How to Recover Data from Dead iPhone with Ease

If your iPhone is dead and you want to recover data from dead iPhone, keep reading and find a feasible solution in this tutorial.

Clara by Clara Updated May 7, 2024
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Can you recover data from a dead iPhone?

Is your iPhone suddenly dead? It's a really desperate thing to do. In fact, there are a number of reasons why your iPhone is dead, such as battery failure, accidentally dropped from a high place, jailbreak failure, system crash, water damage, etc. These will more or less lead to data loss on your iPhone. So retrieving data from a dead iPhone becomes a matter of urgency. But can you recover data from dead iPhone?

Fortunately, it is still possible for you to extra important data from a dead iPhone. If you are looking for a good solution, then this article may effectively help you. Please continue to check the following section for more details.

iOS Data Recovery

How to recover data from dead iPhone step-by-step?

Once you find that your iPhone is dead, please stay calm and you'd better suspend any operation on your iPhone immediately. Otherwise, you are likely to lose more iPhone data because of the wrong operation.

Generally speaking, if you have backed up your iPhone with iCloud or iTunes before your iPhone died, then you can easily restore data from dead iPhone. Unfortunately, if you have not backed up, you can only easily get back the data from dead iPhone using third-party iPhone data recovery software.

Here we have targeted some feasible solutions for how to recover data from dead iPhone according to different scenarios faced by iPhone users, let's take a look together!

Way 1. Use a professional iPhone Data Recovery tool

Frankly speaking, most people are not in the habit of backing up their iPhone data regularly. If you are in the same situation, you may ask: How do I recover data from a dead iPhone without backup? If you have ever connected your iPhone to a computer and trusted it, and using a professional iPhone data recovery software - FoneTool is the most ideal iPhone data recovery method.

This powerful data recovery tool can recover multiple types of lost data including photos, videos, call history, voice memos, contacts and so on. Meanwhile, you can also scan all data and selectively recover iPhone data. In addition, it is developed by a team that has specialized in data recovery for more than 10 years, which can give you more secure and reliable data protection.

With just 3 easy steps, you can get the data from a locked or dead iPhone effortlessly.
Scan and recover data on dead iPhone in several minutes to save your time.
It does not erase the current data of your iPhone during the data recovery process.
Support various iOS devices of iPhone/iPad/iPod touch and compatible with iOS 10.0 and above.

If you are interested in this tool, please download and install it and learn how to recover data from dead iPhone without backup.

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Step 1. Connect your iPhone to the PC > Run FoneTool on your computer > Go to Toolbox > Choose iOS Data Recovery.

Connect iOS Device

Step 2. Choose the icon you want to recover from your dead iPhone > Click Start Scan.

Click Scan

Step 3. Here take recovering photos as an example, start to browse and select the photos you want and click Recover to PC. Then you can recover photos from dead iPhone successfully.

Recover Photos

Way 2. Recover data from a dead iPhone via

iCloud is an iOS device built-in cloud storage service provided by Apple for users. If you have activated apps in "APPS USING ICLOUD", you can use your Apple ID to directly log in to to access your data. Follow the steps below to get back your data.

✍ Note:
1. Deleted data on can only be accessed within 30 days.
2. Make sure another iOS device can receive the verification code of the same Apple ID.

Step 1. Sign in to with your Apple ID, then click Account Settings on the home interface.

Click Account Settings

Step 2. Then you could select the data you want to recover under the Advanced menu.

Restore Files

Way 3. Restore data from dead iPhone via iCloud backup

If you have an available iCloud backup on the dead iPhone, you will be able to recover data from the backup easily. It is important to note that this method will first wipe all the existing data on the target device and then restore your iPhone from the iCloud backup.

So before you start, make sure that the data you need is already included in the backup. The next steps will show you how to restore data from iCloud backup.

Step 1. Reset your target iPhone. Go to Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings.

Erase All Content and Settings

Step 2. Set up your target iPhone and select Restore from iCloud backup when you see the Apps & Data screen. Then sign in to iCloud with your Apple ID and password

Restore from iCloud Backup

Step 3. Choose a backup that contains the data you want to restore. After that, you can get dead iPhone data.

Way 4. Retrieve data from dead iPhone with iTunes

If you've backed up your iPhone to your computer using iTunes, you'll be able to restore almost all of your data and settings from iTunes. However, as with iCloud, it will overwrite all existing target iPhone data.

Moreover, you can't freely choose the data you want because iTunes only supports full backup and restore. Therefore, make sure your target device has enough storage space. Get started with data recovery from dead iPhone.

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to your PC with a USB cable and open iTunes.

Step 2. Click the device icon on the upper-left corner of the main interface.

Click the Device Icon

Step 3. Click Summary > Restore Backup under the Backups menu.

Resote Backup

Step 4. Choose a recent backup and click Restore. Then wait for the restore process to complete.

Bonus tips: How to back iPhone without erasing data easily?

As mentioned above, whether it is iCloud or iTunes, they both have the risk of losing existing data. So here is a free iOS backup data tool named FoneTool, which can backup iPhone without erasing data more easily.

Compared with some other iOS backup software in the market, it has more advantages, such as user-friendly interface, some simple operations, fast transfer speed, and optional data backup. Thus it is also favored by the majority of users. At the same time, It is perfectly compatible with iOS 16 and 15, but also for Win 11/10/8/7.

In a word, with the help of this powerful tool, you will no longer need to worry about data loss. Come and try it out! 

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to the computer and open FoneTool on your PC.

Step 2. Go to Phone Backup > Selective Backup > Get Started. Or you can select Full Backup to execute a full backup.

FoneTool Selective Backup

Step 2. Click the Photos icon in the left panel to select the data you want to backup. Then click OK.

Select Photos

Step 3. After choosing a path to save the backup, you can click Start Backup.

Start Backup

Then patiently wait for the backup to complete, you click Backup History on the left panel to see the backup files.

Restore from Messages Backup

Final words

That’s all about how to recover data from dead iPhone. Whether you have backed up your dead iPhone in advance or not, you will be able to find a suitable method in this article. Of course, the most comprehensive data recovery method is to use this trustworthy tool- AOMEI Data Recovery for iOS. It has a super high success rate of recovery and ensures that no data is lost when recovering data from dead iPhone.

Apart from that, you should have realized how important it is to backup your data regularly. If you are short of iCloud storage space or you are worried that iTunes and iCloud will erase your iPhone data, this free and reliable iOS data backup software FoneTool is the best choice. Start taking action to better protect your iPhone data.

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