Forgot iPhone Backup Password? [Easy Ways to Fix]

This post will tell you 2 easy ways to fix “forgot iPhone backup password” and show you a good alternative way to back up and restore your iPhone data.

May by May Updated May 11, 2024
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I forgot my iPhone encrypted backup password.

I recently just got a new iPhone 14 Pro and went to restore from the backup I made but realized that I didn’t have the password to the iPhone backup. I need to get my old iPhone restored and was wondering if anybody knew a way. I had tried a password cracking program but it didn’t help. Any help is appreciated.

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Forgot iPhone Backup Password

What to Do If You Forgot iPhone Backup Password?

If you have encountered the “forgot old iPhone backup password” issue, don’t worry! This section will offer you 2 effective ways to help you solve this problem.

Way 1. Recover iPhone Backup Password via Settings

If you’ve forgot iPhone backup encryption password and you tend to use iCloud to back up your iPhone data, don’t worry. You can reset your iPhone backup password without losing your data by wiping the settings on your device. Here’s a full guide:

Step 1: Fire up the Settings app on your iPhone > Navigate to General > Transfer or Reset iPhone.

Step 2: Tap Reset and opt for Reset All Settings > Punch in your screen password, then tap Reset All Settings twice for confirmation.

Reset All Settings

Step 3: Witness the Apple logo gracing your screen. Once the progress bar hits 100%, your device will reboot.

In addition, if you would like to design a new password, connect your iPhone to a PC and launch iTunes. Then, you just need to:

>> Click the Phone icon located on the left side > Click Encrypt Local Backup and enter your desired iPhone backup password > Enter it again for verification.

Change iPhone Backup Password

Once you unlock your iPhone with the new password, an encrypted backup will be created.

Way 2. Reset iPhone Backup Password with Processional Unlocker

FoneTool is a standout and versatile iPhone backup password unlocker known for its ability to bypass the iOS screen and Apple ID. In addition to these features, it can help you make a full iPhone backup or transfer data from iPhone to iPhone with one click. With a user-friendly interface and comprehensive on-screen instructions, accomplishing various tasks becomes a breeze.

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Bonus: Backup and Restore iPhone Data with FoneTool [100% Free & Safe]

At times, you may find it necessary to create a comprehensive backup of your iPhone, encompassing everything from photos to contacts, call history, text messages, memos, and calendars. Here’s how to back up your iPhone with FoneTool:

Step 1: Run FoneTool > Initiate the process by selecting Phone Backup, then hover over the Full Backup icon and proceed by clicking Get Started.

Full Backup

Step 2: Enable Backup Encryption (as needed) to safeguard private data like Fitness records, Health, and Keychain > Choose a storage location for the backup file and kick off the process by clicking Start Backup.

Start Backup

Enabling backup encryption during a full backup ensures that the backup file is encrypted using the current iOS device’s backup password. Notably, when restoring from this backup file, you'll need to input the backup password.

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Step 3: Once the backup concludes, you can go to the Phone History section to view and click Restore to select the backup version and target device.

Click Restore

FAQs About “Forgot iPhone Backup Password”

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about the issue of “forgot Apple iPhone backup password”. Let’s have a look!

Q1: Can I recover my forgotten iPhone backup password?

It's generally not possible to recover a forgotten iPhone backup password. Apple's security measures prevent accessing the password directly. Changing the password is usually the recommended course of action.

Q2: Can I bypass the iPhone backup password if I forgot it?

Bypassing the iPhone backup password is not possible due to Apple's security measures. You'll need to create a new encrypted backup with a new password.

Q3: Will resetting my iPhone erase the backup password?

Resetting your iPhone won't erase the backup password. However, it's possible to create a new encrypted backup with a different password after resetting the device.

Q4: How can I prevent forgetting my iPhone backup password in the future?

To avoid forgetting your iPhone backup password in the future, consider using a password manager to securely store and manage your passwords. Additionally, create a password that is memorable but secure.

Q5: Are there any alternatives to iTunes for backing up my iPhone if I forgot the password?

Yes, you can use iCloud or a third-party app called FoneTool as alternatives to iTunes for backing up your iPhone if you've forgotten the backup password. iCloud backups do not require a separate password for encryption.

The Bottom Line

To conclude, this post has covered the basic aspects regarding the iPhone backup password. Learn two ways to reset your iPhone backup password if you forget it, as well as a guide to changing your password via iTunes.

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