How to Restore iPhone from Backup After Setup

Can you restore iPhone from backup after setup? In this guide, you will be given detailed instructions about how to restore iPhone from iCloud/iTunes backup after initial setup, as well as offer easier ways to directly transfer data from iPhone to iPhone and selectively restore backup to iPhone.

Demi by Demi Updated May 10, 2024
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Can I restore iPhone from backup after setting it up?

I had new iPhone 15 and I need to restore the backup of my current iPhone to the new iPhone. Now I realized that I can restore the backup during the setup process. But I have already set up my iPhone. So how can I restore iPhone from backup after setting up as new phone? Is it possible?

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Can you restore iPhone from iCloud/iPhone backup after setup?

Yes, you still can restore your iPhone from an iCloud or an iPhone backup after setting up your new iPhone. If you have already set up your iPhone, and need to restore it from a backup. Apple suggests an official way that factory reset your iPhone to get back your iPhone to setup process. Then you can restore your iPhone data again. 

You can just keep on reading, we will guide you on how to restore iPhone from backup after the initial setup. In addition,  we will provide a professional iOS backup and transfer tool, which allows you to directly transfer data from iPhone to iPhone without backing up and restoring after setup. And it also helps you selectively restore backup to iPhone without factory resetting/erasing iPhone data.

iPhone setup hello screen

How to restore iPhone from iCloud/iTunes backup after setup

As we said, if you have already set up your iPhone, you can reset iPhone to factory settings - erase all data on your iPhone to get back to the setup guide. Here we will separately discuss how to restore iCloud backup and iTunes backup after setting up iPhone as new phone.

Part 1. How to restore iPhone from iCloud backup after initial setup

Let's check the steps on how to restore iPhone from backup without iTunes.

Step 1. Go to the Settings app on your iPhone.

Step 2. Choose General > Transfer or Reset iPhone > Tap Erase All Content and Settings. Then, input your passcode to confirm.

Erase All Content and Settings

Step 3. Wait for a while. When the erasing process to get finished. Turn on your iPhone, you will see the Hello screen.

Step 4. Connect your iPhone to Wi-Fi. When you are greeted with the App & Data page > Choose Restore from iCloud Backup > Sign in with your iCloud account and password > Choose the latest backup to restore.  

restore from iCloud backup

Part 2. How to restore iPhone from iTunes backup after setup

iTunes assists you in managing media files and backing up your iOS devices on your computer. If you've made an iTunes backup, the steps below will show you how to restore your iPhone from the most recent backup in iTunes.

Step 1. Set up your iPhone until you see Apps & Data screen > Choose Restore from Mac or PC.

Step 2. Connect your iPhone to computer with USB > Run the latest iTunes on your computer > Click the phone icon > Under Settings bar, choose Summary > Click Restore Backup.

restore from iTunes backup

Step 3. Finally, choose the latest iTunes backup to restore to your iPhone.

Warm tip: Quick fixes to restore iTunes backup not working If you find restore iTunes backup not working or iTunes restore backup greyed out during the process, you can try the following troubleshoots.
• Make sure the iPhone is recognized by iTunes.
• Restart iPhone and iTunes.
• Update iOS and iTunes version

FoneTool: A better way to transfer/restore data to iPhone after setup

When you need to restore iPhone from backup after setup, you can also turn to a popular and professional iOS data transfer and backup tool - FoneTool. It enables you to one-click transfer data from iPhone to iPhone when you complete the setup process.

And FoneTool provides a "Selective Backup" feature allowing you to selectively restore data to your iPhone without resetting. If you aleadly have put some new data to your new iPhone and don't want to reset your new device. You can use this features to backup data on your current device to PC and restore to your new iPhone without factory resetting.


👍 Transfer all data to new iPhone after setup. This freeware phone tool enables you to backup or transfer data from iPhone to iPhone after setup with no data loss.

👍 Simple UI and operations. The user-friendly design and interface help you handle the tool in a few seconds. The entire operation is as simple as ABC.

👍 No Apple ID limitations. If you want to change Apple ID on your new device, FoneTool supports transferring data from Apple ID to Apple ID.

👍 Restore backup without resetting: FoneTool supports restore photos, videos, contacts, messages, music to iPhone without resettings.

👍 Wide compatibility. FoneTool is widely compatible with models of iPhone, including the latest iPhone 15 series, as well as iPad and iPod.

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Next, we will show you how to restore iPhone data to another iPhone directly and selectively restore data to iPhone with FoneTool.

Part 1. How to restore/transfer everything from iPhone to iPhone after setup

Step 1. Launch in FoneTool > Connect both of your iPhones to a computer > You may need to tap Trust on your iPhone.

Step 2. Click Phone Transfer > Get to iPhone to iPhone option and click Start Transfer.

go to transfer

Note: If you have only one Apple Lightning to USB cable, you can also try Full Backup function on Phone Backup page to fully backup iPhone to PC and then restore it to your new iPhone.

Step 3. The source and target iPhone will be listed. To transfer passwords, health data, keychains, and other private data, you can encrypt the process. 

enable backup encyption

Step 4. Click Start Transfer to begin the transfer > Wait for the transfer to complete, and all data will be transferred to your new iPhone.

start transfer


Part 2. Selectively restore data to iPhone after setup without resetting

FoneTool 's "Selective Backup" feature helps you to backup photos, videos, contacts, messages, and music to your PC, then you can restore the backup to new iPhone after setting it up. If you don't want to restore all data to your new device, or don't want to reset iPhone, you can follow the steps below to learn how to back up iPhone to Windows partly.

Step 1. Connect the current iPhone to the computer and run FoneTool. Choose Phone Backup. Choose Selective Backup. Click Get Started.

selective backup

Step 2. Select the files you want to backup, and you can click the file type icon to choose the specific items. 

choose items to backup

Step 3. You can click the Backup Storage Path to save a location to save the data. Then click Start Backup.

start backup

Step 4. When the backup is completed. Disconnect the current iPhone and connect your new iPhone to the computer. Go to Backup History to restore the backup you just created.

view backups

Final words

That’s all for the instructions to restore iPhone from backup after setup. You can choose to restore iCloud/iTunes backup after erasing it or utilize FoneTool to easily restore data from iPhone to iPhone. And it also helps you selectively backup and restore data to a new iPhone without resettings. 

In addition, after restoring data, you may want to dispose of your old device and don't want a data leakage, FoneTool also supports completely and permanently erasing old iPhone data to protect your data against leakage.

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