Fix Android USB File Transfer Not Working Windows 10/11

When the Android USB file transfer not working on Windows 10/11, what should you do to solve the problem? Just read this passage to get useful tips!

Kathy by Kathy Updated December 22, 2023
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Why Android USB file transfer not working Windows 10/11?

When you need to back up Android data or want to manage the files on PC, transferring files from Android device to the computer via a USB cable is an available way. But some people will find that USB file transfer not working only charging or the computer can’t recognize your device.

android file transfer not working

When the Android device transfer failure such as the Pixel data transfer issue occurs, there are some possible reasons.

⛔ The USB cable is damaged.
⛔ The transfer configuration is wrong.
⛔ Some temporary connection issues occurred.
⛔ Your devices are running with outdated systems.

How to fix Android USB file transfer not working Windows 10/11

These troubleshooting steps below can help address various issues that may occur during USB file transfers between an Android phone and a computer.

Solution 1. Restart your devices

If the issue was caused by computer recognition failure, you can restart both the computer and Android phone to alleviate possible overload.

For your Windows 10/11 PC: Go to Start, select the Power button, and then select Restart to finish the process.

restart windows

For your Android device: Press and hold the Power button for a few seconds > Once the restart window appears, tap on the restart or reboot option > Allow your phone to complete the reboot process.

Once all your devices are opened again, you can retry the file transfer process to check if the issue is fixed.

Solution 2. Update software

If there is an outdated system running on your Android or PC, then the process may be interrupted. You can choose to update the software to solve the USB file transfer not working on Android issue.

Solution 3. Change the transfer configuration

Changing your phone's default behavior when linked to a PC can potentially solve issues with file transfer on your Android device.

You can unplug your device, then re-plug it. After a while, a pop-up window will appear, you will see the USB transfer configuration and set it to File Transfer.

start to file transfer

Solution 4. Reinstall the drivers

When the computer operating system encounters difficulty installing essential drivers, you can terminate all ongoing computer processes via the task manager. Upon connecting your Android phone, the system will initiate installation of required drivers. 

You must ensure your computer's operating system is updated to the latest version for optimal compatibility.

Solution 5. Check USB debugging

If your Android device doesn't respond when connected to your computer, enabling USB debugging may solve the issue. Just follow these steps to fix it.

On your Android phone, navigate to Settings, then Developer Options > Enable USB debugging by checking the option > Reconnect your device to the computer after enabling USB debugging.

And now you might be able to perform USB transfers between Android and PC smoothly.

Bonus: Transfer data from Android to Android wirelessly

When you want to move files between Android devices, using Bluetooth to finish the process can indeed be slow, especially when dealing with multiple files. FoneTool for Android is a helpful solution in such scenarios.

This tool facilitates easy data transfer between Android and even from Android to iPhone, regardless of the phone models involved. Notably, FoneTool doesn't rely on Wi-Fi or consume cellular data, making it efficient for transferring large amounts of data.

To start the Android-to-Android data transfer with FoneTool, download the app on your Android device and follow the instructions provided within the app to initiate and complete the data transfer process.

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Step 1. Launch FoneTool on both your devices > Allow it to use WLAN. (Just enable the option, don’t need to connect to Wi-Fi.)

Step 2. Go to Connect to Android on one of your devices > Click another device name to connect to each other.

connect to android

Step 3. Go to File Transfer on your source device > Choose the data you need > Click Send to continue.

send files

Step 4. Click Confirm on your target device to receive them > Once the process is complete, you can go to the Transfer Records to view the moved files.

Tip: With this powerful tool, you can easily sync contacts from Android to Android or Android to iPhone and vice versa.


Now you can know what to do when the Android USB file transfer not working Windows 10/11 issue occur. Hope these 5 ways above can help you a lot. If you need a professional app to transfer from Android to Android or Android to iPhone, FoneTool will be your most ideal choice.

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