Full Guide: How to Share Battery on iPhone 15

You may want to share battery from iPhone to another phone or other devices. In this guide, you will get a comprehensive overview of the iPhone battery sharing function, as well as how to share battery on iPhone 15.

Demi by Demi Updated June 13, 2024
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How do I battery share on my iPhone?

Can I use my iPhone to charge another phone? If it is possible, what should I do to charge another iPhone? Can anybody help me? Thanks in advance.

- Question from Apple Community

Battery sharing is a highly anticipated feature that can enhance the convenience and functionality of modern smartphones. With the release of the iPhone 15, many users are curious about whether this feature is available and how it can be utilized.

share battery on iphone

This comprehensive guide will explore the concept of battery sharing on the iPhone, address its feasibility, and provide detailed instructions on how to share battery on iPhone 15. Without further ado, let’s get started.

What Is Battery Sharing on iPhone?

Literally speaking, the cutting-edge battery sharing technology makes it possible to share battery from your iPhone to another devices. This creative function comes in especially handy when a phone's battery is about to run out and needs a little push to keep working.

Can you share battery on iPhone?

So here comes the question - can you share battery on iPhone? Depending on the phone models/devices and their compatibility, it can be done wirelessly or with a connecting cord.

Not only is this type of power exchange practical, but it may also save lives in circumstances when conventional charging methods are either unavailable or have restricted access.

How to Share Battery on iPhone

Now, it’s time to know how to share battery on iPhone. You are ale to share your iPhone 15 battery with iPhone, iPad, AirPods, and Apple Watch, etc. Here are how to share battery on iPhone 15.

Share battery on iPhone 15 with other iPhone

You may charge your iPhone using a USB-C cable and power adapter that comply with the USB-C standard, including USB Power Delivery — like the cable that came with your iPhone. Apple and other manufacturers provide a broad range of cables and power adapters.

• If the other iPhone has a USB-C connector, use a USB-C cable to connect it to your iPhone. This can be the cable that came with your iPhone.

• For an iPhone with a Lightning connector, connect it using an Apple USB-C to Lightning cable to transfer the power from one iPhone to the other.

Share battery on iPhone with other devices

You can use your iPhone to charge your AirPods, Apple Watch, or another small device that supports USB Power Delivery at up to 4.5 watts.

iphone charge airpods

If you have another device with a USB-C connector, connect it to your iPhone with a USB-C cable, such as the one included with your iPhone.

To charge a device that has a Lightning connector, connect it to your iPhone using an Apple USB-C to Lightning cable.

Charge your Apple Watch by connecting an Apple Watch Magnetic Fast Charger to USB-C Cable directly to your iPhone. You can also connect a Magnetic Charging Cable to your iPhone with the Apple USB-C to USB Adapter.

FAQs of iPhone Battery Sharing

You surely have many queries about iPhone battery sharing. For example, do I share my iPhone's battery by cable or wireless? Can I share the battery across my iPhone and Android devices? Can you use Airdrop to exchange batteries?...Now let's start to explore them one by one together!

How to Maximize Battery Efficiency While Sharing Power❓
To maximize battery efficiency:

• Use certified accessories.

• Avoid using devices while charging.

• Keep devices and chargers cool.

• Disconnect devices once fully charged.

Is There Any Impact on Device Performance While Sharing Battery❓
While sharing a battery, the primary device might experience a slight increase in temperature. However, using high-quality accessories minimizes any impact on performance.

Is it possible to airdrop batteries? No. AirDrop allows you to transfer music, and AirDrop photos from iPhone to iPad, and back up other sorts of data on nearby Apple devices. Unfortunately, you cannot utilize the AirDrop capability to transfer the battery from one Apple device to another.By the way, "How to Find AirDrop Files on Phone" will take you to a guide for using Airdrop to transfer files and data from your iPhone.

How to share battery on iPhone wirelessly❓
No. The iPhone 12 and 13 were reported to allow wireless power sharing, but this turned out to be incorrect. So far, the situation with iPhone 14/iOS 16 has remained unchanged. In addition, even though battery sharing is not accessible on iPhones, Samsung has supported this function on the Galaxy S20, S20+, S20 Ultra, and other models. Let us wait and watch whether Apple releases this functionality on the iPhone in the near future.


Battery sharing is a highly sought-after feature that enhances the versatility and convenience of modern smartphones. Understanding the capabilities and limitations of your devices, using certified accessories, and following best practices can help you maximize the benefits of battery sharing.

As technology evolves, we may see future iPhone models incorporating this feature natively, further enhancing the user experience. For now, these solutions provide effective ways to share battery power and keep your devices running smoothly.

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