[3 Ways] How to Convert MP4 to Ringtone/MP3

You may have a favorite MP4 file that you want to convert to ringtone MP3. Can you convert MP4 to ringtone MP3? Go through this guide to get 3 effective MP4 to MP3 convert to make it.

Demi by Demi Updated July 4, 2024
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Ringtones are a fun and personal way to customize your mobile phone experience. However, sometimes the perfect ringtone might be in a different format, such as an MP4 video. While, is it possible to convert MP4 to ringtone/MP3?

convert mp4 to ringtone mp3

This guide will show you various methods to convert MP4 to MP3 ringtone format, ensuring you get the best results.

Part 1. Convert MP4 to Ringtone MP3 by Windows Media Player

Windows Media Player (WMP) is a built-in media player for Windows users that can also be used to convert MP4 files to MP3 format. Although it’s not the most straightforward method, it’s a viable option if you prefer not to use additional software. Follow to steps below to convert MP4 to MP3 ringtone.

Step 1. Insert a blank CD into your computer > Launch Windows Media Player, and open your MP4 video.

Step 2. Hit Burn on the right tab > Click the drop-down button and choose Audio CD.

burn with WMP

Step 3. Add this video to the burn list, and hit Start burn.

Step 4. Once the burn finished, go to Organize > Options > Rip Music > Select an output folder > Set format to MP3.

Step 5. Finally, click Apply and OK to start to convert it to MP3 in Windows Media Player.

wmp convert mp4 to mp3 ringtone

• Easy to preview and playback.
• You can output in a variety of formats and devices.
• Flexible in terms of output quality, sampling rate, and bitrate.

• This conversion feature is well disguised.
• You cannot view the conversion progress or the remaining time.
• It does not allow direct access to the output location, thus you may be unable to locate the output file.
• You can't rename the output file.

Part 2. Convert MP4 to Ringtones MP3 Free Download

If you are looking for a reliable and efficient tool to convert MP4 files to MP3 ringtones, there are several free software options available. These tools offer a range of features and ensure high-quality conversion.

For example, VLC Media Player is a popular, free, and open-source media player that can also convert media files. Download VLC Media Player to your computer, and we’ll show you how to convert MP4 to ringtone MP3.

Step 1. Open VLC, and click the Media button to locate the Convert/Save feature.

Step 2. On the Open Media page, click on the Add menu to import the MP4 file.

Step 3. Choose Convert in the drop-down menu of the Convert/Save button. Then the Convert page would appear.

VLC converter

Step 4. In the Profile part, choose Audio - MP3 option. Click the Browse button to set the destination.

Step 5. Click the Start button, and VLC would automatically begin the MP4 to an MP3 job.

vlc convert mp4 to ringtone mp3

• Change.mp4 files to.mp3 files on a variety of operating systems, including Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS.
• Bitrate, sampling rate, and channels are all customizable choices for the output MP3 audio files.
• Completely free and safe.

• Cannot convert numerous MP4 files to MP3 in batch.
• There is no preview option for the converted MP3 file.

Part 3. Convert MP4 to Ringtone MP3 via Online Converter

Online converters are a convenient alternative for converting MP4 to MP3, especially if you prefer not to install software. These tools are accessible from any device with an internet connection. In this guide, we’ll like to introduce you the video-to-audio converter FlexClip.

It allows you to convert multiple video formats into MP3 and WAV formats without quality loss. You can also edit the converted audio files during the process.

Step 1. Go to FlexClip’s video-to-audio page, and upload the video from which you want to make a ringtone.

Step 2. Choose the audio format you’d like to convert to > Tap Start to launch the conversion process.

flexclip convert

Step 3. Once done, tap the Download icon to download the audio to your computer.

flexclip download

• The output audio quality is sound.
• Intuitive: show you the file name, file size, and progress.
• Convenient to share the music via email.

• Not allow you to change the output file name.
• The conversion speed depends heavily on your network condition.
• You need to pay for more conversions.

Bonus: Make MP3 a M4R Ringtone for iPhone via FoneTool

For iPhone users, converting MP3 files to M4R format is necessary to use them as ringtones. FoneTool is an excellent choice for this task, offering a straightforward and efficient conversion process. Click the icon below to get this powerful tool, and follow the steps to custom ringtone for iPhone.

Download FreewareWin 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to computer via USB > Launch FoneTool, click Toolbox > Choose Ringtone Maker option.

ringtone maker

Step 2. Choose From Computer or From Device to launch MP3 file you’d like to convert to ringtone > Click Select to confirm.

choose music from device

Step 3. Edit the duration and effect of the mp3. file as you like > Tap Save to Device to transfer it to your iPhone > Click Save from the pop-up window to finish the process.

save music to device

FoneTool also offers a ringtone transfer service, enabling you to transfer ringtones from iPhone to iPhone. You can share the ringtone with your friends with some simple clicks.


Converting MP4 to MP3 for ringtones can be achieved through various methods, depending on your preferences and the tools available. Windows Media Player provides a built-in option for Windows users, while online converters offer a convenient and quick solution without the need for software installation. Free software tools like VLC Media Player offer reliable and efficient conversions.

Additionally, for iPhone users, FoneTool is an excellent choice for converting MP3 files to M4R format for use as ringtones. By following the detailed steps provided for each method, you can easily convert your favorite MP4 videos into MP3 ringtones and enjoy a personalized smartphone experience.

For more detailed guides and the latest software recommendations, keep visiting our blog. If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to leave a comment below.

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