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AnsweredWill Message Say Delivered If iPhone Is Dead?

I send a text when my iPhone’s dead. Will the message still show as “Delivered” on my end?

Best Answered by May    September 5, 2023

If the recipient’s iPhone happens to be powered off, the “Delivered” status won’t appear to the sender until the phone is switched on again. In the scenario where the recipient’s device is off, the Message won’t indicate delivery until the device is reactivated.

Tips to Ensure Message Delivery:

While Message is designed to handle various scenarios, there are a few tips you can keep in mind to ensure that your messages reach their intended recipients, even in challenging situations:

Charge Strategically: Whenever possible, keep your iPhone charged to avoid any hiccups in message delivery due to a dead battery.
Use iCloud for Messaging: iCloud synchronization keeps your messages up to date on all your Apple devices. If one device isn’t available, you can access your messages on another.
Connect to Wi-Fi: When your iPhone is low on the cellular signal, connecting to Wi-Fi can improve the chances of successful message delivery, even with a dwindling battery.
Enable Read Receipts: By enabling read receipts in iMessage settings, you'll have a better understanding of whether your messages have been successfully delivered and read.

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