9 Fixes! iPhone Flashlight Greyed Out

iPhone flashlight button greyed out so that you cannot turn on flashlight? You may need this guide to get out of the issue in 9 workable and simple solutions.

Demi by Demi Updated August 4, 2023
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The flashlight feature on an iPhone is incredibly useful for providing instant illumination in low-light situations. However, there are instances when the flashlight icon becomes greyed out and unresponsive, leaving you in the dark. This issue can be frustrating, especially when you need quick access to the flashlight.

iphone flashlight greyed out

In this article, we will explore the reasons behind the flashlight icon being greyed out on an iPhone and provide nine effective fixes to resolve the issue, ensuring that you can once again use your iPhone's flashlight without any interruptions.

Part 1. Why is my flashlight icon greyed out on iPhone?

Several factors can contribute to the flashlight icon being greyed out on your iPhone. Understanding these reasons is crucial for pinpointing the root cause of the problem:
⛔ Camera App Open: If the Camera app is running or was recently active, the flashlight icon might be greyed out as it cannot be used simultaneously with the camera's flash.
⛔ Control Center Glitch: Temporary software glitches within the Control Center can sometimes cause the flashlight icon to become unresponsive.
⛔ Third-Party App Interference: Certain third-party apps might interfere with the flashlight's functionality, leading to the greyed-out icon.
⛔ iOS Update Issue: A recent iOS update might have introduced a bug or compatibility issue affecting the flashlight.
⛔ Hardware Malfunction: In rare cases, a hardware malfunction might be causing the flashlight to become unresponsive.
⛔ Your iPhone is too hot: iPhone overheating is a long-standing problem for many iPhone users, which can also lead to flashlight greyed out temporarily.

Part 2. 9 Fixes to iPhone flashlight greyed out

Now, let's explore nine effective fixes to resolve the issue of the iPhone flashlight icon being greyed out. Just try them one after another until your issue gets fixed.

1# Close any other app that uses the camera

When you try to activate the iPhone flashlight by accessing the Control Center and find that the flashlight icon is greyed out, it's likely because an app currently has access to your device's camera. iOS restricts the use of the flashlight when an app is actively using the camera to ensure privacy and prevent conflicts between camera and flashlight functionalities.

To resolve this issue and enable the flashlight, simply exit the app that has access to your camera. For example, if you are using Instagram or any other camera app, close the app, and you should then be able to use the flashlight without any problem. Once the camera access is no longer in use, the flashlight icon in the Control Center should become active again.

2# Quit the Camera app

You're absolutely right! Attempting to use the flashlight while the Camera app is active can create an issue because both functions require the camera's flash, which cannot be used simultaneously. To resolve this, you can dismiss the Camera app and then use the flashlight. Here's how you can do it on different iPhone models:

For iPhone X/11, or later
Swipe up from the Home screen to access the Control Center > Select the Camera app > Swipe up on the Camera app to dismiss it.

For iPhone 8/8 Plus, or earlier models
Press the Home button twice to access the app switcher > Locate the Camera app in the app switcher > Slide up on the Camera app to dismiss it.

quit all apps

By dismissing the Camera app, you free up the camera's flash and can use the flashlight without any issue.

3# Close all apps and force restart iPhone

If, still, iPhone flashlight greyed out, you may try to close all apps according to the instructions in the 2 fixes. After that, you can perform a force iPhone restart to refresh your iPhone. According to your iPhone models, the steps to force restart iPhone differ.

iPhone 8 or later: Press the volume + button and then quickly release. Press the volume button and then quickly release. Press the side button for seconds until you see the Apple logo.
iPhone 7/7 Plus: Press both the power button and volume - button for seconds until you see the Apple logo.
iPhone 6s or earlier: Press both the power button and the Home button for seconds until you see the Apple logo.

force restart iphone

4# Check for camera access permissions

In some cases, the flashlight may greyed out in the Control Center because the app you are using does not have permission to access the camera. Since the flashlight functionality relies on the camera's flash, the app must have the necessary permissions to utilize it.

To resolve this issue and enable the flashlight, you can follow these steps:
Step 1. Go to the Settings app on your iPhone > Scroll down and select Privacy > Camera.

Step 2. Locate the app that you are using which requires the flashlight and ensure that the toggle switch next to it is enabled (green).

camera access permission

Now, try accessing the Control Center and turning on the flashlight. It should work without any issues.

5# Check for low battery and disable Low Power mode

If the flashlight is greyed out on your iPhone, it could be due to your phone being in low power mode. In low power mode, certain features, including the flashlight, are disabled to conserve battery life and extend the time your device can operate on a low battery.

To check if your iPhone is in low power mode, you can follow these steps:
Open the Settings app on your iPhone > Scroll down and tap on Battery > If the toggle switch next to Low Power Mode is enabled (green), turn it off.

low power mode

6# Turn off LED Flash for Alerts

By turning the LED flash for alerts off and then on again, you can refresh the functionality and potentially resolve any issues that were causing the flashlight not to work. Just follow the steps to have a try.

Step 1. Go to the iPhone Settings app > Scroll down to locate and choose Accessibility Audio/Visual.

Step 2. Find LED Flash for Alerts, and toggle the button off then on.

led flash for alters

7# Try using Siri to turn on the flashlight

Using Siri to turn on the flashlight can be another quick and convenient fix when the flashlight is greyed out or not responding through other methods. Siri, Apple's virtual assistant, can help you perform various tasks, including activating the flashlight.

To use Siri to turn on the flashlight, follow these steps:
Press and hold the Home button (on devices with a Home button) or say "Hey Siri" (if you have it enabled) to activate Siri. Say the command, "Turn on the flashlight".

Siri should promptly respond by turning on the flashlight for you. This method is handy when the Control Center option is not working, and it provides a simple way to access the flashlight functionality without manually navigating through the settings.

hey siri

However, if Siri cannot turn on the flashlight, as you mentioned, it might indicate a software issue that may require further troubleshooting. In such cases, exploring other potential fixes.

8# Reset all settings

It’s likely that you’ve tried all of the solutions above but with no success. If this is the case, you may need to reset all iPhone settings. It’s a basic repair, but it may solve the problem permanently. Here’s what you should do in that regard:

Step 1. Open Settings > Navigate to General Transfer or Reset iPhone > Reset.

Step 2. Click on Reset All Settings > When asked, enter your password > Tap Reset All Settings again to confirm.

reset all settings

9# Update to the latest iOS version

Never forget to upgrade the iOS system! Apple includes bug patches in every version, you may get out the issue - iPhone flashlight button greyed out after updating.

Go to the Settings app on your iPhone > General Software Update. If there is a new iOS version, download and install it.

ios software update


That’s all for the solutions to the issue iPhone flashlight greyed out. With these fixes in hand, you can confidently resolve the iPhone flashlight greyed-out issue and continue using your device's flashlight with ease.


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