app to have a check.

tap confirm photos

Option 2. FoneTool desktop

In addition to the FoneTool app, FoneTool offers a desktop tool that extends its capabilities to a computer, allowing for seamless photo transfers between iPhone and Android without the need for an internet connection.

What makes it different from File Explorer is that you can access all iPhone photos from FoneTool. Better still, you can transfer full-resolution photos from iPhone to Android at superfast speed, like 100 photos in 3 seconds.

Free download FoneTool to your computer, and follow the simple 3 steps to make it.

Download FreewareWin 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

Step 1. Connect both iPhone and Android phone to your PC > Launch FoneTool > Click Phone Transfer on the Home screen > Choose iPhone to PC and click Start Transfer.

transfer iphone to pc

Step 2. Click the plus icon to preview and select photos that you want to transfer to the Android and click OK to continue.

choose photos to transfer

Step 3. From Transfer Settings, choose the Android phone folder as the destination > Click Transfer to confirm > Tap Start Transfer to begin.

confirm transfer settings


It is a task to transfer photos from iPhone to Android without internet, but it can be easily accomplished through various methods. Whether you prefer the direct and reliable approach of a cable connection, the simplicity of using File Explorer on a computer, the convenience of the FoneTool app for wireless transfers, or the extended capabilities of the FoneTool desktop tool, these methods cater to different preferences and scenarios.

Choose the method that aligns with your preferences and enjoy a hassle-free transfer of photos between your cherished devices.


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