[Latest 7 Ways] How to Fix iPad Not Charging Past 80

If you find your iPad can not charging past 80 percent, just find reasons and solutions in this message. When you need to delete some apps to fix the issue, remember to back up iPad with FoneTool to avoid data loss.

Kathy by Kathy Updated November 6, 2023
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Why is my iPad not charging past 80?

I’ve been charging my iPad and it gets stuck at 80% every time. I couldn’t use it at full capacity because of this. The only solution I found on the internet was specific for iPhone (battery health optimization) but that feature is not available on the iPad. Any alternative or manual solution for this?

- Question from Apple Community

Why iPad not charging past 80 percent?

The battery percentage displayed on the iPad can help you easily know the usage time of your device. However, sometimes, when the battery is too low and you attempt to charge your iPad, the battery percentage remains below 80%.

And here are some possible reasons why this issue might occur.

⛔ The charging accessory or the socket may have issues.
⛔ The iPad suddenly experienced an unexpected bug.
⛔ Your iPad is too hot.
⛔ Some apps on the iPad consume a significant amount of power.
⛔ There may be dirt or debris in the device or the USB cable's connector.
⛔ There is an issue with the charging method.

How to fix iPad not charging past 80 percent

Now you can keep on reading to find a solution for your iPad charging issue.

Method 1. Wait for some time

When your iPad won't charge beyond 80%, it might be due to not allowing it sufficient time to charge fully. iPads tend to charge quickly from 0% to 80%, after which they switch to a slower trickle charging mode to enhance the battery's long-term health.


You can simply leave your iPad plugged in for some time and return to check its battery level approximately 30 minutes later.

Method 2. Cool down your device

iPadOS includes a feature that restricts charging above 80% when the software detects that the battery temperature is rising.

If the iPad is not charging due to the device being too hot, you can try unplugging the charging cable, move the iPad to a cooler place, and wait for the device to cool down to a normal level before attempting to recharge it.

ipad is hot

Method 3. Restart your iPad

Rebooting your iPad can help solve certain temporary issues that may be causing iPad Mini/Air/Pro not charging past 80 percent.

Restart iPad without a Home Button: Press and hold either volume button and the top button until the power off slider appears > Drag the slider to turn off your device.


Restart iPad with a Home button: Press and hold the top button until the power off slider appears > Drag the slider to power off your iPad.

After a while, you can press and hold the top button until you see the Apple logo to turn your iPad back on.

Method 4. Clean your device

Sometimes, the iPad not charging above 80 issue might be due to dirt in the iPad's USB port or lightning dock. Cleaning these components can help ensure an optimized charging process. Just power off your iPad > Use a small dental brush or a dry, soft-bristled toothbrush for this delicate task.

usb port

Or dampen a lint-free cloth with a small amount of isopropanol > Use the cloth to clean the plug that makes contact with the USB port on the iPad > Allow the plug to thoroughly dry before inserting it into your iPad.

Method 5. Confirm your outlet and power source

It's wise to check if the issue originates from the electrical outlet. You can use an electric tester pen or any available method to determine if the outlet is functioning properly.

charge ipad

Additionally, if you're using a power source with low amperage, such as a car charger or a keyboard, your iPad may charge very slowly or not charge at all. To address this, connect your lightning cable to a high-amperage source, such as an outlet or a USB port on a laptop or desktop.

Method 6. Change your charging method

The method you employ for charging could potentially be the underlying cause of the issue where iPadOS won't charge beyond 80%.

If you've been using wireless charging, try switching to a wall adapter. Conversely, if you've been relying on a wall adapter for charging, unplug the lightning cable and connect it to the USB port of your computer to see if it charges. If you're still encountering charging issues, it's a good idea to change and use a different wall adapter.

charge iapd with a wall adapter

Method 7. Uninstall some problematic apps

Certain applications installed on your iPad can consume a significant amount of power, potentially affecting your charging issues. To identify these power-hungry applications, follow these steps:

Open the Settings app on your iPad > Scroll down and select Battery, then tap Battery usage. Applications that appear at the top of the list are likely to be the ones draining your battery.

battery settings

If you suspect the presence of any such power-draining applications, consider uninstalling them to improve your device's battery performance and charging. Before the process, it’s better to fully back up iPad to avoid data loss.

Full back up your iPad

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Step 2. Choose Phone Backup Full Backup > Click Get Started to begin.

fully backup

Step 3. Select the storage path > Tap Start Backup to complete the task.

start backup

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Back up WhatsApp

If you need to delete WhatsApp from your iPad, FoneTool can also help you individually back up WhatsApp, even if your WhatsApp experiences issues and can't be opened, making the backup process straightforward.

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Step 1. Click WhatsApp Manager > Go to WhatsApp and move the cursor to Backup WhatsApp > Tap on the Get Started button.

back up whatsapp

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Step 2. You can check Enable Backup Encryption to protect your private data if you need > Choose Backup Storage Path option to select a storage destination > Click Start Backup to begin the task.

back up whatsapp

Uninstall the apps

Now you can easily uninstall the power-hungry apps on your iPad. Just touch and hold the app, then tap Remove App to accomplish the action.

Next time when you need, you can launch FoneTool and choose Backup History to easily restore your full iPad backup or WhatsApp backup to your current iPad or another iOS device.

restore backup

And for those who were previously accustomed to using iCloud, the WhatsApp couldn’t restore chat history from iCloud issue will no longer trouble you.

Final words

Now you can know how to fix iPad not charging past 80 issue. And if you need to delete some power-hungry apps from your iPad, it’s better to use FoneTool to fully back up your iPad or individually back up WhatsApp.

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