[Easy Tips] How to Clear Reading List on iPhone/iPad/Mac

This article guides you on how to clear Reading List on iPhone/iPad/Mac. After reading, you can delete the Reading List from Safari and know how to remove all iPhone privacy data.

Clara by Clara Updated December 5, 2023
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I want to learn how to clear Reading List on iPhone, because I've been piling up my Safari Reading List on my device. Is there an easy way to clear it all out in one go? I'm using an iPhone 13 Pro Max with the latest iOS. Appreciate any suggestions!

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Why Is It Necessary to Clear Reading List on Your iPhone?

The Reading List feature in Safari browser is a convenient tool for saving web pages and articles to read later. However, over time, the Reading List can become cluttered with numerous items, taking up valuable storage space and potentially impacting the iPhone's performance. So it is necessary to delete Reading List on iPhone.

how to clear reading list on iphone

In this article, we will explore how to clear the Safari Reading List on the iPhone/iPad/Mac, and help you manage your iPhone privacy data with ease. By doing so, you can free up storage space, improve software performance, and optimize your device for a better browsing experience.

How to Delete Reading List on Your iPhone/iPad

Clearing out your Reading List not only helps declutter your bookmarks but also frees up valuable storage space on your iPhone/iPad. Enable to start fresh and maintain a more organized collection of saved web pages and articles, Now follow the guide to learn how to remove Reading List on iPhone or iPad.

To delete the Reading List on your iPhone or iPad, you can follow these steps:

Step 1. Launch Safari from the home screen on the iPhone or iPad.

Step 2. Click on the bookmarks icon from the bottom menu.

how to clear reading list on iphone

Step 3. Tap on the glasses icon to view your Reading List > And then, go to Edit in the bottom-right corner.

how to clear reading list on iphone

Step 4. Select the web pages that you want to clear > Choose Delete to remove them from the Reading List.

how to clear reading list on iphone

However, this method cannot clear all your Reading Lists with a single click. If you want to learn to clear the full list, check other ways below.

How to Remove Reading List on Mac

You can only delete your browsing records one by one on your iPhone. But fortunately, macOS provides the option to clear individual items and it also provides the option to clear all Reading List items at once. Here's a guide to introduce the steps for removing the Reading List on a Mac:

Step 1. Open Safari on your Mac > In the top-menu bat, locate the View tab.

Step 2. When a new pane will appears, select the Show Reading List Sidebar option.

how to clear reading list on iphone

Step 3. After that, right-click on the webpage that you want to delete > Choose Remove Item button in the menu.

If you want to clear all items from Safari Reading List, you can tap Clear All Items in the contextual menu. After you do that, the Reading List will be empty.

how to clear reading list on iphone

How to Remove All iPhone Privacy Data Easily

From the above, you can learn how to clear Reading List on iPhone. How about other iPhone cookies or app caches? Here, if you need to remove all iPhone privacy data to free up your iPhone and improve its performance, we strongly suggest you use the third-party iOS management app - FoneTool.

With FoneTool, you can easily wipe away your browsing and searching history from different apps on the iPhone, including Safari history and bookmarks. Besides erasing Safari data, Fonetool also allows you to permanently delete messages, photos, music, videos, contacts, and so on.

enlightened Why do you choose FoneTool?

yes Easy to use: With the user-friendly interface, you can remove your iPhone data with simple clicks.

yes Deep erase technology: You can permanently delete iPhone data and it can not be recovered anymore.

yes Professional transfer and backup tool: Except for erasing data, FoneTool also supports you transferring iPhone data and backing up iPhone to PC/iPad/other external drives.

yes Wide compatibility: FoneTool works well with various iOS devices, including the latest iOS 17, the series of iPhone/iPhone Pro/iPhone Pro Max, iPad and iPod Touch.

Now, click the download button to download FoneTool. And then, we will show you how to clear the iPhone privacy data.

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To begin the process of erasing private data on your iPhone, follow these steps:

Step 1. Install and open FoneTool on your computer > Use a USB cable to establish a connection between your iPhone and your computer.

Step 2. On the interface, go to the Toolbox section > Select Data Eraser.

how to clear reading list on iphone

Step 3. Locate Erase private data > Tap Get Started. You can also tap Erase all data if you need to.

how to clear reading list on iphone

Step 4. Choose the specific data you wish to erase > And then, tap the Start Erase button.

how to clear reading list on iphone

If you prefer to remove your Safari History and Safari Bookmarks, select those options.
If you prefer to completely erase your browsing history, check the Enable Deep Erase Technology box.

FAQs on Clear Reading List from Safari

After learning how to delete Reading List on iPhone in the above article, you may also want to know the below questions:

1. Will clearing the Reading List delete the actual web pages or articles?

No, clearing the Reading List only removes the saved references to the web pages or articles. The actual content of the web pages or articles will not be deleted.

2. Can I recover items that I have deleted from my Reading List?

Once you delete items from the Reading List, they cannot be recovered. It's important to review the list and save any important content elsewhere before deleting it.

3. Do I need to back up my Reading List before clearing it?

It's always a good practice to back up any important data before making any changes. While clearing the Reading List should not affect other data on your device, it's better to be safe and ensure you have a iPhone backup of any crucial information.


In conclusion, learning how to clear Reading List on iPhone/iPad/Mac has lots of benefits to your iPhone, like optimizing your Safari browsing experience. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can easily remove unnecessary web pages and articles and ensure a fresh start for saving new content.

Remember to review the items before deletion and save any important content elsewhere to avoid losing valuable information. If you want to retrieve deleted Safari history on iPhone/iPad, you can check the methods in this link.

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