Full Guide: How to Access iCloud Backup on iPhone/PC/Mac

Wondering how to access iCloud backup to check your iCloud files but do not know how? If that is your case, you can read this guide to get useful tips to access and view your iCloud backup files on iPhone, PC, and Mac.

Demi by Demi Updated March 14, 2024
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iCloud serves as a beneficial service developed by Apple for iOS users to backup and restore content. However, while it's straightforward to backup your iOS devices with iCloud, accessing iCloud photos, contacts, and other backup files can prove slightly challenging.

access icloud backup

So, how can you access iCloud backup on different devices? In the subsequent guide, we not only elucidate the detailed steps for checking iCloud backup on both your computer and iPhone but also present an alternative method to directly view iCloud backup without any data erasure.

How to access iCloud backup on iPhone/Mac Settings

Typically, you can always access iCloud backup by restoring the backup files to your Apple devices. But before we get into that, know that with this method, you won't be able to look at what's in your iCloud backups. You can only decide if you want to delete them or not on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac. Now, let's see how you can check your iCloud backups on your Apple device directly.

Access iCloud backup on iPhone Settings
Go to the Settings app on your iPhone > Click [your name] > Choose iCloud > Tap Manage Storage.

icloud manage storage

You can check the iCloud file size and you can also choose to delete types of files from iCloud.

Access iCloud backup on Mac Settings
Go to the System Preferences > Click Apple ID > Choose iCloud > Click Manage... to check your iCloud backup.

manage icloud backup

Advantages & Disadvantages
✅ Seamless integration with iOS ecosystem.
✅ Easy to access and manage backup settings directly on the device.
❌ Limited control over individual backup files.

How to access iCloud backup on iPhone/PC/Mac from iCloud website

To check iCloud backup, you can directly log in to your iCloud account at iCoud.com on your iOS devices, Windows PC, or Mac. It's important to note that only certain types of data can be seen using this method.

You won't be able to access things like app data, call history, voice memos, MMS messages, text messages, iMessages, and more. Here's how you can check your iCloud backup using this method.

Step 1. Open a browser on a PC or mobile phone.

Step 2. Go to the site of iCloud and sign in your Apple ID.

Step 3. Click the relative file icon like Photos to access your iCloud backup files.

upload photos to icloud web

Advantages & Disadvantages
✅ Accessible from any web browser.
✅ Allows for selective file management.
❌ Limited functionality compared to native iCloud features on iOS devices.
❌ Requires internet access and a web browser.

How to access iCloud backup on PC via FoneTool - Best iCloud data assistant

As you can see, when accessing iCloud backups on your computer from iCloud website, you can only check some of the files in your iCloud account. Luckily, some third-party tools enable you to have better control over the iCloud backup on Windows PC. Here we highly recommend FoneTool, one of the best iCloud manager for you.

Here are some main features you may be interested in:
✔ It enables you to easily and selectively upload, download, or delete iCloud data on PC.
✔ It offers a quick way to sync iCloud data from one account to another.
✔ Its easy-to-use design and interface promise a more stable operations compared with iCloud’s web.

Now, free download this professional iCloud data assistant to your computer, and then let’s see how to access iCloud backup on PC with this tool.

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Step 1. Open FoneTool > Go to My iCloud on the home interface > Sign in to your iCloud account > Tap Manage iCloud.

choose manage icloud

Step 2. Wait for the tool to load all your iCloud files > Choose a certain file icon like Photos, and you can access all your iCloud photos.

You are able to tap Upload, Download, and Delete according to your needs to manage your iCloud data.

upload photos

The process is pretty easy, isn’t it? What’s more, FoneTool also offers powerful backup and transfer services, helping you fully & selectively backup iPhone, transfer files among iOS devices and computer, etc.


In this guide, we've explored methods to access iCloud backup on iPhone, PC, and Mac. Whether you prefer using Apple's official tools or third-party software like FoneTool, you have options to check, download, and retrieve your valuable data effortlessly. Consider FoneTool for its intuitive interface, advanced features, and reliable performance in recovering iCloud backup data. Trust FoneTool to simplify the process and ensure a seamless experience for data retrieval.

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