[Answered] Can you send GIFs to Android from iPhone?

Have difficult sending GIFs from iPhone to Android? You may need this guide to know whether you can send GIFs to Android from iPhone, as well as possible methods to make it.

Demi by Demi Updated January 4, 2024
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✉In the ever-connected world of smartphones, the ability to share multimedia content seamlessly between different devices is crucial. GIFs, with their ability to convey emotions and reactions in a concise format, have become a popular means of communication. However, when it comes to cross-platform sharing, such as sending GIFs from iPhone to Android, you often encounter compatibility challenges.

send gifs to android from iphone

In this article, we will firstly delve into the question, "Can you send GIFs to Android from iPhone?" and explore high-success rate methods to guide you to learn how to send GIFs from iPhone to Android.

Can you send GIFs to Android from iPhone?

First of all, let me answer you the question - can you send GIFs from iPhone to Android? You are able to send GIFs from iPhone to Android, the challenges arise due to differences in operating systems, messaging apps, and file formats. Here are some factors to consider:

💻 Differences in Operating Systems:
Android and iOS employ distinct operating systems, each with its own approach to managing files and media. This disparity can lead to compatibility issues when trying to send GIFs between the two platforms.

📤 Messaging App Compatibility:
Default messaging apps on iPhones and Androids may handle multimedia content differently. While some messaging apps seamlessly support cross-platform GIF sharing, others may face compatibility challenges.

⚙️ File Format Considerations:
GIFs themselves are usually universal in file format. However, the challenge arises in how these files are transmitted and received across diverse devices and platforms.

Now that it is possible to send GIFs from iPhone to Android, let’s keep reading to get effective tools to make it happen.

Tutorials to send GIFs from iPhone to Android

To make it possible to send GIFs from iPhone to Android phone, you may need to rely on professional data transfer apps or messaging apps. According to your different needs, this part will offer you both. Now, let’s explore methods for transferring GIFs to Android from iPhone.

Send GIFs from iPhone to Android - FoneTool app (Higher-success rate)

FoneTool app stands out as a reliable and efficient tool for cross-platform file transfers, including GIFs. With its intuitive interface and high success rate, FoneTool simplifies the process of sharing multimedia content between iPhones and Android devices.

It helps effectively share GIF files on your iPhone Photos app with your Android phone under a wireless Wi-Fi connection. Free download FoneTool app by clicking the link below, and follow the simple steps to send GIFs from iPhone to Android.
👉 Download link for iOS: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/fonetool/id1504211320?platform=iphone
👉 Download link for Android: https://www2.aomeisoftware.com/download/ftl/FoneTool_Android.apk

Step 1. On both iPhone and Android, install and launch FoneTool > Allow FoneTool to use WLAN > Enable Wi-Fi option without connecting any Wi-Fi.

Step 2. On two devices, go to Connect Device > Tap Connect to Android on iPhone and Connect to iOS on Android > Let the iPhone scan the QR code shown on the Android phone.

scan code to connect android

Step 3. On your iPhone, go to File Transfer > Tap Photos > Locate and choose the GIF files you’d like to transfer > Tap Send to send to Android.

choose photos

Step 4. Finally, on your Android phone, tap Confirm to accept the transfer request. When it is finished, you can go to the Photos app to have a check.

tap confirm photos

Send GIFs from iPhone to Android - Messaging apps

While messaging apps can vary in terms of cross-platform compatibility, some popular apps like WhatsApp, Messengers, etc. offer a relatively smooth experience for sharing GIFs between iPhones and Androids

Just for an example, the followings will show you how to send GIFs on iPhone WhatsApp to Android phone. Make sure the WhatsApp has been downloaded on both iPhone and Android phone, you are listed as contacts on each other's WhatsApp, and follow the steps below to complete iPhone to Android GIFs transfer.

Step 1. On your iPhone, open WhatsApp and go to the chat > Tap the plus icon > Select Photo/Video Library.

choose photo video library

Step 2. Tap GIF at the bottom of the screen > Find the one you want to send > You can customize your GIF > Finally, tap Send icon to make it.

edit send gif

Step 3. Finally, on the Android phone, go to the chat to check whether the GIF files can play properly.


In conclusion, sending GIFs from iPhone to Android is indeed possible, and users have multiple options at their disposal. FoneTool stands out as a high-success-rate solution, providing a seamless and efficient experience for cross-platform GIF transfers. The straightforward process of selecting files and initiating the transfer makes FoneTool an excellent choice for you to share photos, videos, music between iPhone and Android.

Additionally, messaging apps can offer a solution, especially when using apps with cross-platform compatibility. However, you should be aware of potential differences in user experience and limitations associated with specific messaging apps.

Hopefully, after reading this guide, you can enjoy the convenience of sharing GIFs across iPhones and Androids with the right approach.

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