Full Guide: How to Recover Deleted Telegram Account/Messages

Can you recover deleted Telegram account? You may need this guide to know how to recover deleted Telegram account, as well as Telegram messages with step-by-step instructions.

Demi by Demi Updated June 5, 2024
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Losing access to your Telegram account or mistakenly deleting important messages can be frustrating. Telegram, known for its secure messaging platform, does not provide an easy way to recover a deleted account.

recover deleted telegram account

However, understanding the recovery processes and available tools can help mitigate data loss. This article will cover how to recover a deleted Telegram account, as well as how to retrieve deleted Telegram messages.

What Happens When You Delete Your Telegram Account?

Telegram is a secure messaging app that prioritizes user privacy, which means account recovery options are limited.  When you delete your Telegram account:

• All Messages and Contacts Are Deleted: Your entire chat history, including messages, contacts, and groups, is permanently erased.

• No Account Recovery: Once deleted, Telegram does not allow you to recover your account or the associated data.

• Re-registration Possible: You can re-register with the same phone number, but it will be treated as a new account with no past data.

Once a Telegram account is deleted, it cannot be recovered. Telegram’s policy is designed to ensure user data privacy and security, but this can be problematic for users who accidentally delete their accounts.

Part 1. How to Recover Deleted Telegram Account

Don’t be upset, the last resort you can try to recover deleted Telegram account is to contact the support group.

Step 1. Go to Google in your browser > Search for telegram support to go to telegram support page.

Step 2. Write a request note regarding your account recovery. Here are some notes you may need when writing the request note.
• Here, make sure you’re typing down the problem that you face in complete detail. So, you can write down a request to recover deleted telegram account.
• Similarly, you can even recover your deleted telegram chats with the help of support group.
• You can mention the date you lost or deleted your account. You can elaborate your problem in detail and the effect that it has caused on you.
• And you can even specify the timing by which you’d like to hear the response to your query. Specify whether or not your problem requires immediate attention.

telegram support

Step 3. Enter your email ID and the phone number on which account was registered > Tap Submit.

After you’ve executed the following steps, you will have to wait for the support group to contact you with a response to your request.

Part 2. How to Recover Deleted Telegram Messages

Hopefully, you have made it to recover deleted Telegram account. You may also wonder how to recover deleted Telegram messages. Chances are that deleted messages are still saved on Telegram servers.

As a consequence, deleted Telegram messages can be retrieved if you have the necessary equipment. If you use Telegram on your desktop, you may recover your deleted Telegram messages. Here's how to export your data and restore lost messages.

Step 1. Make sure you have Telegram Desktop installed on your computer. Launch the Telegram app and Log in.

Step 2. Launch Telegram on PC >  In the upper left corner, click the Three Lines icon > Settings > Advanced.

Step 3. Within the “Data and Storage” section, select “Export Telegram data”. Choose the deleted messages and conversations you wish to export, including Personal Chat, Private chat, Groups, etc.

export data

Step 4. Choose your desired options and hit the Export button. It’s done. You have successfully submitted your data export request.

Step 5. Tap on “SHOW MY DATA” once the process is complete to view your deleted Telegram messages by opening export_results.html.

telegram show my data

In seconds, you can connect your smartphone to Windows or any other operating system if you use Telegram.

Bonus: Recover Deleted iPhone Data via FoneTool

Besides Telegram messages, you may face other data loss on your iPhone after accidental deletion. In this case, we’d like to recommend FoneTool, a powerful iOS data recovery tool.

FoneTool supports recovering multiple types of data, including photos, videos, contacts, notes, and media files in apps, etc. With its advanced data recovery technology, FoneTool can recover deleted iOS data quickly with a high success rate.

You can download FoneTool by clicking the icon below, and have an overview of how to recover iOS data via FoneTool.

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Step 1. Connect your iPhone to computer via USB > Launch FoneTool, go to Toolbox and choose iOS Data Recovery.


Step 2. Check the icon you need > Click Start Scan to find your deleted files on iPhone.

scan photos

Step 3. Select the deleted data you want to retrieve. Then click Recover to PC to retrieve.

recover photos


That’s all for how to recover deleted Telegram account. While you cannot manually recover deleted Telegram account, you still have chance to recover it by contacting with Telegram supports.

Additionally, managing your iPhone data with professional tools like FoneTool ensures that your important data is always secure and recoverable. If this guide helpful, feel free to contact with others.

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