How to Print Contacts from iPhone in 4 Ways: 100% Useful

This article explains how to print contacts from iPhone with or without iCloud. First export iPhone contacts to computer and then print them with your printer.


By Lena / Updated on March 26, 2024

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How I can print my contact list?

For personal reasons, I need a paper copy of my contacts. So I want to know how I can print my contacts from iPhone. Any suggestions? Thanks.

- Question from Apple Community

Whatever the reason, now you want to print iPhone contacts to get a paper copy. If you only need to print one or two contacts, you can email the contacts and print them one by one. However, what if you have hundreds of contacts that need to be printed out? Well, on this occasion, you’d better first transfer iPhone contacts to computer and then print them out with the printer. Read to get four methods that can help you get contact info to text that can be printed out.

Method 1. How to Print Contacts from iPhone without iCloud for free

The most efficient way is to directly transfer iPhone contacts to computer and then get them printed out. To easily export iPhone contacts to computer, the iPhone data transfer tool called FoneTool is needed. 

yes Fast transfer speed helps you easily move 1000+ contacts within minutes.
yes Preview and choose all or part of contacts according to your needs.
yes FoneTool supports various iPhone models and iOS versions, including the latest ones.
yes You can also transfer photos, videos, music, messages, etc. between iPhone and PC or from iPhone to iPhone.

Download the tool on your computer and follow the steps below to transfer your iPhone contacts to computer for printing.

Download Freeware Win 11/10/8.1/8/7
Secure Download

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to computer via the USB cable > Enter the passcode on iPhone so that your computer can access your device.

Step 2. Run FoneTool, and choose Phone Transfer on the left pane > Move the mouse to iPhone to PC and click Get Started.

Transfer to Computer

Step 3. Here you can click the Contacts icon to choose the contacts you need and click OK button to continue.

Select Contacts

Step 4. Click  Start Transfer > You can choose a location to save files and choose a preferred format on the Transfer Settings > Click OK to begin the task.

Start Transfer

When the process is finished, you can go to the storage path to check your contacts.  And now you can easily print your iPhone contacts from computer with your printer.

Method 2. How to Export Contacts from iPhone via iTunes

You may often use iTunes to backup your iPhone or manage your music. Actually, it also allows you to sync iPhone contacts to computer and then you can print the contacts as you wish.

You should first sync iPhone contacts with Windows Contacts, then export your contacts to a CSV file and finally print them out. Although the whole process is kind of complicated, you can also have a try. Please make sure you have installed the latest iTunes on your computer.

Part 1. Sync iPhone Contacts to Computer

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to computer and launch iTunes.

Step 2. Click the Device tab > Click Info tab.

Step 3. Check the box “Sync Contacts with” > Select “Windows Contacts”.

Step 4. Click Sync option.

Sync Contacts With Itunes

Part 2. Export Contacts to CSV Format

Step 1. Find the Contacts folder in your Windows profile: Click Start and type your username > Find and open the username folder.

Step 2. Find the Contacts folder and double-click to open it.

Step 3. Click Export option > Select CSV (Comma Separated Values) and click Export.

Export To Csv

Step 4. Name the CSV file > Click Browse to decide where to save the CSV file > Click Next.

Step 5. Select the fields you wish you export > Click Finish to start the export.

A pop-up window will appear that tells your contacts have been exported in the new format and you can click OK to close the window. Your contacts should be open as a spreadsheet and you can now print your contacts.

Method 3. How to Print iPhone Contacts from iCloud

If you have turned on Contacts sync, then you can download your contacts from your iCloud on computer and then print the contacts. To enable Contacts sync on your iPhone: go to Settings > Your name > iCloud > Toggle on the Contacts option.

There are 2 ways for you to get contacts from iCloud, and if you need to download a large number of phone numbers from PC, then Option 2 might be the most ideal way.

Option 1. Save contacts from iCloud via the official site

Step 1. Open a browser and go to > Sign in to iCloud with your Apple ID > Choose Contacts from the list of provided services.

Step 2. On the Contacts screen, click the gear icon in the lower-left corner > click Select All if you want to export all contacts. You can also use Shift or Ctrl to only select the contacts you need.

enlightened Note: Remember to check if all the contacts have already been synced to iCloud especially if you just enable the sync because it will take time to complete the process.

Step 3. Click the gear icon again and click the Print option.

Print Contacts From Icloud

Step 4. Adjust the printing settings and print out the contacts.

enlightened Note: You can also first click the Export vCard... option to save your contacts to your computer and then print them out anytime you want. Besides, you can convert it to Excel file if you want to.

Option 2. Import iCloud contacts to PC via a professional tool

When it comes to downloading iCloud data from PC, the professional iCloud manager - FoneTool will be a good choice.

yes Easily upload, download and delete iCloud/iCloud Drive data from PC.
yes The iCloud Sync feature can help you easily move iCloud data from one account to another.
yes FoneTool uses two-factor authentication to protect your iCloud data which is same as the encryption used by Apple.

Now you can download it to your Windows PC and get your iCloud contacts easily!

Download Freeware Win 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

Step 1. Launch FoneTool > Go to My iCloud > Sign in with your iCloud account > Choose Manage iCloud to continue.

manage iCloud

Step 2. Click the Contacts option > Choose the contacts you need > Tap on the Download button.

download contacts

Step 3. Change the download settings from the pop-up window > Click Download to confirm your choice.

download contacts

Once the download process is completed, you can go to the storage path to check your contacts and then you can print them from your PC with the printer.

Method 4. How to Print Contacts from iPhone via Google Contacts

Besides the above three methods, you can also turn to other apps like Google Contacts to help you print iPhone contacts. You should first download Google Contacts on your iPhone, then sync your iPhone contacts to Google, and finally, check the contacts via websites on computer and print them out.

Step 1. On your iPhone: after installing Google Contacts, sign in to your Google account and enable contacts sync.

Step 2. On your computer: go to the Google Contacts website > Select the contacts you need > Click the three-dot icon on the top > Click Print > Adjust the settings and print out your contacts.


That’s all about how to print contacts from iPhone. All four methods can help you achieve the goal.

  • FoneTool can help you copy iPhone contacts to computer directly for printing.

  • iTunes can let you sync iPhone contacts to computer, and then you should convert it to CSV file by yourself.

  • iCloud allows you to print contacts from the websites if you turn on Contacts sync feature.

  • Google Contacts also can enable you to print the contacts from its website.

iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, and later series support eSIM. If you want to convert SIM card to eSIM, it is recommended to backup iPhone contacts with FoneTool in advance. Just in case unexpected errors happen during the conversion.