How to Upload Notes to iCloud: Most Useful Full Guide

Do you know how to upload Apple notes to iCloud on your iPhone/iPad/Mac/PC? Find answers in this detailed passage. If necessary, FoneTool can be your good helper to back up notes without iCloud.

Kathy by Kathy Updated February 29, 2024
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How to upload my iPhone notes to iCloud?

I have (so far) just an iPhone and iPad. How do I get the old notes to associate with the iCloud account instead of G-mail? Or do I wait until I buy a Mac? Thanks.

- Question from Apple Community

For some people who need to clear up their device storage, make a backup of notes, or sync notes across multiple Apple devices, importing Apple notes to iCloud can be a wise method. And that’s why this article exists.

From this detailed guide, you can know how to transfer your notes from iPhone/iPad/Mac/PC to iCloud. And if you need a better app to back up Apple notes without iCloud, you can skip to the third part and use the professional tool to make it.

How to upload notes to iCloud from iPhone/iPad

iCloud gives users two ways to move notes to iCloud.

You can use method 1 to save all iPhone/iPad notes to iCloud, or use method 2 to transfer specific notes manually.

Method 1. How to upload all notes from iPhone/iPad to iCloud via backup

Step 1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone/iPad > Scroll down and tap iCloud. (Or click the profile within the Settings app and tap on iCloud.)

Step 2. Sign in with your Apple ID if you haven't already > Find and toggle the switch next to Notes to enable iCloud backup for your notes.

enable icloud notes

Once you've completed these steps, your notes will be automatically backed up to iCloud. This makes them accessible on other devices connected to your iCloud account.

Method 2. How to import specific iPhone/iPad notes to iCloud manually

To transfer notes saved locally on your iPhone/iPad to your iCloud account, you can go to Settings > Click iCloud to check if iCloud Notes is activated in your device's settings. If not, switch on Notes. Now you can follow the instructions below to learn how to upload iPhone/iPad notes to iCloud.

Step 1. Launch the Notes app on your iPhone/iPad > Under on My iPhone/iPad section, tap Notes and click Edit in the upper-right corner.

Step 2. Select the notes you want to move (you can select all by clicking Move All or swipe left on an individual note to select only one) > Tap Move To and choose a folder under iCloud to relocate your selected notes.

move notes from iphone

After this process, close the Notes app and reopen it to see the changes.

How to upload Apple notes to iCloud from Mac

It’s also achievable for you to move notes to iCloud on Mac.

It's important to note that if you enable iCloud after creating notes in the Apple Notes app, those notes will be stored locally on the device and won't be automatically synced with iCloud. To manually add these local notes to iCloud on your Mac, follow these steps:

Step 1. Open the Notes app on your Mac > In the left-hand sidebar, you'll see the Notes folder listed under On My Mac. These are your locally stored notes.

Step 2. Click on a specific one to select individual items from the list, then drag and drop it into the Notes folder under iCloud. Or you can use the "move all" option if available.

notes on mac

How to upload notes to iCloud from PC

If you need to upload notes from PC, then FoneTool will be your most ideal choice.

enlightened Fast upload speed: 1000 photos can be moved within 40 minutes.

enlightened Security assurance: Two-factor authentication ensures the security of your iCloud data.

Now you can download it on your Windows PC to know how to finish the process.

Download Freeware Win 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
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Step 1. Launch FoneTool > Log in with your Apple ID > Choose Manage iCloud to continue.

manage icloud

Step 2. Click Notes > Choose Upload to preview your files.

preview notes

Step 3. Choose notes from your PC > Click Open to finish the process.

start to upload notes

With this powerful tool, you can also easily download the notes from iCloud.

Bonus: How to backup notes on iPhone/iPad without iCloud

If you need to back up iPhone/iPad notes without iCloud, the handy FoneTool will be your good helper.

laugh Much faster backup: The super-fast backup speed can help you move all iPhone/iPad data to PC in a very short time.
laugh No data leakage: With the safe USB connection, all your notes can be imported in an absolutely secure environment.
laugh No Apple ID restrictions: You can easily restore backups to another iOS devices or transfer your notes from iPhone to iPad/iPhone even if they are using different Apple IDs.
laugh Wide compatibility: FoneTool works well with various iOS devices, including iPhone 4 to iPhone 15, iPad and iPod Touch. So you can easily fix the unable to complete data transfer on iPhone 15 issue.

So why not download this useful tool on your Windows PC to explore the amazing FoneTool right now?

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Step 1. Launch FoneTool and connect your iPhone/iPad to your PC via USB cable.

Step 2. Go to Phone Backup > Choose Full Backup > Click Get Started to continue.

full backup

Step 3. If need, check Enable Backup Encryption > Click Backup Storage Path to choose a storage folder on PC > Tap on Start Backup to begin.

confrim to back up iPhone/iPad

Once the process is complete, all your iPhone/iPad data including notes can be backed up to your PC.

In the future, when you find your iPhone notes disappeared, simply go to My Backups and click the Restore option. This allows you to restore the backup to your current device or another iOS device.

restore backup


Now you can know how to upload notes to iCloud from iPhone/iPad/Mac/PC. These detailed steps can help you easily finish the process. And if you need to back up Apple notes without iCloud, you can use FoneTool to make it in a few clicks.

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