Top 5 Move to iOS Alternative for Android to iPhone Transfer

Are you looking for Move to iOS alternatives to transfer files from Android to iPhone in different situations? Here this guide will elaborate top 5 alternatives to Move to iOS for you.

Demi by Demi Updated April 19, 2024
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Looking for Move to iOS alternative

Trying to move all my SMS/MMS from a Google Pixel 4 to iPhone 14 using Move to iOS, and it just sits there for hours and never finishes. Has anyone had luck with other Apps?

- Question from Apple Community

When it comes to transferring data from Android to iPhone, there is no deny that Move to iOS is a popular and convenient app. While, some users prefer using a Move to iOS alternative. That’s may also the reason why you come here.  

move to iOS alternative

Why you need alternative to Move to iOS?

Here are some scenarios in which an alternative to Move to iOS might be considered:

• Limited Network Connectivity: Use cable or external storage for offline transfer in areas with limited or unstable network connections.
• Large Data Transfer: Opt for wired transfer or third-party tools for faster and reliable transfer of large data volumes.
• Specific Data Types: Explore manual backup, cloud syncing, or specialized apps for transferring unsupported data types.
• Complex Data Organization: Choose manual transfer or specialized software to maintain precise data organization during the transfer process.

No matter why you want to try alternatives to Move to iOS, this guide offers you 5 choices, look through them one after another, and choose one that you like best.

Top 5 alternatives to Move to iOS for Android to iPhone transfer

You can transfer data from Android to iPhone without Move to iOS fully or selectively using the five tools listed below. Without further ado, let’s get started.


With PhoneTrans, you can effortlessly transfer your contacts, messages, photos, videos, and more from your Android device to your new iPhone in just a few simple steps. Say goodbye to the time-consuming and complex methods of transferring data manually. PhoneTrans streamlines the process, ensuring that all your important information is safely transferred to your new iPhone.

Step 1. Connect both your Android phone and iPhone to the computer > Tap Trust to let your computer access data on two devices.

Step 2. Download and launch PhoneTransfer, and click Phone to Phone on its main interface > Choose Quick Transfer.

Step 3. Make sure that the Android phone is the source device and iPhone is the target one > Tap on Transfer button to confirm.

click transfer

Step 4. Select the data you want to transfer, click Transfer Now to begin the task.

Pros and cons of PhoneTrans

✔ Seamless and hassle-free transfer ✘ One-way transfer (Android to iPhone only)
✔ Comprehensive data transfer ✘ Limited free version
✔ User-friendly interface ✘ Requires internet connection
✔ Wide compatibility  


Syncios Data Transfer

Syncios, a mobile data transfer program, is an excellent option for transferring data between phones and is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems. With extensive compatibility across numerous Android models, this app serves as a valuable tool for individuals seeking to migrate their data from an Android device to an iPhone.

Whether you're looking to transfer contacts, photos, videos, or other important files, Syncios offers the necessary functionality to make the process smooth and efficient.

Step 1. Download and install the SynciOS Data Transfer software on your computer. Launch the program once the installation is complete.

Step 2. Connect your Android device and iPhone to the computer using USB cables. Ensure both devices are recognized by the SynciOS Data Transfer software.

Step 3. Ensure the source device (Android) is selected as the "Source" and the target device (iPhone) as the "Destination." Choose the types of data you want to transfer, such as contacts, messages, photos, videos, and more.

Step 4. Click on the "Start Copy" button to initiate the data transfer process. Keep both devices connected throughout the transfer.

syncios data transfer

Once completed, you will be notified, and your data will be transferred from Android to iPhone.

Pros and cons of Syncios Data Transfer

✔ It is compatible with newer OS versions like iOS 16 and Android 11. ✘ A limited number of data types are supported for iOS transfer.
✔ Easily sync the iTunes-based media files with your device. ✘ You can't use it for free.
✔ Choose specific data to recover as you need.  





MobileSync is indeed a popular alternative to Move to iOS, offering a convenient way to transfer data from an Android device to a new iPhone. This application leverages the WiFi and Bluetooth technology available on your mobile device to establish connections with other devices and facilitate data sharing.

Another notable program for data transfer between Android and iPhone is  developed by Aiseesoft. Similar to SynciOS, MobileSync operates on both Windows and Mac platforms, providing users with a reliable solution for seamless data migration.

MobileSync offers efficient data transfer options for users who prefer a computer-based approach and the convenience of cable connections. These programs provide reliable solutions for transferring various types of data from Android to iPhone.

Step 1. Download and install the MobileSync app on both your Android device and iPhone from their respective app stores. Launch the app on both devices.

Step 2. Ensure that both your Android device and iPhone are connected to the same Wi-Fi network for seamless data transfer.

Step 3. On your Android device, select "Send" and on your iPhone, select "Receive." Scan the QR code displayed on the Android device using your iPhone to establish a connection.

Step 4. Transfer Data Choose the types of data you want to transfer, such as contacts, messages, photos, videos, and more. Tap "Transfer" to initiate the data transfer process. Wait for the transfer to complete.


Pros and cons of MobileSync

✔ Suitable in different iOS, Android, and Windows devices. ✘ Requires a strong WiFi connection to operate.
✔ Notification mirroring benefits are available. ✘ Limited language supported.
✔ Share text messages and files easily. ✘ Complicated than other methods.




When it comes to file sharing between Android and iPhone devices, SHAREit stands out as a highly acclaimed application. Specifically developed for this purpose, SHAREit offers a seamless and efficient way to transfer files between Android and iPhone, which can be one of the best alternative to Move to iOS.

Step 1. Download SHAREit for Android and for iPhone, and open it on both Android device and iPad.

Step 2. Upon launching the app, proceed by pressing Next. This will open a window displaying all the files on your device, categorized into various sections. Browse and select the pictures you wish to transfer to your iPhone. Once you have made your selection, tap the Send button to initiate the transfer process.

Step 3. On your iPhone, open the SHAREit application and select Receive from the main screen menu. Ensure that the app is active and ready to receive files.

Step 4. When the sending device detects the presence of the receiving device, click on its icon to initiate the transfer of your selected photos.

shareit transfer android

Pros and cons of SHAREit

✔ Works on many device types irrespective of their OS. ✘ The sender and recipient's phones need to be nearby for this to work.
✔ Use offline. ✘ Excellent benefits like bigger storage space in SHAREit Vault require payment first.
✔ Supports different types of data.  






Dropbox, a widely used file-sharing app and cloud storage service, offers a convenient solution for uploading photos from your Android device to a designated folder in Dropbox, thereby making them easily accessible on your iPhone.

Step 1. Open the Dropbox application on your Android device and access the "Settings" menu to configure the backup settings.

Step 2. Once in Settings, ensure that you enable "camera uploads" after selecting the desired backup options, such as syncing contacts. Enabling this feature will automatically sync your photos with Dropbox, eliminating the need for manual intervention.

Step 3. To transfer files to your iPhone, tap on the "+" icon within the Dropbox app on your Android device and select the desired photos for upload.

Step 4. Open Dropbox on your iPhone and sign in using the same account details used on your Android device. This will allow you to access the photos you uploaded from your Android device to your iPhone. Simply download the photos within the Dropbox app on your iPhone.

Pros and cons of Dropbox

✔ Straight-forward file sharing. ✘ No automatic threat detection for free users.
✔ Easily track and organize all content in one location. ✘ Less free storage space compared to other cloud services.
✔ Strong technical support.  






In conclusion, there are excellent Move to iOS alternatives for transferring data from Android to iPhone. Choose the method that suits your needs and follow the steps for a seamless transfer process. Say goodbye to data transfer worries and enjoy your new iPhone with all your important data intact.



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