How to Stop iPhone Camera from Shaking [Try 6 Easier Ways]

Do you know how to stop iPhone camera from shaking? In this step-by-step guide, you will learn the reasons and corresponding ways to fix this issue.

May by May Updated October 16, 2023
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Camera Shaking after update iOS 17

Hi there! After this update the camera have a strange behavior of shaking, making mostly of the pictures blur without focus. The same happen on record video. This is something related with this last iOS update. Any solution? Thanks!

- Question from Apple Community

Why is My iPhone Camera Shaking?

The iPhone camera has exceptional quality and a range of advanced features that enhance the photographic experience it offers. However, blurring may appear in photos, usually due to unintentional movement during the shooting process, a dirty lens on the iPhone camera, etc.. Whatever case is, here is a full guide on how to stop iPhone camera from shaking. Please keep reading!

How to Stop iPhone Camera from Shaking

How to Stop an iPhone Camera from Shaking - 6 Easier Ways

If your iPhone camera keeps shaking, don’t worry! This post will show you 6 easy ways to assist you grappling with this predicament.

Way 1. Clean the Lens

The most straight way to stop an iPhone camera from shaking is by cleaning the lens. Dust accumulation can disrupt the camera’s stability due to the added weight. You can effectively remove dust by gently wiping the lens with a clean tissue. Avoid using any liquid cleaners, as they can lead to severe malfunctions if they penetrate your iPhone. Once you’ve completed this task, assess whether the shaking issue with your iPhone camera has been resolved.

Way 2. Avoid Third-party Camera Apps

“Why does my iPhone camera keep shaking?” A substantial number of complaints regarding camera shake stem from the use of non-Apple camera apps. Frequently, the culprits are third-party apps, like popular social media platforms like TikTok. When using these apps to capture photos directly, you may easily encounter iPhone camera shaking issue. In this case, trying to remove these third-party apps may help you resolve this problem.

Way 3. Adjust Enhanced Stabilization

For those fortunate enough to own an iPhone 14 or a subsequent model, you’ll find an advanced version of Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) called Enhanced Stabilization. This feature offers a more robust stabilization mechanism than the standard one that’s automatically active.

To toggle Enhanced Stabilization on or off, navigate to Settings > Camera > Record Video. By default, this feature is activated. If you encounter camera shake issues during video recording in Cinematic or Video mode, experimenting with turning it off might yield improved results.

Adjust Enhanced Stabilization

Way 4. Enable Lock Camera

For iPhone 13 and above users, a handy feature known as Lock Camera is at your disposal. Enabling lock camera allows you to maintain control over the camera app, which can prevent automatic switches between different cameras on your device. To access this function, simply navigate to Settings > Camera > Record Video, and activate the Lock Camera option.

Enable Lock Camera

Way 5. Wipe and Reset the iPhone

Before initiating the erase and reset process on your iPhone, it is important to emphasize the need to back up your iPhone and then restore iPhone from backup after setup. This critical step is imperative due to the fact that a full content wipe occurs during an iPhone reset, leading to potential data loss. To perform a reset, follow these steps:

Step 1: Access Settings on your iPhone > Navigate to the General section > Select Transfer or Reset iPhone.

Step 2: Next, select Delete All Content and Settings > Enter the passcode on your iPhone screen and tap Reset again to confirm.

Reset All Settings

If you have not yet synchronized your data via iCloud or other backup tools, you can select Finish Uploading Then Erase or you can go ahead and Erase Now to initiate an iPhone reset.

Way 6. Seek Assistance from Apple Service

While some may advise self-replacing the camera, it's a path best reserved for iPhone component experts. For those lacking this expertise, we strongly discourage attempting a DIY iPhone camera replacement. Given the intricate nature of the iPhone, any hasty maneuver holds the potential for irreversible damage.

So, how to stop an iPhone camera from shaking? The preferred course of action involves reaching out to Apple’s after-sales support. You can seek assistance by placing a call or engaging in an online consultation with Apple support to address the camera issue effectively.

Bonus: Backup iPhone Before Fixing Issue to Avoid Data Loss

When your iPhone appears some issues, there are various ways to help you fix them. However, it’s vital to back up or transfer your iPhone data to other devices to protect your important data. Here it’s recommended to use FoneTool - a free and reliable iPhone backup tool.

With FoneTool, you can choose to make a full or selective backup of your iPhone. Here is how to use this backup tool:

Step 1: Free download and install FoneTool on your Windows PC > Connect your iPhone using a USB cable and tap Trust on your iPhone screen.

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Step 2: Click Phone Backup on the home page of FoneTool > Hover over the Selective Backup mode and select Get Started.

Selective Backup

You can select Full Backup to make a full iPhone backup and Enable Backup Encryption to encrypt backup for iPhone.

Step 3: Click icons to manually select the files you wish to include in the backup > Click Backup Storage Path to specify the backup location > Then, click Start Backup to initiate the backup process for your device.

Start Backup

Once the iPhone backup is complete, you can go to the Backup History option to check your backup files. In addition, you can also transfer data from iPhone to new iPad/iPhone or a PC.

The Bottom Line

That’s all about how to stop iPhone camera from shaking. Given that the iPhone’s camera shaking issue often stems from software-related problems, you can conveniently address this concern from the comfort of your home during quarantine by implementing the 6 ways mentioned previously. Notably, it’s essential to backup iPhone to iPad or other devices with safe iPhone backup app like FoneTool. With this app, you can also convert HEIC to JPG/PNG, delete duplicate photos, wipe your iPhone clean, and more. Try it out!

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