How to See Blocked Messages on iPhone [Ultimate Guide]

Do you know how to see blocked messages on iPhone? If have blocked someone by mistake, you can follow this guide to unblock it and find the blocked messages on iPhone.

May by May Updated October 18, 2023
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Can You See Blocked Messages on iPhone?

Is there a way to see blocked messages on iPhone? Generally speaking, once you’ve blocked a contact, there’s no way those messages or calls will find their way through. Unlike certain Android devices, iPhones don’t have a designated Blocked Folder for data recovery. However, if you you’re looking to recover deleted text messages either before they were blocked or after unblocking, some data recovery software can help you recover these messages without the need for a backup, or you can extract them from your iPhone backups.

How to See Blocked Messages on iPhone

A Step-by-Step Guide: How to Unblock Someone on Your iPhone

Before discovering a way of how to see blocked messages on iPhone, the first thing is to regain access to messages from a previously blocked number, you’ll need to unblock it from your contact list. Here’s a straightforward process:

Step 1: Begin by navigating to your device’s Settings > Scroll down until you spot the familiar Phone icon.

Step 2: Within the settings, locate and select Call Blocking & Identification. Here, you’ll find a roster of your blocked contacts.

Select Call Blocking & Identification

Step 3: To unblock a contact, either tap Edit or perform a left swipe gesture. Once unblocked, you’ll be able to receive messages from that number once more.

Unblock a Contact

How to See Blocked Messages on iPhone - Safe & Easy Way

Unblocking someone on your iPhone reopens the channel for their text messages and calls to reach you. Should you wish to retrieve deleted text messages pre-block or simply aim to recover deleted text messages, iMessages, or WhatsApp messages, MyRecover for iOS will be a good option for you.

With the help of MyRecover for iOS, you can scan and recover your iPhone data (such as photos, videos, contacts, call history, WeChat history, and more) without a backup. Why choose MyRecover for iOS? Some advantages of this iPhone recovery tool are as follows:

Message Recovery: With the help of MyRecover for iOS, you can easily recover deleted text messages that were deleted before a block or other events.
Data Preview: Before you decide to recover the messages, MyRecover for iOS lets you preview the recoverable data and recover only the messages you need.
Support for Various Types of Data: MyRecover for iOS can also recover other files such as photos, videos, documents, and more from your iPhone.
User-Friendly Interface: MyRecover for iOS offers an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, making it accessible for users with varying levels of technical expertise.

So, how to recover blocked messages on iPhone with MyRecover for iOS? First download and install MyRecover for iOS on your Windows PC and then follow the simple instructions below.

Download Software iOS 10 and later
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Step 1: Establish a connection between your iPhone and the PC using a standard charging cable > Enter your passcode and tap Trust on your iPhone screen.

Connect iOS Device to PC

Step 2: Once your iPhone is identified by the software, click the Scan Now button to commence the scanning process.

Click Scan Now

Step 3: Once the scan is complete, locate and click the messages icon to preview and handpick your messages > Then, click Recover to retrieve blocked messages iPhone.

After that, you can switch to your iPhone to check if the recoverable messages exist. In addition, you can make use of MyRecover for iOS to recover permanently deleted voicemail on iPhone.

Bonus: Backup iPhone Data Including Messages via Safe Backup Tool

While the iPhone data recovery tool can perform scans and locate certain lost or deleted data on your iPhone, it doesn’t guarantee the recovery of all desired content, be it messages, photos, or any other data. To mitigate the risk of data loss, the safest practice is to maintain regular data backups, and FoneTool is a good option for you.

FoneTool is a free, safe, and professional iPhone backup tool, which offers a secure and convenient means of safeguarding your iPhone data, encompassing messages, photos, videos, contacts, and more. Only if you have made a backup of your iPhone, you can restore iPhone from backup after setup with one click.

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The Bottom Line

That’s all about how to see blocked messages on iPhone. In short, once messages are blocked on your iPhone, retrieval becomes impossible. If you are truly eager to reconnect with the person in question, an unconventional method can be used by requesting access to their phone to view the blocked messages.

Furthermore, MyRecover for iOS is the premier data recovery app, which enables users to retrieve lost iOS data on your iPhone. Of course, it’s very essential to make a regular backup of your iPhone or other iOS devices via FoneTool. In this case, even if you have reset iPhone to factory settings, you can also use FoneTool to restore your iPhone backup.

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