How to Transfer Music from iPod to Samsung Phone (Best)

This post shows you how to transfer music from iPod to Samsung phone. Including iTunes, data transfer apps or tools. Reading and picking the way you like!

Clara by Clara Updated December 6, 2023
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Can You Transfer Music from iPod to Samsung Galaxy Phone?

The answer to this question is yes, you can learn how to transfer music from iPod to Samsung phone with some guides. The iPod is a device focused on music playback, while Samsung phones offer more features. When you buy a new Samsung device, you can transfer your iPod music to the new Samsung phone, to keep your favorite music while getting a larger screen and more experience, like smart music recommendations.

how to transfer music from ipod to samsung phone

However, the iPod uses Apple's iOS operating system, while Samsung phones run the Android operating system. The data exchange between them is not as smooth as iOS to iOS, or Android to Android. To solve the problem of music transfer between iPod and Samsung phone, we will discuss it in the following article and provide corresponding steps to help you easily share music.

4 Best Ways to Send Songs from iOS Device to Android Phone

Here, we list 4 easy and quick ways to help you transfer music from iPod to Samsung Galaxy phone. Not only including iPod devices and Samsung phone, these ways also be suitable for other iOS devices and Android phones. Let’s take a look!

Way 1. Transfer iPod Music to Samsung by iTunes

The first way to transfer iPod music to Samsung phone is using iTunes. iTunes is a multimedia management software used to manage and play music, videos, and other media files. It was originally designed for Apple devices (like iPod, iPhone, and iPad) but can also be used on Windows operating systems. Through your computer, you can access the iPod music on your Samsung Galaxy phone.

Here is the detailed guide:

Step 1. Install and open iTunes on your computer > Connect your iPod to the PC.

Step 2. On iTunes, go to Library > Click on Music > Copy the songs and move them to a destination on your computer.

how to transfer music from ipod to samsung phone

Step 3. Then unplug your iPod and connect your Samsung phone > Copy and paste the songs into the internal memory of your Android device.

Way 2. Share Music from iOS to Android via Data Transfer App

There is also a wireless way to help you learn how to transfer music from iPod to Samsung phone. You can use a professional data transfer app - FoneTool to switch files from iOS device to Android phone.

FoneTool offers a fast transfer speed and user-friendly interface, you can quickly send photos, music, videos, contacts, etc. with a few simple clicks. And the transmission doesn’t consume cellular data and doesn’t need a network. Follow the steps to get iPod music on your Samsung phone.

Step 1. Download and open FoneTool on both iPod and Samsung phone.

Step 2. Allow FoneTool to use WLAN technology. There is no need to connect to a Wi-Fi, turning on the Wi-Fi option is enough.

Step 3. On two devices, tap Connect Device > On your iPod, choose Connect to Android > On the Samsung, select Connect to iOS, you will see a QR code > Then use the iPod to scan the QR code.

how to transfer music from ipod to samsung phone

Step 4. On the iPod, go to File Transfer > Choose Music and pick the songs you need to transfer > Click Send to start.

how to transfer music from ipod to samsung phone

Step 5. After that, tap Confirm on the Samsung phone to receive the music files.

how to transfer music from ipod to samsung phone

Way 3. Send iPod Songs to Samsung Galaxy with Desktop App

Besides the mobile app, FoneTool also has a version of desktop, which can transfer music from iOS to Android. The desktop version of FoneTool is all-in one iOS data manager, it not only allows you to transfer iOS data, but also supports you in backing up iPhone/iPad/iPod, managing iCloud, erasing privacy data, and so on.

If you have a computer at hand, you can use FoneTool desktop software to save iPod music files on your PC and then send them to your Samsung. Click the button to download FoneTool and follow the steps to receive songs without losing quality:

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Step 1. Connect your iPod to your computer > Open FoneTool on the computer, select Phone Transfer > Navigate to iPhone to PC > Click Start Transfer.

how to transfer music from ipod to samsung phone

If you want to transfer iPhone to iPhone with one click, you can choose the iPhone to iPhone option.

Step 2. Check the Music icon > Preview and choose the songs you want to transfer to Android phone.

how to transfer music from ipod to samsung phone

Step 3. Set a destination to save them on the PC > Tap Start Transfer to begin.

how to transfer music from ipod to samsung phone

Step 4. Then unplug your iPod > Plug in your Samsung phone to your computer > Copy and paste the songs into the memory of your Android.

Way 4. Use Smart Switch to Switch Data from iPhone to Samsung

Samsung Smart Switch is no stranger to Samsung users. It is a file transfer application that comes with most Samsung phones. If you don’t find the Samsung Smart Switch on your Samsung phone, you can also download it from the Google Store. Then make sure your iPod and Samsung phone are both connected to a stable Wi-Fi network, and you can start wirelessly transferring music files.

To use the Smart Switch app to get iPod data on Samsung, you first need to back up iPod to iCloud: Open Settings > your profile > iCloud > Choose the desired data to sync. Then you can check the below steps to send music from iOS to Android:

Step 1. Open Smart Switch on your Samsung Galaxy phone > Read the terms of service, go to start > Tap Agree.

Step 2. When you see “What should this phone do?” appears on the Samsung screen > Choose Receive data > Then select your old device as iPhone/iPad.

Step 3. Click Get data from iCloud instead in the bottom > Input your iCloud username and password.

how to transfer music from ipod to samsung phone

Step 4. Select the music files you want to send from iPod and deselect the data you don't need to copy > Tap Import.


That’s all about how to transfer music from iPod to Samsung phone. This article shows you the 4 best ways, you can get iPod music on Samsung phone via iTunes, FoneTool mobile app, FoneTool desktop software, or Samsung Smart Switch app. You can choose the ways according to your needs.

If you seek a simple method with fewer steps, and no need to use network and data, then FoneTool mobile app will be your best choice.

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