Download Free Ringtones for Mobile Phones (Android/iPhone)

Looking for free ringtones for your mobile phone? Look no further! Our guide covers the best websites and apps for finding and downloading the perfect ringtone for your device.

Clara by Clara Updated July 5, 2024
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Want to download free ringtones for mobile phones and set it as your Android/iphone ringtone? We have listed the best ways in this guide, including some safe and legal websites and reliable free software. They all contain thousands of tracks and tunes to better meet your preferences.

iphone ringtones

In addition, we also include how to edit ringtones and how to transfer ringtones from your computer to your phone. Aims to help you solve all problems in one click, without further ado, come and have a look!

6 Best Ways to Get Free Ringtones for Android/iPhone

In this Part, we provide 6 top methods to download free ringtones for cell phones. This all suitable for android phone, like Samsung, Google, OnePlus, Xiaomi, and Huawei. And all iPhone models running iOS 11 or later, including iPhone 15, iPhone Pro, iPhoen Pro Max, iPhone Plus, iPhone SE,etc.

Now, pick the ways that you like to get thousands ringtones easily! If you need to edit the free music ringtones download mp3 or transfer ringtones from PC to iPhone, you can check the quick guide:

✍ How to Edit and Set Download Songs as Phone Ringtones

✍ How to Transfer Ringtones from PC to iPhone - Quick & Easy

Way 1. Tones7

Tones7 is a well-known software for downloading free ringtones for cell phones or computers. It offers ringtones for both iPhone and Android devices. The ringtones are organized into various categories, making it easy to find your favorite one. A standout feature of Tones7 is its ability to create custom ringtones effortlessly. Simply upload MP3 or M4R files to create your desired ringtone.


  • A vast selection of ringtones is available on this platform.
  • Ringtones are sorted into different genres and groups for easy browsing.
  • It also provides a wide range of themes and wallpapers for free.


  • The user interface is not visually appealing.


Way 2. ZEDGE

ZEDGE is another recommended app for downloading free music ringtones for android/iPhone. It provides a vast array of ringtones, allowing you to easily search for your favorite tones. The app organizes music tones into various genres, such as sound effects, message sounds, dance, comedy, and more, making it easier to browse and find the perfect ringtone. Additionally, it offers several methods to download a specific song to your device.


  • It offers a large collection of ringtones.
  • Users can specifically search for short alarm tones and ringtones.


  • The free version is overwhelmed with ads.


Way 3. MyTinyPhone

MyTinyPhone provides an extensive collection of ringtones, wallpapers, and themes for mobile devices. Its straightforward interface allows you to easily browse categories or search for the desired ringtone using keywords. Whether you prefer pop, rock, or classical music, MyTinyPhone offers something for everyone.


  • A wide variety of ringtones are available on this platform.
  • Ringtones are organized into different genres and groups to facilitate browsing.


  • The user interface is not visually appealing.


Way 4.

Looking for unlimited free ringtone downloads on Android without any cost? Try the fantastic website. It boasts a vast library of both new and old music tracks across various genres. Additionally, this site offers an easy process to create custom ringtones from MP3 files.


  • Enables quick track downloads or sharing with friends.
  • Easily create your own custom ringtones.


  • The music collection is not extensive enough.


Way 5.

CellBeat provides comprehensive downloads of MP3 and M4R format ringtones for both iPhone and Android devices. It offers various categories of notification sounds, including Pop music ringtones, Hip Hop ringtones, Country ringtones, R&B ringtones, funny ringtones, silly ringtones, and many more!


  • All content on CellBeat is free.
  • The website has a simple interface for browsing and downloading ringtones.


  • CellBeat might have fewer options, especially for niche genres.


Way 6.

Mobile9 is a free ringtone website that is easy to navigate. It also offers other products such as screensavers, wallpapers, games, and videos. The users form a community, and all products are available at no cost.


  • The website is user-friendly.
  • Mobile9 provides a variety of free products including ringtones, wallpapers, games, and videos.


  • As a free service, Mobile9 relies on advertisements for revenue.
  • Some files may be of lower quality.


How to Edit and Set Download Songs as Phone Ringtones

Generally, there are some requirements for setting ringtones for Android and iPhone.

  1. 📔Android:
  • Length recommendation: Android devices do not have strict restrictions on the length of ringtones, but it is generally recommended that the length of ringtones be between 30-40 seconds to ensure that the ringtone can be played normally in all situations.
  • File format: Android devices support a variety of ringtone file formats, such as .mp3, .ogg, .wav, etc.
  1. 📙iPhone:
  • Length requirement: The maximum length of iPhone ringtones is 40 seconds. If the ringtone exceeds this length, iTunes will not be able to sync the ringtone to the iPhone.
  • File format: The ringtone file format needs to be .m4r.

So, after you download free music ringtones for android and iPhone, you can use ringtone editor and convert to help you prepared a correct ringtone file. FoneTool is a professional ringtone maker and transfer tool. You can free download it and edit your audio on your PC.

In addition, for iPhone users, it can automatically convert the ringtone format to the m4r format suitable for iPhone phones and directly store it in the ringtone settings of the phone. This avoids the situation where the downloaded ringtone cannot be used due to file format problems.

  1. yes Highlights
  2. ✦ Easy to use. With the user-friendly interface, you can create and make your own ringtones as you like.
  3. ✦ Supports various audio formats. You can convert multiple types of music to m4r ringtones, including mp3, m4a, m4b, m4p, m4r, aif, aiff, flac, wav, aac, etc.
  4. ✦ Quickly import ringtones to iPhone. It supports you to easily move source and targeted files from PC to iPhone, or iPhone to PC.
  5. ✦ Free to select music. You can select the free download songs on computer. Or access the source music from iPhone apps directly.

Now, you can click the below button to download FoneTool on the Windows PC, and follow the easy steps to edit and convert these free ringtones for mobile phones.

Download Freeware Win 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

Step 1. Run FoneTool > Go to Toolbox > Choose Ringtone Maker option.


Step 2. Select the source music files. You can tap Select from computer to locate the download songs files. > Check and choose the song that you wish to edict and convert > Tap Select.

choose music from computer

If you are iPhone users, you can connect your iPhone to the PC, and then access audio files from your iPhone by clicking Select from device directly.

Step 4. Then you can edit the audio as you like > When it is finished, click Save to Computer or save to Device (It can transfer the ringtone to your iPhone Ringtone Setting).


To make a song your ringtone on iPhone, you can go to the iPhone Settings > Sounds & Haptics > Ringtone, choose the song and custom your iPhone ringtones.

ringtone setting

How to Transfer Ringtones from PC to iPhone - Quick & Easy

Besides, FoneTool is a powerful iPhone transfer tool. You can preview all download ringtones for iPhone free and select your desired ones to transfer.

  1. 🏆 Advantages
  2. ✮ Super fast transfer speed. For example, FoneTool can transfer 1000 songs in less than 10 minutes.
  3. ✮ Wide transfer choices. It can import various types of files, such as ringtones, photos, music, videos, messages, and more effortlessly.
  4. ✮ No Apple ID limitations. FoneTool can transfer data between different Apple IDs hassle-free. (Transfer Apple Music Subscription to Another Apple ID)

Here is the detailed steps to transfer ringtones from PC to iPhone.

Step 1. Connect the iPhone to computer with USB > Run FoneTool > Click Phone Transfer > Choose PC to iPhone > Tap Start Transfer.

pc to iphone transfer

Step 2. Tap Ringtones tab > Click the blue folder icon to add files. Or you can also drag ringtone files or folders to the windows directly.

pc to iphone ringtones transfer click ringtones

Step 3. After that, tap Start Transfer to begin.

transfer-ringtones to iphone


That’s all about how to free ringtones for mobile phones. We provide two different ways: website and download software. You can choose according to your preference. In addition, if you need to edit and transfer ringtones, FoneTool, a multifunctional software, is a good choice for you. I hope this article can successfully help you solve the problem!

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