6 Ways to Android to Android File Transfer via WiFi

Wondering how to transfer files from Android to Android via WiFi? In this guide, we will show you 6 effective Android app to enable you to achieve Android to Android file transfer via WiFi.

Demi by Demi Updated January 4, 2024
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As our reliance on smartphones continues to grow, the need for wireless file transfer from Android to Android becomes paramount. Whether you're upgrading to a new Android device or sharing files with a friend, the ability to transfer files effortlessly over WiFi is a convenient and efficient solution.

wireless transfer files between android

In this article, we will explore six effective ways for Android to Android file transfer via WiFi, covering various methods and tools to cater to different user preferences.

1# The best way to Android to Android file transfer via WiFi

FoneTool stands out as a comprehensive and user-friendly tool for Android users seeking a seamless file transfer experience over WiFi. With its intuitive interface and robust features, FoneTool simplifies the process of transferring various types of files between Android devices.

Here's how to use FoneTool for Android to Android file transfer via WiFi:

Step 1. Download FoneTool app on the two Android phone > Allow FoneTool to use WiFi > Open the Wi-Fi option without connecting any Wi-Fi.

Step 2. Within the FoneTool app on either device, tap Connect Device > Select Connect to Android > Look for and tap the name of the desired device to establish a connection between the two Android.

connect to android

Step 3. On the source Android phone, go to the File Transfer > Select the files you want to transfer via WiFi > Tap Send to begin.

tap send video

Step 4. On the target Android phone, you will see a prompt and tap Confirm to receive the files.

tap confirm music

2# Android to Android file transfer via WiFi - Wi-Fi Direct

Wi-Fi Direct transfer is typically activated in the Share/Action menu on Android phones, alongside options like Email and Bluetooth for file migration. This feature allows you to choose and transfer multimedia files such as photos, videos, and audio from Android to Android.

Make sure your two devices are close to each other, Wi-Fi enabled on two devices, and follow the steps to complete Android to Android file transfer via WiFi.

Step 1. On your two Android devices, open Settings > Go to Wi-Fi > Select Wi-Fi Direct.

Step 2. Wait for Wi-Fi Direct to scan for other devices > Select the other device you would like to connect to.

Step 3. On the other Android device, tap Accept to accept the invitation to connect.

wifi direct connection

Step 4. Now, on your source Android phone, select the files you want to transfer > Tap Send. Tap Receive to accept the transfer request on target Android phone.

3# Android to Android file transfer via WiFi - Nearby Share

Nearby Share is a feature introduced by Google for Android devices, enabling seamless file transfer over WiFi or Bluetooth. Here's how to use Nearby Share for Android to Android file transfer via WiFi:

Step 1. Turn on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on both Android phones.
• Go to Settings Connected Devices > Connection Preferences > Use Nearby Share.
• After turning on the Nearby Share, enable your devices to be accessed by Everyone.

nearby share androids

Step 2. On the resource Android device:
• Open a file you want to transfer and tap the Share button.
• Then click the Nearby Share icon > Tap the discovered target Android to send the file.

Step3. On the target Android device, tap Accept on the receiving Android device.

If there is no Nearby Share option, the selected file type may not support the Nearby Share feature. So, you may need to try other methods. You can also learn how to Nearby Share Android to iPhone.

4# Android to Android WiFi file transfer - Send Anywhere

Send Anywhere is a versatile file-sharing app that allows users to transfer files across platforms, including Android to Android. Here's how to use Send Anywhere for WiFi file transfer: 

Step 1. Download and launch the Send Anywhere app on both Android devices.

Step 2. On the sending device, select the files you wish to transfer and tap Send. You will receive a unique 6-digit code, a QR code, and a Share Link for the transfer.

send anywhere transfer

Step 3. On the target device, open Send Anywhere and choose Receive. You can either scan the QR code, enter the 6-digit code, or use the provided Share Link to connect two Android devices.

Step 4. Finally, select the desired destination folder on your Android phone to complete the seamless file transfer process.

5# Android to Android WiFi file transfer - Google Drive

Google Drive is also a nice try to transfer files from Android to Android. Upload files to the cloud, making them accessible across devices through shared links or the same Google account. It supports various file types, including videos, photos, and documents, serving as a convenient backup for important images.

Steps to WiFi file transfer Android to Android with Google Drive
Step 1. On your Android, install and open the Google Drive app > Click Add > Tap Upload.

android upload videos

Step 2. Select the files you want to transfer to your phone > Tap Upload again. The files will be saved in your cloud storage.

Step 3. If you want to transfer files to other people, after the above steps, open My Drive > Click the three dots on a file > Choose Share.

Step 4. Add the recipient's Google account > Enter a message, and tap Send.

Step 5. On the other Android device, open Google Drive > Tap the link to view the file.

6# Android to Android WiFi file transfer - NFC

NFC, or Near Field Communication, is a technology enabling communication between two devices placed in close proximity. If both the source and target Android phone support NFC, you can wirelessly share data between them. Follow these steps for the transfer.

Step 1. On two Android devices, open NFC by going to Settings > Connected Devices > Connection Preferences > Enable both NFC and Android Beam.

android nfc

Step 2. On the source Android phone, go to certain apps to locate and choose the files you want to transfer.

Step 4. With both phones unlocked and NFC enabled, bring the two phones close together, back-to-back.

Step 5. The target Android phone will show a prompt to accept the incoming NFC transfer > Accept the transfer on the target Android phone.


In conclusion, Android users have a variety of options when it comes to transferring files between devices over WiFi. We come up with the 6 fastest ways to achieve Android to Android file transfer via WiFi. Hopefully, there is a solution to fit every your preferences.

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