[3 Top Ways] How to Sync iCloud Contacts on Android Easily

To sync iCloud contacts on Android, this post provides 3 useful solutions. With the guides, you can easily send contacts from iCloud to Android or from iPhone to Android.

Clara by Clara Updated December 21, 2023
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I want to sync iCloud contacts on Android, any tips on how do I get my contacts from iCloud to Android? Thanks in advance!

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Can You Sync iCloud Contacts to Android?

In today's interconnected world, seamlessly syncing your iCloud contacts to an Android device has become an essential need for users with diverse tech ecosystems. Many users face the question of whether it's possible to get contacts from iCloud to Android device. The good news is that with the right methods, you can bridge the gap between Apple's iCloud and Android, ensuring a smooth transfer of your contact information.

sync icloud contacts on android

This guide explores various methods to achieve this synchronization. After reading, you can ensure that your contacts stay effortlessly accessible across platforms. Let’s take a look!

How to Import Contacts from iCloud to Android

In this part, we provide 3 effective ways to help you learn how to transfer contacts from iCloud to Android, including with iCloud, USB, or Gmail. You can pick one or more ways according to your needs.

Way 1. Sync Contacts to Android with iCloud

The first method to copy contacts from iCloud to Android is utilizing iCloud. With an internet connection, download your contacts from iCloud at first. Then, you should connect your Google account with your Android and the sync feature should be turned on. Below are the detailed steps for transferring iCloud contacts to an Android by iCloud.

mail Note:

  • While this method accomplishes the task, it needs to perform a lengthy download and upload procedure.
  • To easily share and import contact information between different devices and platforms, you need to first download the contacts in vCard format from iCloud.

Step 1. Go to the iCloud website > Sign in to your iCloud account > Click on Contacts.

Step 2. Select the contacts you want to sync to your Android phone > Tap on the settings button in the bottom-left corner > Select Export vCard.

sync icloud contacts on android

Step 3. After that, open the Google Contacts website > Sign in to the Google account that you use on your Android.

Step 4. On the interface screen, tap on Import in the left sidebar > Then add the file you downloaded from the iCloud website to your Google Contacts.

sync icloud contacts on android

By transferring your iCloud contacts to Google Contacts, you can make them accessible on your Android device. If you want to try a simpler and faster method, then you can look at the next way.

Way 2. Download Contacts from iCloud to Android via USB

Because most contact applications support importing vCard files, you have to download the vCard files from iCloud first. If you don't want to waste time doing this operation, then you can try using a simple tool - FoneTool to help you move your Contacts.

FoneTool is a professional iOS data assistant, you can use it to manage iCloud data on your computer directly. It allows you to upload, download, and delete the iCloud files in an easier way.

enlightened The advantages of FoneTool:

laugh You don’t need to waste time to transfer the file type.

laugh You can download contacts from iCloud to PC at a fast speed.

laugh It supports you in managing multiple files, including contacts, photos, videos, notes, or iCloud Drive data.

laugh It also allows you to sync one iCloud account to another, or merge iCloud accounts.

Now, you can click the button to free download FoneTool, and get the iCloud contacts on your PC, then use the USB to send them to your Android.

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Step 1. Open FoneTool > Go to My iCloud > Enter your Apple ID > Choose Manage iCloud.

sync icloud contacts on android

Step 2. Click Contacts on the left pane > Preview and choose the files you’d like to add to your PC > Tap Download. If you want to add contacts to iCloud, you can click Upload button.

sync icloud contacts on android

Step 3. Decide where you save the downloads > Tap the Download button to confirm your choice.

sync icloud contacts on android

Step 4. Connect your Android to your computer by a USB cable, then you can sync iCloud contacts on Android with ease.

Way 3. Send iCloud Contacts to Your Android by Gmail

Another way to transfer contacts from iCloud to Android is by using Gmail. This method also need you to download contacts from iCloud to PC. You can choose to import an vCard format or use FoneTool to save contacts directly.

Then follow these steps to learn how to access contacts from iCloud to Android with Gmail:

Step 1. After you save the contacts on your system > Sign in to your Google account (The one linked to your Android phone).

Step 2. On the home page of Gmail, select Contacts on the left panel > Then go to the Google Contacts website.

Step 3. It will launch a page for your Google Contacts > Under the More option > Tap on Import.

Step 4. When a prompt appears, it lists different ways to import contacts. If you save contacts by FoneTool, you can choose the wireless way to send your contacts to the Android. If you download the vCard files, you can select CSV or vCard option to make it.

sync icloud contacts on android

After successfully loading the contacts to your Google account, you can effortlessly locate them on your device. You have the option to utilize the Google Contacts app or seamlessly sync your phone with the Google account to access the transferred contacts.

Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android Without iCloud

FoneTool also has a mobile version - FoneTool for iOS. It can help you import your iCloud contacts from iPhone to Android, or other iPhone. Without iCloud and a USB cable, you can wirelessly transfer your data at a high speed.

Download FoneTool for iOS and FoneTool Android client, and the steps to share your contacts from iPhone to Android are simple enough.

Step 1. Open FoneTool app on both devices > Allow the app to use WLAN feature without the need to connect to Wi-Fi.

Step 2. Go to Connect Device on either device > Establish a connection between your iPhone and Android.

  • On your Android: Go to Connect Device > Choose Connect to iOS > You can see a connection code.
  • On the iPhone: Go to Connect Device > Select Connect to Android > Use your iPhone to scan the code showing on the Android > Tap Join.

Step 3. Then tap File Transfer on iPhone > Click Contacts > Preview and select the contacts you need > Tap Send to continue > Choose Confirm on the Android phone to receive the files.

sync icloud contacts on android

Final Words

In conclusion, syncing iCloud contacts to Android is indeed possible. We outline 3 different methods above. Whether using iCloud, by FoneTool, or leveraging Gmail as a bridge, these steps ensure a hassle-free transfer of contacts across platforms. If you prefer to use the easiest way, we recommend you choose to use FoneTool directly.

Besides, for some of you who want to share files from iPhone to Android, you can follow the guide to use FoneTool mobile version. Faster and easier, you can send contacts from iPhone to Android without iCloud.

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