How to Delete Apps on iPad That Cannot Be Deleted

Explore step-by-step instructions on deleting apps that seem unremovable on your iPad, simplifying the process for efficient app management.

Demi by Demi Updated January 22, 2024
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iPad users often encounter the frustration of having apps that seem unmovable, taking up valuable storage space and cluttering the home screen. This comprehensive guide aims to provide users with practical solutions on how to delete apps on iPad that cannot be deleted through conventional means. Exploring the reasons behind such limitations, offering step-by-step instructions, and introducing third-party tools for more control over app management, this guide aims to empower users to declutter their iPad experience.

delete apps on ipad that cannot be deleted

Through relevant statistics, real-world examples, and expert insights, users will gain a thorough understanding of the nuances involved in removing seemingly immovable apps.

Why Some Apps Cannot be Deleted

1. Built-in System Apps:

According to the latest statistic, built-in system apps, often referred to as "bloatware," cannot be deleted due to their integration with the iOS operating system. Apple restricts the removal of core system apps to maintain the stability and functionality of the operating system.

2. Pre-installed Apps from the App Store:

Apps like Stocks, Weather, and Apple Music come pre-installed on iPads, and while they can be disabled, they cannot be completely removed. Apple's strategy includes providing users with essential apps but limits their removal to maintain a consistent user experience.

3. Apps Tied to Essential Features:

A considerable number of users find that apps tied to essential features like FaceTime, Safari, and Messages cannot be deleted. These apps are integral to the iPad's functionality, and removing them could impact critical features and services.

Step-by-Step Guide to Deleting Apps

1. Disabling Built-in Apps:

     - Open the Settings app on your iPad.

     - Navigate to "General" and then "Restrictions."

     - Disable the toggles next to the apps you want to hide.

2. Using Folders to Organize:

     - Create folders on your home screen.

     - Move unwanted apps to these folders to declutter your home screen without deleting them.

3. Hiding Apps from Search and Siri Suggestions:

     - Open the Settings app.

     - Go to "Siri & Search" and disable suggestions for the apps you want to hide.

4. Third-Party App Management Tools:

     - Explore third-party tools like iMazing or AnyTrans that offer advanced app management features, including the ability to delete certain system apps.

Benefits of Third-Party App Management Tools

1. Complete Control Over App Deletion:

iMazing allows users to delete apps that cannot be removed through standard methods, providing more control over app management. Third-party tools offer a level of control not provided by Apple's default settings.

2. Backup and Restore Features:

AnyTrans enables users to back up apps before deletion and restore them if needed. These tools provide a safety net, ensuring that users can recover deleted apps if required.

3. Bulk Deletion Options:

Some third-party tools allow users to delete multiple apps simultaneously, streamlining the app management process. Bulk deletion options save time and effort, especially for users with numerous unwanted apps.

4. Enhanced Organization and Sorting:

iMazing provides features for sorting apps by size, usage, and other criteria, aiding users in identifying and managing apps more efficiently. These tools offer enhanced organizational features, helping users keep their app collection tidy and optimized.

User Scenarios and Examples

1. Minimalist Home Screen Enthusiast:

A user who values a clean and minimalist home screen may use third-party tools to delete non-essential apps for a streamlined experience.

   - Outcome: The user achieves a clutter-free home screen without compromising essential features.

2. Productivity-Focused User:

A productivity-focused user may leverage app management tools to delete distracting apps during work hours.

   - Outcome: Improved focus and productivity without permanently losing access to the deleted apps.

3. Advanced Users Seeking Customization:

Advanced users looking for customization options may use third-party tools to delete and organize apps according to their preferences.

   - Outcome: A personalized and tailored iPad experience that aligns with the user's workflow and preferences.

4. Space-Conscious User:

A user with limited storage space may utilize third-party tools to identify and delete large or rarely used apps.

   - Outcome: Enhanced storage management, creating more space for essential apps and media.

Community Support and Feedback

1. User Discussions on Forums:

Users sharing their experiences with app management tools on forums like MacRumors or Reddit. Real-world feedback helps others make informed decisions about choosing the right tools for their needs.

2. Tool-Specific User Reviews:

User reviews for iMazing, AnyTrans, and similar tools on app stores or dedicated review platforms. Tool-specific reviews provide insights into the user experience and functionality of app management tools.

3. Community-Driven Tips and Tricks:

Community-driven discussions on effective strategies for app management on platforms like Stack Exchange. Tips and tricks shared by the community contribute to a collective knowledge base for efficient app management.


Mastering iPad app management involves understanding the limitations imposed by Apple and exploring alternative solutions. This guide has provided insights into why some apps cannot be deleted, along with practical steps to hide, organize, and even delete certain apps using third-party tools. Real-world examples, user scenarios, and community feedback contribute to a comprehensive understanding of app management strategies. Whether aiming for a minimalist home screen, boosting productivity, or optimizing storage space, users can now navigate the iPad app management landscape with confidence. Stay informed, explore different approaches, and tailor your app collection to suit your unique preferences and needs.

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