Top 5 Android Data Recovery Software

Looking for data recovery software to recover data from your Android device? In this guide you will be given top 5 Android data recovery software. Go through them and choose one you prefer to recover Android data.

Demi by Demi Updated June 3, 2024
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Data loss on your Android device can be a frustrating experience, whether it's due to accidental deletion, a system crash, or a virus attack. Fortunately, there are numerous software solutions available to help you recover lost data.

android data recovery software

This comprehensive guide will explore the best software for Android data recovery, including the top five Android recovery software options, detailing their features, advantages, and how to use them effectively.

Features of the Best Software for Android Data Recovery

What is the best software for Android data recovery. Before choosing a software to recover Android data, you can first go through the following features that Android data recovery software should be equipped. Here are the key features that the best Android data recovery software should have:

👍 Wide Data Type Support
The best recovery software should support a variety of data types, including photos, videos, contacts, messages, call logs, documents, and more. This ensures that you can recover all kinds of lost data from your device.

👍 High Compatibility
Good recovery software should be compatible with a wide range of Android devices and versions. This includes smartphones and tablets from major brands like Samsung, Huawei, LG, Sony, and others.

👍 User-Friendly Interface
The software should have an intuitive design that makes the recovery process simple, even for non-tech-savvy users. Clear instructions and an easy-to-navigate interface are essential.

👍 Multiple Recovery Modes
The ability to recover data from various sources is crucial. The best software should offer recovery from device storage, SD cards, and even broken or damaged devices.

👍 High Success Rate
A high recovery success rate is essential. The best software should be able to retrieve lost data efficiently and effectively, minimizing the chances of permanent data loss.

👍 Secure Recovery Process
Security is paramount when dealing with personal data. The software should ensure a secure recovery process that protects your data privacy and avoids any risk of data leakage.

👍 Fast Scanning Speed
Time is often of the essence when it comes to data recovery. The best software should offer a fast scanning process, allowing you to quickly find and recover your lost files.

👍 Selective Recovery
Selective recovery allows you to preview the recoverable files and choose only the ones you need to restore. This feature saves time and storage space by avoiding the recovery of unnecessary files.

Top 5 Android Data Recovery Software

While many options are available, the following five Android recovery software solutions are highly recommended based on their features, user feedback, and recovery success rates.

Dr.Fone - Data Recovery (Android)

Dr.Fone - Data Recovery (Android) by Wondershare is a comprehensive data recovery tool known for its high success rate and extensive features. It is widely regarded as one of the best recovery tools for Android devices. With its multiple recovery mode, Dr.Fone - Data Recovery allows recovery from device storage, SD card, and even broken devices.

dr. fone data recovery

• High success rate for data recovery
• Supports a wide range of data types
• Compatible with many Android devices
• Easy-to-use interface

• Relatively expensive compared to other options
• Full features require a paid version

Tenorshare UltData for Android

Tenorshare UltData for Android is a powerful recovery tool known for its user-friendly interface and high recovery success rate. It supports various data types, including photos, videos, contacts, messages, and WhatsApp data.

tenorshare ultdata for android

• User-friendly interface
• High recovery success rate
• Supports a variety of data types
• Selective recovery option

• Scanning process can be slow
• Some features are limited to the paid version

Fonelab for Android

FoneLab for Android by Aiseesoft is another reliable recovery tool that offers a high recovery rate and supports a wide range of data types. It can recover data from both device storage and SD cards no matter whether your Android device can be used normally or it’s broken or damaged.

fonelab for android

• Effective recovery from broken devices
• Supports a wide range of data types
• Easy to use

• Can be slow during deep scans
• Full version can be expensive

EaseUS MobiSaver for Android

EaseUS MobiSaver for Android is known for its simplicity and effectiveness in recovering lost data. It supports various data types and is compatible with a wide range of Android devices. Its fast scanning speed promises a quick scan and recover lost data.

easeus mobisaver

• Easy to use
• Fast scanning process
• Effective recovery for various data types

• Limited features in the free version
• Not as feature-rich as some competitors

iMobie PhoneRescue for Android

iMobie PhoneRescue for Android is a versatile recovery tool that not only recovers lost data but also fixes Android system issues. It supports a wide range of data types and offers a high recovery rate. Different from the other data recovery software, iMobie PhoneRescue also helps you fix various Android system issues to ensure smooth operation.

imobie phonerescue

• Versatile recovery options
• Fixes system issues
• User-friendly interface

• Can be expensive
• Some features require a paid version


Data loss on Android devices can be a significant setback, but with the right recovery software, you can quickly and efficiently retrieve your lost files. By following the detailed steps provided for each software, you can ensure a smooth recovery process and minimize the impact of data loss.

Besides, regularly backing up your data and keeping your device updated can also help prevent future data loss and ensure the safety of your important files.

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