Fix: iCloud Not Syncing Notes Between iPhone/iPad

To fix iCloud not syncing notes between iPhone and iPad, this article explores the reasons and summarize 10 tips to solve iCloud note not syncing.

Clara by Clara Updated December 14, 2023
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I'm having trouble with iCloud not syncing notes between my iPhone and iPad. I sign in to my account and the notes do not appear to be syncing on any devices. I paid for 50 GB of space, so it isn’t caused by iCloud is full. Anyone else experiencing this issue? Would appreciate any help. Thanks!

- Question from Reddit

Why Are Notes Not Syncing with iCloud?

Apple users can enjoy the convenience of syncing their devices with iCloud and keeping their files accessible at all times. Just enable synchronization and your notes, photos, music and other files will appear on all your iOS devices, including iPhone, iPad, Mac, etc. But iCloud is often unpredictable. Like the problem you are facing now that your iCloud note not syncing?

This is a question that has been echoed by many Apple users. Why does this happen? Here are some of the main reasons:

  • iCloud account issues
  • iCloud mistake settings
  • Poor or no internet connection
  • Outdated software
  • Temporary server issues
  • Notes app bugs

After finding the causes of the problem, we summarize some methods based on events and experiences in the following articles. Let’s read it.

How to Fix iCloud not Update Notes - 10 Tips

There are 10 tips about iCloud notes not showing up on iPhone/iPad. You can troubleshoot one by one, or you can directly locate the problem you want to solve.

Tip 1. Check Apple System Status

If you encounter any issues using Apple services, check Apple's System Status page. On the official system status page, you can view the status of services such as Notes,, Apple ID, iCloud account and login. Make sure they have a green dot next to them, if they are yellow or red they may be temporarily unavailable. You can wait until they come back online before trying again.

icloud not syncing notes

Tip 2. Check Your iCloud Account

To ensure that notes sync across multiple devices, you need to log in to all devices using the same iCloud account. This method can fix sync issues caused by carelessness among some users, including iPad notes not syncing with iPhone.

Want to learn how to save multiple iCloud accounts on one iPhone/iPad? You can click this link to get the methods.

Tip 3. Force Quit the Notes App

When you encounter issues with iCloud not syncing notes, trying to force quit the Notes app may be a solution. Here are the steps:

1. On your device, open the app switcher.

  • On iPhone X or later, you can swipe up from the bottom of the screen and hold for a moment. On iPhone 8 and earlier, double-click the Home button to open the app switcher.
  • On the iPad Pro, you swipe up from the bottom and hold for a moment; on other iPads, double-click the Home button to open the app switcher.

2. In the app switcher, find the card for the Notes app.

3. Once you find the card for the Notes app, use your finger to swipe up on the card to slide the Notes app off the screen to force close it.

icloud not syncing notes

Tip 4. Log out of Apple ID and Log in Again

By logging out of your Apple ID and logging back in, you can refresh the connection between your device and iCloud, which can help resolve sync issues. You simply need to go to Settings > Locate iCloud > Tap the Sign Out button.

Tip 5. Ensure iCloud Notes is Enabled on iPhone/iPad

Another solution to fix notes not syncing between iPhone and iPad is ensuring you have turned on the iCloud service for Notes on both your devices: Go to the Settings app > Click [YOUR NAME] > Tap iCloud > Slide on Notes under APPS USING iCloud.

Alternatively, you can also try turning off the iCloud Notes function and then turning it back on to refresh the Notes data and solve synchronization issues.

icloud not syncing notes

Tip 6. Connect Your Devices to A Stable Network

Ensuring your iPhone/iPad devices are connected to a stable network is essential for successful iCloud syncing. Unstable connections or weak signals may lead to data syncing failures or incomplete transfers.

Tip 7. Turn off VPN on Your Devices

If you're experiencing issues with iCloud syncing, one step you can take is to turn off any VPN (Virtual Private Network) connections on your devices. VPNs often modify your device's network settings to establish a secure connection. These modified settings can conflict with the network requirements for iCloud syncing, leading to connectivity problems.

Here is the guide to turn off VPN:

1. On your iPhone or iPad, open the Settings app.

2. Scroll down and tap on VPN or General.

3. Look for any VPN profiles listed and tap on the toggle switch to turn them off.

icloud not syncing notes

Tip 8. Restart Your Devices

If you're still looking for another way to fix iPhone notes iCloud not syncing, you can restart your iPhone and iPad. It is a simple yet effective step that can help resolve various software-related issues.

To restart your iPhone or iPad:

1. Press and hold the power button (also known as the sleep/wake button) located on the top or side of your device.

2. After a few seconds, you'll see a Slide to power off option on the screen.

3. Slide the power button from left to right to power off your device.

4. Once your device is completely powered off, wait for a few seconds.

5. Press and hold the power button again until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

Tip 9. Update Your Devices to the Latest Version

It's recommended to regularly check for and install software updates on your devices, so that your iPhone/iPad can ensure optimal performance and compatibility with iCloud services. By keeping your devices up to date, you increase the likelihood of resolving syncing issues and enjoy the latest features and security enhancements.

On your iPhone and iPad: Go to Settings > General > Software Update.

icloud not syncing notes

Tip 10. Sync Your iPhone/iPad Notes with A Better Way

This isn't the first time iCloud has had problems. In addition to iCloud not syncing notes, you may also encounter synchronization delays, server issues, or storage space limitations. So is there a better way to manage your files instead of iCloud? Here we strongly recommend you to use FoneTool, a professional data backup and iCloud data management tool.

enlightened Compared to iCloud, FoneTool combines more features:

  • Faster backup and transfer speed: You can transfer nearly 300 pictures in seconds.
  • More stable backup process: Connect your iOS device and your computer via USB, not affected by network conditions.
  • Larger usable space: There is no storage space limit, you can choose your backup path, like backup iPhone to iPad.
  • Select backup and full backup (Free): You can back up all data at one click or preview and selectively back up photos, music, videos, messages, etc.
  • iCloud data management: You can upload, download, and delete your data easily.
  • Sync one iCloud account to another: It offers a fast way to switch your iCloud account.

Now, you can download FoneTool by clicking the button below. Then follow the guide to back up iOS devices and manage your iCloud Notes.

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Steps to back up iPhone/iPad with one click:

1. Connect your devices to computer via USB > Open FoneTool > Choose Phone Backup > Go to Full Backup > Click Get Started to continue.

icloud not syncing notes

2. You can enable Backup encryption to encrypt local backup > Set a backup storage path > Tap Start Backup to begin.

icloud not syncing notes

Steps to upload Notes to iCloud quickly:

1. Launch FoneTool and go to My iCloud > Sign in with your Apple ID > Click Manage iCloud.

icloud not syncing notes

2. Find and select the Notes icon > Tap the Upload button to sync your iPhone/iPad notes to your iCloud.

icloud not syncing notes

3.  Choose the source iPhone file on your PC > Then click Open to start to sync notes to your iCloud.

icloud not syncing notes


After reading the above content, we believe you can address the issue of iCloud not syncing notes between iPhone and iPad. The article mentions 10 methods. No matter which one or several methods you choose, we hope these methods will be helpful to you.

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