WhatsApp Audio Not Working on iPhone? Find 6 Easiest Ways

Are you looking for easy ways to fix the WhatsApp audio not working iPhone issue? Luckily, this post will show you 6 easy and useful ways to get rid of this issue.

May by May Updated November 23, 2023
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Why Is My WhatsApp Audio Not Working on iPhone?

Some users have reported the issue of “WhatsApp audio not working iPhone”. Why does this happen? Some possible reasons are as follows:

Volume Dilemma: If your iPhone’s speaker is malfunctioning or the volume is too low, your messages might be inaudible.
Outdated WhatsApp Woes: Regular updates are crucial for WhatsApp functionality. Outdated versions may lead to issues.
Server Hiccups: WhatsApp’s overall functionality, including voice messages, relies on proper server operation.
Permission Predicament: Ensure that microphone access is granted to WhatsApp for recording or sending voice messages.

WhatsApp Audio Not Working on iPhone

How to Fix Audio Not Working on iPhone in 6 Simple Ways

In this section, you will learn 6 effective ways to fix the issue of “WhatsApp audio message not working”. Please keep reading!

Way 1. Increase Volume on Your iPhone

If you find yourself encountering the WhatsApp audio not working iPhone issue, the first step is to check your iPhone's volume settings. Make sure the volume on your device is neither too low nor muted. When speaker playback is selected, turn up the volume and replay the message. For headphone use, remember to adjust the volume separately, as it operates independently of the speaker settings.

Way 2. Check Your Network Connection

Ensuring a stable and reliable Internet connection is critical to a smooth transmission of voice messages on WhatsApp. To troubleshoot WhatsApp voice messages that don’t work, consider checking your iPhone’s Internet connection.

Make sure your iPhone is connected to a strong Wi-Fi or cellular network before making a voice message recording or sending. Try turning WiFi or cellular data off and then on. If it works, explore the option of switching to an alternative network to improve performance.

Way 3. Authorize Necessary Permissions

If you are experiencing the issue of “WhatsApp voice call not working iPhone”, it is prudent to check if you have enabled the necessary permissions of WhatsApp voice. To enable WhatsApp with the necessary microphone permissions, you can perform the following simple steps:

  • Navigate to Settings and select Apps & Notifications > Locate WhatsApp and access the Permissions section.
  • Within this interface, bestow the necessary permissions upon WhatsApp, placing particular emphasis on granting Microphone access.

Enable Microphone

Way 4. Turn Off Third-Party Recording Apps

When faced with the dilemma of not being able to record voice messages in WhatsApp, consider interference from third-party recording apps, such as screen recording apps, which may utilize the iPhone's microphone.

Resolve the issue by closing all apps that may have access to your device's microphone before attempting to record another voice message. If the problem persists, try uninstalling any third-party recording apps that may be causing the conflict.

Turn Off Third-Party Recording Apps

Way 5. Verify WhatsApp Server Status

If you encounter the WhatsApp audio not working on iPhone issue when trying to play a voice message on WhatsApp, the problem may be with WhatsApp’s servers. In this case, you should navigate to WhatsApp Settings > Help > System Status to assess the current status of the WhatsApp server. If the issue is attributed to WhatsApp’s servers, be patient and wait for WhatsApp to resolve the issue.

Verify WhatsApp Server Status

Way 6. Update or Reinstall WhatsApp

To optimize the functionality of WhatsApp voice messaging, always verify that you have the latest version installed on your iPhone. Go to the App Store on your iPhone, search for WhatsApp, and tap Update to install any available updates.

Update WhatsApp

If the problem persists despite updating WhatsApp, consider uninstalling the app and reinstalling it. This process is designed to eliminate potential settings or errors that may prevent the app from working seamlessly.

Bonus: Transfer WhatsApp Audio Messages from iPhone to iPhone

Whether it’s a precious conversation with your family or friends, an audio message for future recollection, or a desire to transfer it to a new device, protecting your WhatsApp audio messages is a well-considered choice.

For a seamless process, utilize the efficiency of FoneTool - a good WhatsApp backup and transfer tool. This user-friendly tool simplifies the backup and restoration of important files between your iOS devices. Some advantages of FoneTool are as follows:

Comprehensive Transfer Options: Enjoy versatile transfer options that allow you to move WhatsApp audio messages between iPhones quickly and securely.
Stable USB Connection: FoneTool ensures a stable and reliable transfer process over a USB connection, facilitating fast and efficient data exchange.
Passcode Protection: Benefit from an extra layer of security with password protection to ensure the confidentiality of your WhatsApp audio messages.
User-Friendly Interface: FoneTool has an intuitive interface that ensures a seamless and user-friendly experience with easy navigation.

The following steps guide you on how to easily backup and restore your data using this WhatsApp transfer software free download:

Download Freeware Win 10/8.1/8/7/XP
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Step 1: Install and launch FoneTool on your PC > Connect both iPhones to your PC with a safe USB cable.

Step 2: After FoneTool recognizes your devices, select WhatsApp Manager on the home page. Then, choose WhatsApp Transfer and click Get Started.

WhatsApp Transfer 

Step 3: Make sure that your source and target devices are in the right position and then click the Start Transfer button.

Start Transfer

Step 4: Read and click the Confirm button in the pop-up window > If prompted, enter your password and click OK to initiate the transfer.

Confirm to Transfer WhatsApp

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The Bottom Line

That’s all about how to fix the issue of “WhatsApp audio not working iPhone”. Hope these easy ways provided will prove beneficial when you are experiencing challenges with voice messaging. In addition, using FoneTool to transfer WhatsApp to another device to free up your iPhone storage is the key practice to reduce interruptions to your messaging experience. With the help of FoneTool, you can also make an iPhone complete backup and restore to new iPhone with one click. Try it out!

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