[7 Solutions] How to Fix iPhone Battery Percentage Stuck

iPhone battery percentage stuck? In this article, you may know the reasons why it happens. And learn the 7 useful solutions to fix iPhone battery percentage stuck while charging.

Clara by Clara Updated November 30, 2023
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Is anyone else facing the issue of their iPhone battery percentage stuck? My iPhone 12 seems to be stuck at the same percentage for hours, even after charging. Wondering if it's a common problem or if there's something specific, I should try to fix it. Any suggestions? Thanks!

- Question from Apple Community

Why is My iPhone Battery Percentage Stuck While Charging?

Many users have reported malfunctioning battery percentage on their iPhones. They have found that the battery percentage staying on the same, even after a long time of charging. Why is my battery percentage is stuck in iPhone?

iphone battery percentage stuck

There are many reasons cause the battery percentage doesn't work, such as: iPhone charging cable or port is not clean, iOS system bugs, or the battery is damaged. Next, we will provide some solutions that can can fix this fault, take a look!

7 Solutions: How to Fix Stuck Battery Percentage

Now, there are 7 effective solutions to address iPhone charging percentage stuck. They are suitable not only for iPhone, but also for other devices like the iPad. Read and choose the way you like.

Solution 1. Check Charging Cable and Charging Port

If you meet iPhone battery issues, the first way you can try is to check the cable and the charging port. Carefully inspect the charging cable and port for dirt or liquid, then simply clean it with a dry stick or a cloth. After that, test your iPhone to see if the issue is resolved. If it doesn't work well, you can also try a new charging cable.

iphone battery percentage stuck

Solution 2. Hard Reboot Your iPhone

Sometimes, a simple reboot can't help you to solve the problem of fixing iPhone battery percentage stuck while charging. So you need to go through the following more in-depth steps to hard reset your iPhone:

For iPhone 6 or older models: Please press the Home button and the Sleep/Wake button > When you see the Apple logo on the screen, release it.

For iPhone 7 series: Press and hold two buttons: the Volume Down button and the Sleep/Wake button > Release them after the Apple logo appears.

For iPhone 8, X, 11, 12 or later models: Quickly Press the Volume Up button > And then, press the Volume Down button > Hold the Side button > Release it when the Apple logo on the screen.

iphone battery percentage stuck

Solution 3. Turn Off Optimized Battery Charging

If you turn Optimized Battery Charging on, your iPhone will record your charging habits. It will keep the battery at 80% at night, and charging it to 100% when it guesses you're about to wake up. While this method is good for prolonging battery life, it may cause the iPhone battery percentage stuck at 80. So, you can follow the steps below to turn off this feature.

Step 1. Go to Settings > Find and click Battery > Tap Battery Health & Charging.

Step 2. Toggle off the Optimized Battery Charging button.

Solution 4. Check Battery Health Settings

The iPhone monitors the health of the battery. If you are experiencing battery percentage stuck at iPhone, go to the "Battery Health" setting and check if there is any problem with the battery.  If it is below 80%, it is best to replace the battery. Follow the guide to check your battery:

Step 1. Open Settings > Go to the Battery section.

Step 2. Tap on Battery Health to see the percentage displayed before the Maximum Capacity.

iphone battery percentage stuck

Solution 5. Drain Your iPhone Battery

There's another way to help you fix the battery percentage not increasing issue. You just need to turn it off for some calibration, and see if it helps your iPhone display the battery percentage correctly. Follow the steps:

Step 1. Shuts down your iPhone by draining its battery.

Step 2. After a few hours, charge it with an Apple charger > Waite it fully charges without using it.

Step 3. Once it's charged enough, restart the iPhone to see if the battery percentage can show up normally.

Solution 6. Update iOS to the Latest Version

As we mentioned, this is most likely an iPhone-related bug that keeps annoying users. And making an update to the latest iOS version will fix this problem to some degree. If your system is in a relatively low version, then it's time to make a renewal to check if the latest one can fix bugs including this iPhone battery percentage stuck problem as usual.

Before you update the iPhone operating system, notice:

Ensure there is a stable network connection and have enough storage space.

You’d better back up iPhone data. Because this proceed will erase your old data.

Step 1. Open the Settings app on the device > Click on General> Select Software Update.

iphone battery percentage stuck

Step 2. If it's available, choose to Download and Install

Solution 7. Ask for Apple's Help

With the above methods, hope you've managed to solve your iPhone battery problem. If none of the solutions help you, then the problem may lie with the battery itself. You can take your iPhone to an Apple support center and have them do a check. You can replace it with new one if it is necessary.

Bonus Tip: Fully Backup iPhone to Avoid Losing Data

Whether it's the erasure of data due to updating the system, or the loss of data due to any circumstances such as the iPhone battery percentage stuck, it will cause you a lot of trouble. So we suggest you use professional backup software to back up iPhone data.

FoneTool is a powerful iOS backup & transfer tool. With it, you can fully back up your iPhone with a few clicks, or selectively back up your iPhone data with a high speed. Both of them are free!

Besides, it allows you to back up iPad to PC. And you can restore the backups to the different iOS devices. Now you can download FoneTool to learn how to back up your iPhone.

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Step 1. Run FoneTool on your computer > Connect the iPhone to the computer via a USB cable.

Step 2. On the left pane, click Phone Backup > Choose to Full Backup > Tap on Get Started.

iphone battery percentage stuck

With FoneTool, you can also transfer iPhone to iPhone/PC, Erase iPhone data, and so on. Just click the icon you need in the tool pane.

Step 3. Check Enable Backup Encryption if you need > And then, select a storage path to save the backups > Click Start Backup to continue.

iphone battery percentage stuck


That’s all about how to fix iPhone battery percentage stuck. When you are experiencing this trouble, don't panic, you can first try to solve it by yourself. If you are not able to solve the problem by using the ways mentioned in the article, you can contact Apple and ask for help. At last, I hope you can solve it successfully.

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