6 Easiest Ways to Fix TikTok Glitch on iPhone [2024 Updated]

Are you looking for some easy ways to get rid of the TikTok glitch? Luckily, this post will show you 6 useful ways to help you fix the TikTok video glitch on your iPhone with ease.

May by May Updated December 28, 2023
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Part 1. What Causes the TikTok Glitch?

TikTok can be a real hit, causing problems with videos, view counts, followers, comments, and sharing glitches. The culprits for the TikTok glitch can be varied:

App Updates: Sometimes, incompatibility issues between the updated app and your device may lead to unexpected errors.
Device Compatibility: Older devices may struggle to run the latest versions of apps smoothly, leading to glitches.
Cache and Data Issues: Accumulated cache or corrupted data within the app can lead to glitches.
Network Connectivity: Poor internet connections or network issues can cause glitches.

How to Fix TikTok Glitch on iPhone

Part 2. How to Fix TikTok Glitch on iPhone - 6 Easiest Ways

Discovering solutions for the TikTok video glitch is a breeze with a variety of methods at your disposal, but navigating through the multitude can be a time-consuming endeavor. Fear not, for this section has selected a set of effective approaches, each accompanied by a concise explanation.

Way 1. Force Stop and Restart TikTok

Every time you launch an app, it accumulates data in the background, and this data tends to linger even after you close TikTok. Therefore, your app becomes burdened with unnecessary data, impacting its performance. To fix the TikTok glitch on your iPhone, the recommended way is to force stop TikTok, effectively purging the excess data from its backend. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Double-click the Home button or interact with the gesture region at the lower end of the screen.

Step 2: Swipe up to reveal the array of running tasks > Flick TikTok upward to execute a force stop > Try restarting TikTok to assess if it now operates seamlessly.

Force Stop and Restart TikTok

Way 2. Restart Your iPhone

If the first way fails to yield results, consider this as a potential game-changer. The solution is refreshingly simple—restart your iPhone. Execute a straightforward reboot, and after a brief interval, check to see if the issue has been successfully resolved.

Restart Your iPhone

Way 3. Verify Internet Connection

Sometimes, unforeseen glitches may interrupt TikTok playback while enjoying the visual pleasure of watching or recording a video. One of the basic steps to eliminate this problem is to check your Internet connection. To resolve connection issues or ISP APN issues, follow these steps:

Step 1: Navigate to the Settings app and access the Network and WiFi options > Explore the mobile network settings and continue to the advanced options.

Verify Internet Connection

Step 2: Select the name of your Internet provider/router and then select the three dots in the upper right corner > Select the Reset to defaults option.

Way 4. Update or Reinstall TikTok App

Troubleshooting usually involves dealing with outdated application versions. If you have disabled automatic updates for your account, this may be the root cause.  In this case, consider uninstalling the application and reinstalling it after a brief interruption. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to fix TikTok glitch by updating the app on your iPhone:

Step 1: Launch your App Store and locate the TikTok app in the search bar.

Step 2: Initiate the update by tapping the designated button, prompting your iPhone to commence the download of the latest version.

Update TikTok

Step 3: Upon completion, reboot your iPhone to assess whether the persistent error has been rectified.

Make sure to perform this process only if you have account credentials. If you forget your username or password, prioritize recovery before uninstalling the app.

Way 5. Clear App Cache or Unwanted Data

Even with the latest app version, if TikTok videos are still glitching, consider clearing unnecessary data from the app. Take proactive steps to clear the app cache or junk files. This has proven to be an effective strategy for resolving TikTok glitches and ensuring a seamless user experience. Follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Launch the TikTok app on your device and navigate to your profile.

Step 2: Access the options menu by clicking the three short lines > Then, clear the cache by selecting the Clear Cache option.

Clear TikTok Cache

Way 6. Contact TikTok Customer Support

If your TikTok experience takes a turn for the worse, hindering your video playback, seeking assistance from TikTok Customer Support is the recommended course of action. Here is how to do it:

Step 1: In your TikTok App, tap the Me button, revealing the three dots positioned above.

Step 2: Select the three dots and navigate to Support or Support Center in the menu to report your issue.

Getting in touch with support will reveal the real issue affecting your application or video clip.

Bonus: Transfer iPhone Data to a PC Before Fixing TikTok Glitch

If you are facing a TikTok glitch on your iPhone, you can try the six ways mentioned above to solve the problem. However, it’s worth noting that transferring your iPhone data to a PC can help you protect your important files from data loss. So, how to do that? Here, FoneTool is a good option for you, which is a safe and professional iPhone transfer tool. With FoneTool, you can transfer your data between iPhones and PCs easily and quickly. Below is a full guide to do that:

Step 1: Click the download button to install the FoneTool app on your PC and connect your iPhone to your PC using a USB cable.

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Step 2: Launch FoneTool on your computer > Select Phone Transfer > iPhone to PC > Start Transfer to initiate the transfer process.

iPhone to PC

If you need to transfer data from iPhone to new iPad or another iPhone, you can choose the iPhone to iPhone transfer mode to help you do that.

Step 3: Click the blue folder icon to add Photos, Music, Videos, or entire folders from your iPhone > Then, click OK to confirm.

Add Files from iPhone to PC

Step 4: Set the storage path or other settings in Transfer Settings and then click the Start Transfer button to start the transfer process.

Start Transfer

In addition, you can make use of FoneTool to make a full or selective iPhone backup on your Windows PC and even encrypt backup for iPhone to protect private data.

The Bottom Line

That’s all about how to fix TikTok glitch. In this post, you can make use of the 6 ways mentioned above to effectively resolve the TikTok video glitch issue. It’s worth noting that not all methods will be suitable for every TikTok user, but you can try them one by one to find a suitable solution. In addition, it’s strongly suggested that using a safe and professional iPhone backup or transfer tool called FoneTool to backup iPhone to iPad/PC or transfer iPhone data to a reliable devices to avoid data loss.

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