Top 6 Fixes to iPhone Stuck on Call Ended

Have you ever encounter the issue that your call stuck on the ending screen? If you have, you may need this guide to get possible reasons behind the issue - iPhone stuck on call ended screen and fixes to it.

Demi by Demi Updated October 8, 2023
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iPhone stuck on call ended

Help! My iPhone stuck on call end and won’t hard reset or make any calls. All other feature work. What do I do?

- Question from Apple Community

Modern smartphones like the iPhone have become indispensable tools for communication, but they are not immune to glitches and issues. One such problem that iPhone users occasionally face is being stuck on the "Call Ended" screen. This frustrating situation can disrupt important calls and cause inconvenience.

iPhone stuck on call ended

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore why your iPhone may get stuck on "Call Ended" and provide effective solutions to resolve this issue.

Why iPhone stuck on call ended?

Understanding the underlying causes of this issue is crucial for finding the right solution. Here are some common reasons why your iPhone might get stuck on the "Call Ended" screen:

⛔ Network Connectivity Issues
Poor or unstable network connections can lead to dropped calls and the "Call Ended" problem. This might happen due to weak cellular signals or Wi-Fi disruptions.

⛔ Software Bugs and Glitches
Like any other device, iPhones can encounter software bugs and glitches that can affect call functionality. These issues may arise from a recent software update or simply over time.

⛔ Third-Party Apps
Certain third-party apps, particularly those related to call management or network optimization, can interfere with your phone's call functions and result in call ending problems.

⛔ Network Carrier Issues
Sometimes, the problem may not be with your iPhone but with your network carrier. Issues on the carrier's end, such as network congestion or technical problems, can cause calls to end unexpectedly.

Having identified these potential causes, let's explore the top fixes to resolve the "iPhone Stuck on Call Ended" issue.

6 fixes to iPhone stuck on call ended

To assist you in resolving this issue swiftly, we've compiled a list of potential and straightforward solutions. Feel free to explore them further.

1# Force restart iPhone

When confronted with an issue like iPhone stuck on call screen, one of the most effective remedies is to restart your device. If your iPhone is unresponsive, a Force Restart is the logical step to take. This action will clear any background apps and address any temporary bugs that might be causing the problem.

● For iPhone 8 and later with Face ID
Quickly press and release the Volume Up button > Perform the same operation on Volume Down button > Press and hold the Side/Power button until the Apple logo appears.

● For iPhone 7/7 Plus
Press and hold the Top button and Volume Down button together > Release both buttons when the Apple logo appears.

● For iPhone 6s, SE and earlier with Home button
Hold down the Home button and the Top (or Side) button at the same time > Release both buttons when the Apple logo appears.

force restart iPhone

2# Force stop the apps running in background

If your iPhone stuck on call screen, but it can still be responsive and functioning in other aspects, you can try force stopping background apps. While iPhone is known for its efficient background app optimization, having too many apps running simultaneously may occasionally lead to malfunctions. Here’s how to force stop background apps:

• For iPhone without Home button
Swipe up from the home screen or while in an app, from the bottom of the screen while still pressing the screen and pause > Swipe up the app preview card and force quit it.

• For iPhone with Home button
Double tap the Home button > Swipe left or right to choose and swipe up the app preview to force quit it.

quit all apps

3# Disable Call Forwarding

Sometimes, the enabled Call Forwarding setting can lead to iPhone stuck on call ended screen issue. You can disable the Call Forwarding setting to troubleshoot the issue.

Go to your iPhone Settings app > Scroll down and select Phone > Tap Call Forwarding to toggle it off.

disable call forwarding

4# Disable/Uninstall third-party call-related apps

If you've recently installed or updated any third-party call-related apps, they could be causing the issue. Disable or uninstall these apps one by one to identify the culprit.

Simple long press the icon of the app and release when the icon begins to shake > Tap Delete App from the appearing list to uninstall the app from your iPhone.

uninstall instagram

5# Reset all settings

If none of the above solutions work, you can try resetting all settings on your iPhone. This will not erase your data but will reset all settings to their default values. To reset all settings on iPhone, you can follow the steps below:

Go to the Settings app on your iPhone > General > Choose Transfer or Reset iPhone > Tap Reset > Reset All Settings. You need to enter your passcode to confirm the operation.

iPHone reset settings

6# Contact your network carrier

If you continue to experience call ending problems after trying the above solutions, it's a good idea to contact your network carrier. They can help diagnose and resolve any network-related issues that may be causing the problem.


iPhone stuck on Call Ended screen can be a frustrating experience, especially during important calls. However, with the solutions provided in this guide, you should be able to troubleshoot and resolve the issue effectively. Whether it's a network connectivity problem, a software glitch, or interference from third-party apps, these fixes should help you regain smooth and uninterrupted call functionality on your iPhone. Stay connected and enjoy hassle-free calls!

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