[2024] Top 5 Fixes to Photos App Keeps Crashing on iPhone

You may find your Photos app on iPhone keep crashing when you scroll and browse photos. To fix this issue, you can try the 5 fixes mentioned in this guide to get the trouble Photos app keeps crashing on iPhone solved.


By Demi / Updated on December 28, 2023

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Photos app keeps crashing

Whenever I open the Photos app, it keeps showing that there are no photos or videos in my Camera Library, but they gradually start to restore after a while. When a hundred or so photos are restored, it crashes again. Can anyone help me out?

- Question from Apple Community

Photos that you took or downloaded on your iPhone are saved in the Photos app and you can browse and share them at any time you like from the Photos app. However, sometimes when you open the Photos app, you may find you are unable to browse any photos or videos. What’s worse, you may find all of the photos and videos disappear and re-appear in the Photos app.

Photos Icon

What can you do when the Photos app keeps crashing on iPhone? In this guide, you can learn the possible reasons and effective solutions about the Photos app on iPhone keep crashing.

Possible reasons why Photos app on iPhone keeps crashing

It’s necessary to know the reason why your Photos app crashes from time to time. Therefore, you may be able to avoid such an issue happening again.

• Fail to update new iOS. If your iPhone is connected to a poor Wi-Fi network during a new iOS update, some of your apps may be corrupted. Thus, you may find Photos app keeps crashing after updating to iOS 15 or later.
• Jailbreak your iPhone. If your iPhone has been jailbroken to download and install programs from other sources instead of Apple store, it may take your camera roll into risk because jailbreaking your iPhone makes it vulnerable to the app crashing.
• Unknown software or hardware error. Any software and hardware errors can also make your iPhone Photos app crash.

Fixes to Photos app keeps crashing on iPhone

If you’re having the same issue with the Photos app on your iPhone crashing, the troubleshooting tips below may help you resolve the trouble for you.

Tip 1. Quit and re-launch the Photos app

The first and the simplest way to get the issue fixed is to quit and re-launch the Photos app. Sometimes it may be the Photos app itself that freezes up.

• For iPhone with the Home button: Double click the Home button to access the multitasking screen > Locate the Photos app and swipe it up to quit it.
• For iPhone without the Home button: Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to open the multitasking screen > Find the Photos app and swipe up on it to quit it.

Then, reload the Photos app to check whether you can get access to photos and videos as expected.

Tip 2. force restart your iPhone

Force restarting iPhone can solve most of the minor glitches that cause iPhone photos keeps crashing. Whenever your Photos app not working on iPhone, you can try this way. Follow the specific steps to force restart different types of iPhone.

For iPhone 8 and later: Quickly press and release the Volume + button > Quickly press and release the Volume - button > Press the Power button until you see the logo of Apple.
For iPhone 7/7 Plus: Press both the Power button and the Volume - button for seconds until you see the Apple logo.
For iPhone 6s or earlier: Press both the Power button and the Home button for seconds and release it when the Apple logo appears.

Hard Reset iPhone

Tip 3. Update iOS to the latest version

If there is a new version of iOS available, you can update it to the latest version to check if the error results from you failing to update the iOS. Go to the Settings app on your iPhone > Tap General > Software Update > Click Install Now if you can update iOS.

iOS Software Update

Tip 4. Free up storage on iPhone

It’s rare but peculiar that if iPhone storage is full, the photos and videos will disappear from the Photos app on their own and some photos may be replaced by blank white thumbnails, which lead to your iPhone Photos app crashing.

It seems that to fix it out, you may need to free up storage space on iPhone. You can delete duplicate photos on iPhone, uninstall useless apps, clear app caches, and so on to optimize storage space on your iPhone.

Tip 5. Delete problematic photos from the Photos app

If you encounter the issue after downloading photos from a website, these photos can be the reason. If you can access the Photos app but fail to open the album that saves problematic photos, you may need to delete the exact album.

You should know that you will delete other photos in the album together with the problematic photos. Therefore, it’s suggested to backup iPhone photos to avoid data loss with the tool mentioned in the Bonus part.

Bonus: Manage your iPhone Photos app with FoneTool

It is recommended you FoneTool, a professional data manager for iOS, backup and organize your photo library and other iPhone data.

The backup function enables you to preview and choose the wanted photos to backup. You’re free to save the backup files to computer and external hard drive as you like.

To free up storage space on your iPhone, you can also rely on it to automatically filter and delete similar and duplicate photos from your iPhone. Click the icon below to get the tool on your computer and manage iPhone photos with it.

Download FreewareWin 11/10/8.1/8/7
Secure Download

Selectively backup iPhone photos to computer

You can selectively backup iPhone photos to computer with FoneTool in three steps below. It also supports backing up iPhone videos, music, contacts, and messages to computer.

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to computer > Launch FoneTool and click Phone Backup > Choose Selective Backup and click Get Started.

selective backup

Step 2. Check the Photos icon, and you can see all photos on your iPhone > Select the photos that you want to backup to computer > Click OK to continue.

Select Pictures

Step 3. Select a destination to save these files in the lower-left corner > Click Start Backup to begin the task.

Click On Backup

When the task is completed, you can go to the Backup Management screen to browse and restore the backup files.

Delete duplicate photos from iPhone

With the Photos Deduplication function in FoneTool, all similar and duplicate photos on your iPhone will be scanned in a flash. You can choose to delete some of them to optimize the limited storage space on your iPhone. You can also rely on it to delete duplicates on your computer.

Step 1. Plug in your iPhone to computer > On Toolbox, click Photo Deduplication > Click Scan iOS device.

Scan iOS Devices

Step 2. Set a filter data range > Click Start scanning to start.

Start Scanning iOS

Step 3. All similar and duplicate photos will be listed in the right pane > Choose the photos you’d like to delete > Tap Delete to remove them from your iPhone.

Delete Duplicate Photo

As you can see, FoneTool can scan all photos on your iPhone. If none of the tips above can get the issue fixed, you can let FoneTool scan and transfer all photos from iPhone to computer and then transfer them back to iPhone with it.


Hopefully, your issue Photos app keeps crashing on iPhone can be solved with the 5 fixes in this guide. If you’re looking for a way to backup photos before troubleshooting, you can try FoneTool. You can also rely on it to find and delete duplicate photos on iPhone.