[Full Guide] How to Add Contacts to iCloud - 3 Ways

This article describes how to add contacts to iCloud. With the detailed guide, you can learn how to add all contacts on iCloud. Let’s start to read.

Clara by Clara Updated December 12, 2023
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Is It Necessary to Transfer Contacts to iCloud?

Mobile phone contacts are one of the very important files in our daily lives. By adding contacts to iCloud, you can back up your important information. When you switch to a new phone, or phone is damaged, you can easily restore the contacts through backup without losing data. At the same time, transferring contacts to iCloud can achieve seamless sharing of contacts between different devices.

add contacts to icloud

Therefore, it is necessary to add all contacts to iCloud. In the following article, we will provide you with 3 methods to complete the migration of contacts from mobile phone to iCloud. Let’s take a look!

How to Add Contacts to iCloud - 3 Ways

If you want to learn how to add contacts on iCloud, 3 effective methods are here. You can sync contacts to iCloud on your iPhone, use FoneTool to upload files to iCloud, or transfer contacts via Gmail.

Way 1. Sync Contacts to iCloud on iPhone

The first way to save iPhone contacts to iCloud is to sync the contacts on your iPhone. This process needs you to connect your iPhone to a stable and reliable Wi-Fi network. And you’d better ensure there is enough iCloud storage available.

iCloud gives 5GB space for free, if your iCloud is full, you can can learn how to free up iCloud storage, or buy more iCloud space from Apple.

Below are the steps to add your contacts from iPhone to iCloud.

Step 1. Go to the Settings app on your iPhone/iPad.

Step 2. Tap on [your name] > Locate iCloud > Turn on Contacts.

Step 3. Choose Merge to merge all your iPhone contacts with the contacts saved in your iCloud account.

add contacts to icloud

With the simple steps above, you can move your iPhone contacts to iCloud. The speed of this process depends on your network conditions and the size of your data. Sometimes iCloud backup fails. If you want to find other better methods, you can continue reading.

Way 2. Easy to Upload Contacts to iCloud with FoneTool

FoneTool is a powerful iOS data management tool. It supports you to manage your iCloud and iCloud Drive data, including photos, videos, contacts, notes, and so on. With the user-friendly interface, you can upload contacts to iCloud with a few simple clicks.

yes Why do you choose FoneTool?

  • Fast and stable transmission: With the USB, you can send your all contacts in a high speed and reliable way.
  • Easily manage iCloud data: It also supports you to upload, download and delete iCloud/iCloud Drive data from PC.
  • One-click to sync iCloud data: You can move the data of one iCloud account to another iCloud account in one-click operation.
  • Always keep data safe: FoneTool has 14+ years of experience in safeguarding data security.
  • Combine more features in one: You can also use it to transfer files from iPhone to PC, PC to iPhone, iPhone to iPhone.

Now download and FoneTool, and follow the steps to learn how to add contacts to iCloud from iPhone.

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Step 1. Open FoneTool on your PC > Go to My iCloud on the home page > Input your Apple ID and choose Manage iCloud.

add contacts to icloud

Step 2. Select Contacts on the left pane > Preview and choose the files you want to add to your iCloud (You can transfer all contacts to iCloud by checking Select All) > Tap Upload.

add contacts to icloud

Step 3. Wait for a while, you can get the contacts on your iCloud.

enlightened By the way, if you don’t want to use iCloud to sync your contacts because its limitations, you can use FoneTool to free back up all contacts on iPhone. Below are the steps:

Step 1. Connect iPhone to your computer > Launch FoneTool > Tap Phone Backup > Choose the Selective Backup (You can choose Full Backup to save all your iPhone data if you need) > Click Get Started.

add contacts to icloud

Step 2. Tap the Contacts to preview and select the files you want to backup > Click OK to continue.

Step 3. Set the storage path to save your contacts > Click Start Backup button to begin.

Way 3. Transfer Contacts to iCloud with Gmail

The third way to add contacts to iCloud is using Gmail. This process is more complicated than the first two methods. It is divided into two parts, the first one includes converting the CSV file in vCard using Gmail, and the other one is importing the resultant vCard files into iCloud.

mail Note:

Gmail supports CSV and vCard file formats.

Compared with vCard, the CSV format file is not universal. It is more of a tabular data format, used to store and process large amounts of data, but is not suitable for use as an electronic business card format. Therefore, only after converting the CSV file to vCard can you successfully import it into iCloud and achieve synchronization of contacts.

Now, you can follow the steps below to send your phone contacts to iCloud by Gmail.

Converting CSV to vCard with Gmail:

Step 1. Go to the Gmail website and log into your Gmail account > Open the Contacts window.

Step 2. Select the Import option in the left panel menu.

Step 3. Click on the Select File button to upload the CSV file > Then Click Import.

Step 4. Next, select the CSV file > Tap on the Export option on the left panel menu again.

Step 5. Choose the vCard format option > Tap Export.

add contacts to icloud

After that, you have a VCF file and you can easily transfer them to iCloud:

Step 1. Open the iCloud website and sign in to your iCloud account.

Step 2. Tap the contacts icon to import contacts to your iCloud.

Step 3. In the iCloud contacts, tap on the Settings tab > Choose the Import vCard.

Step 4. Preview and select your converted VCF file.

Step 5. Tap Open button to upload contacts to iCloud.

add contacts to icloud


Based on the guides provided above, we believe you have understood of how to add contacts to iCloud. You can sync contacts on your iPhone directly, use FoneTool to upload all contacts with USB cable, or choose to by Gmail.

If you seek an easy and fast way, you can choose FoneTool to send all your contacts to iCloud with one click.

FAQs on Adding Contacts to iCloud

After reading the above article, you may also want to learn:

wink 1. Can I add contacts to iCloud from my Mac?

Yes, you can add contacts to iCloud from your Mac: Open the Contacts > Click the + button > Enter the contact details > Tap Done. The contacts will be synced to iCloud if your Mac is connected to the internet and iCloud sync is enabled.

wink 2. Will adding contacts to iCloud delete them from my device?

Adding contacts to iCloud does not delete them from your device. It creates a backup copy in iCloud and syncs them across your devices. Your contacts will still be accessible locally on your device even after adding them to iCloud.

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